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OPM return to RI .LP3BH considers it a hoax

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BACK TO HUNDREDS OPM rumored Homeland, LP3BH VALUE THAT Victimization 
Author: Arjuna Pademme on August 17​​, 2014 at 16:20:30 WP 
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Jayapura, 17/8 (Jubi) - A total of 500 members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) Kaswari I and II in West Papua reportedly returned to the Republic of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia), Saturday (16/8). They give up their weapons and declare themselves back into the lap of the Mother earth. But the Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, West Papua, has denied the news and considered it a hoax. 

Previous Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih, Lieutenant Colonel (TNI) Rikas Hidayatullah said, handing the weapon took place in the village Sumuruk, District Ransiki South Manokwari. "The delivery of weapons and return it to the Homeland OPM received directly by the military commander XVII / Paradise, Major General (TNI) Zebua Christian," said Lt. Col. Rikas Hidayatullah through the press realisnya, Saturday (16/8). 

According Rikas, hundreds OPM was coordinated by the village head Yance Mandacan, Sayori and Ajis Mandacan. They handed five guns and the Morning Star flag and received the flag. "Five types of weapons submitted consists of, sepucuk credits, two shoots Revolver, Double Loop sepucuk and an M 16 A1," he said. 

But news of the surrender of hundreds of OPM is disputed Executive Director LP3BH Manokwari, West Papua, Yan Christian Warinussy. "It was a hoax. As one of the non-governmental organization that works to fight pengakan law and protection of human rights in Papua, Manokwari LP3BH strongly denied such information. It is very rotten lying and embarrassing, "Yan said in a press realisnya received this media. 

According to Yan, LP3BH information from a source in the Papua Customary Council (DAP) Ransiki District, South Manokwari, West Papua is actually happening is the military commander XVII / Cenderawasih Ransiki arrived at by using a helicopter, in order to formalize public housing and roads in Kampung Susmurup. "The source of our information stating there was no surrender of hundreds of OPM sympathizers and also no surrender five guns of various types," he said. (Jubi / Arjuna)

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