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Rallies in West Papua

Rallies in West Papua
Below are 3 google translates of 2 rallies that took place in West Papua . The first two reports are on the rally in Manokwari which called for the release of Robert Yelemaken and Onni Weya. (Note. The second report implies  Robert Yelemaken has been released but more info later). 

The 3rd report is on the rally in jayapura , calling for the release of Jason Ngelia and Pepuho Claus, members of (uproar).

1) Urge Release of Student UNIPA Robert Yelemaken and Onni Weya, Police Throw Graded Words Adu-sheep OAP 

2) Demand Release Two KNPB activists, Students Go up to Manokwari Police 
4) Comment by LP3BH
A google translate of article in Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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1) Urge Release of Student UNIPA Robert Yelemaken and Onni Weya, Police Throw Graded Words Adu-sheep OAP 
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Students of State University of Papua (UNIPA) and a number of communities in Manokwari, West Papua province held a peaceful demonstration asking for the unconditional release of two Mnukwar KNPB activists who are students and student, Robert Yelemaken (16) and Onni Weya (21), Monday (18 / 8.14). Photo: Melky Beanal 

Manokwari, MAGAZINE STEP - Student State University of Papua (UNIPA) and a number of communities in Manokwari, West Papua province held a peaceful demonstration to request unconditional release two Mnukwar KNPB activists who are students and student, Robert Yelemaken (16) and Onni Weya (21), Monday (18.08.14). 

Robert Yelemaken (16) and Onni Weya (21) the Manokwari police arrested August 8, 2014 and on Earth Marina Complex perumaan Navy (Write These Words, and Persecution Police Arrest 2 Member KNPB in Manokwari) 

Demonstration held At 10:00 local time in front of the Campus UNIPA Manokwari and then headed to the Manokwari Police Office. On the way to the local Police Office, the action shouting slogans Student Life, Community Life, Student Life. 

Action Coordinator Othen Gombo said two activists were arrested without warrants from Manokwari Police. For that, they must be released in order to continue their education. 

Gombo said, the police assign two activists have violated Book Law No. 160 of Incitement and the police said that after the expiration of 20 days then they will be handed over to the LP Manokwari. 

Person in charge of the action is also the President of the Student UNIPA, Aloysius Siep and vice president, judging reward Delvisen Robert Yelemaken (16) are students and underage so should be released in order to return to school. While Onni Weya (21) is a student who must return to campus for lectures together with other friends. 

Othen Gombo Action Coordinator explained, with one of the members of the Police emotional Manokwari towards the front and said that "We are also burnt and killed". 

Furthermore, Gombo said, another police officer said, "This is not Wamena not always a crime in the town of Manokwari. Action-by-action in Manokwari to the present or in this day selalua coordinated by the Wamena. 

At the same time, obviously Gombo, another police officer said, "Moron, animals, stupid students, all". 

Students assess, the words expressed by some members of the police is not ethical and pitting fellow native Papuans (OAP). 

Manokwari Police asked you for students and the community to disband. Police Chief judge the rally was held without a notice and ask students should be doing demonstrations but no notification letter to the police chief. 

At around 13:00 local time, the action dissolve safely. 

Known, previous arrests taken seriously by an international organization who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights, Amnesty International. Amnesty International asked the Indonesian police in Manokwari both these activists unconditionally. (GE / 003 / MS)

A google translate of article in Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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National Committee of West Papua Action 

2) Demand Release Two KNPB activists, Students Go up to Manokwari Police 
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Demand Release Two KNPB activists, Students Go up to Manokwari Police 

Students engage in a dialogue with the police chief Manokwari (Photo: Ist) 

PAPUAN, Manokwari --- Hundreds of students of the State University of Papua (Unipa), this afternoon, the peaceful demonstrations to the Office of Police (Police) Manokwari, police freed two activists ask West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Roberth Yelemaken (16) and Onni Weya (21), who was arrested on August 8, 2014. 
Action coordinator, Othen Gombo, to explained, since 0900 CEST mass consisting of students and the community gathered in front of the Campus Unipa, and make political speeches demanding police accountability for the custody of their two colleagues. 
Furthermore, around 10:00 CEST masses do long march toward the police station Manokwari, Manokwari to meet with the police chief, in order to convey the attitude and demands of students. 
"Around 12 o'clock we arrived at the Manokwari police station, but we were not allowed to enter, because the authorities have done ambush. The authorities forced us to disband, citing no notice, "said Gombo. 
On the sidelines of the students who also attended speeches Manokwari police chief, according Gombo, mass action could also dikata-katain unnatural by the police chief, and a few members, when he and his colleagues conducted a peaceful action. 
"Police also cursing us with the words that were unacceptably high, we regret that statement, moreover he was a leader or state officials," said Gombo. 
Secretary KNPB Manokwari region, Melky Beanal when contacted by the media, the police chief justifies arrogance Manokwari to mass action was not reasonable. 
"She repeatedly asked us to stop the demonstration, and said if Manokwari not Wamena, when our students have the right to convey the peaceful demonstration," said Beanal. 
Further Beanal, action will be dissolved on the grounds no notice, while a student repeatedly and KNPB sent a letter pemberitahuaan, but not always permitted. 
"And if we input a license or pemberitahuaan, they never remove permission, and it blocks the action of us in ways that brutal," he said. 
President and Vice President of Student State University of Papua, said Gombo, present also in the earlier action as the responsible public action. 
"The last info we can, one of the members of the KNPB who is still a student, Roberth Yelemaken been released. We do not know why the other one has not been released, "said Gombo. 

Previously, as written media, the police arrested two activists KNPB doodling while firing at Earth Marina complex. (Read: Chronology It KNPB Members Arrest Two in Manokwari). The article invites the public to boycott RI anniversary ceremony will be held on August 17, 2014. 
Institute of Research, Assessment and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, has expressed readiness to assist two members of the KNPB. (Read: Two LP3BH Manokwari Assist Member KNPB The Suspect). 
To view the photos: Students Unipa Manokwari Police Go up, Get Two AKVIS KNPB Freed. 
Oktovianus POGAU

A google translate of article in  Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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Forced Dissolution Action uproar in Home Auditorium Uncen Some Time Ago (Jubi / Aprila) 

Jayapura, 18/8 (Jubi) - Youth and Student Movement Society (uproar) Papua, urged authorities to release two of its members were arrested by police while protesting on the campus of the University of Paradise (Uncen) in Abepura, near Jayapura, Papua, recently. 

"We ask the Jayapura Police to immediately release Jason Ngelia and Pepuho Claus. We take action on campus that does not interfere with the public at large, "said Frits Kirihio, from Papua uproar, in his press conference on Housing III, Waena, City of Jayapura, Papua, on Monday (18/8). 

Frits also asked the responsibility of the institution for the detention of the two men UnCen this as his second arrest in the campus environment UnCen. "The campus should uphold the right of students as agents of change. To that end, we ask the college did not cooperate with the police in curbing the critical attitude of students. Party organizations should be 'parents' for the students, "he said. 

According to Frits, no democratic rights as mandated by the Higher Education Act No. 12 of 2012 on the campus autonomy should be respected the agency nor the police UnCen. 

Similarly, Yali, one of the members of the Papua uproar told reporters that police actions and institutions actually discredit these two institutions. The reason used to dismiss the action in an uproar, August 15, 2014 and assessed refuted by Indonesia's own state constitution contained in the first paragraph of the 1945 Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

"Freedom is the right of all nations and therefore the occupation over the world should be abolished because it is not in accordance with humanity and justice fairies. For that, we condemn the police action that our actions disperse forcibly Aug. 15, "said Yali, Monday (18/8). (Jubi / Aprila)

4) Comment by LP3BH
From Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive-Director of the LP3BH. 18 August 2014

  The LP3BH [Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid] strongly condemns acts of violence perpetrated by some members of
the Jayapura Police and Polresta [City Police Command] who violently attacked April Wayar, a journalist working for Jubi Tabloid and Media
Online on 15 August in the vicinity of Cenderawasih State University (UNCEN) Campus  in Abepura-Jayapura, Papua. Similar acts of violence were also taken against an online media journalist working for Suara Papua, as well as  Octovianus Pogau by
members of the same police units.    These acts were a blatant violation of the standards  and professional ethics of the police force as stipulated in Law 2/2002 on State Police and the Republic of Indonesia. The acts of violence which were perpetrated by several policemen
against April Wayar, a journalist from Jubi Tabloid and Media Online, should be dealt with by mechanisms specified by the criminal and civil
code  as well as by the press.

 Speaking in accordance with the laws in force, the LP3BH urges the victim, April Wayar, to submit a report as soon as possible to SPK
[Central Services of the Police], the Papua Police Command and also report the matter to the Professional Centre of the Police at the
headquarters of the Police Force in Jakarta.   With regard to this problem, several organisations of journalists
such as the PWI [Association of Indonesian Journalists] or AJI [Alliance of Independent Journalists] could provide legal assistance
by making some lawyers available to assist April Wayar and Octavianus Pogau by reporting the the incidents they both experienced to the
police.   Furthermore, both April Wayar and Octavianust Pogau can submit a complaint  against the police for acting in violation of law to the Chief of Police in Jayapura as well as to the Jayapura State Court.  In addition, this could be done if the press had for some time
blocked news relating to the normal activities of the Jayapura Police in all the various media outlets, the print or electronic media,
online reports from Jayapura, Papua and Indonesia some time.   Legal action would not be taken  if all acts of physical violence
against journalists by officers of the police force in the Land of Papua had been halted.

   The LP3BH therefore urges the chief of police Alfred Papare, SIK and their subordinates in Papua to take strong action to prevent the
occurrence of all actions that are regarded as being offensive to all those working as journalists in Papua.

[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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