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1) Demo KNPB Disbanded, 11 secured, 1 Wound

2) KNPB Dogiyai: Celebrate Anniversary of KNPB, Here's Sacrifice

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Friday, 21 November 2014 14:43
1) Demo KNPB Disbanded, 11 secured, 1 Wound

Jayapura-A member of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Ansalmus Pigay, Wednesday (19/11) suffered a gunshot wound dibetis right, shortly after security forces disperse the demonstrations KNPB, group that advocates separation of Papua from the Homeland in Moenamani, Capital City District Dogiay , the interior of Papua.
In addition to causing one injury, police also secured 11 members KNPB. Head of Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Pudjo told Antara in Jayapura on Thursday, said the report was received revealed the incident started with a demonstration of about 300 members of the KNPB held in Moanemani, Dogiay District.
Security forces, including members of the Police You Koramil You assisted members, and members of Battalion 753, Brimob and the TNI-AU Paskhas members have attempted to disperse the group.
But the plea was ignored even had heard the sound of gunfire that security forces issued a warning shot.

Ansalmus Pigay hit by rubber bullets and is now receiving treatment in hospitals Enarotali, Pudjo Sr. said.
Say, the 11th member of the Elias secured KNPB Anauw, Marthen Mote, Agus Waine, David Pigai, Marthen Pigome, Paul Marthen Edoway, Alpos Edoway, Stepanus Goo, Ferdinand Pekey, Pigai William, and Thomas Waine.
In addition to securing the 11 members of the KNPB, the police also seized five flags KNPB and other material evidence.
When asked about the shooter, Head of the Papua Police spokesman admitted, until now the culprit has not been established.
"Head Propam Papua Police Chief Commissioner Bambang, will lead the investigation into Dogiay to ascertain who the shooter," I'm the Head of the Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr Pudjo. (ant / don / l03)

A google translate of article in Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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2) KNPB Dogiyai: Celebrate Anniversary of KNPB, Here's Sacrifice
 Author: Pilemon Keiya | Sunday, November 23, 2014 12:27 Read: 147 Comments: 0

Logo KNPB. Photo: Ist

Dogiyai STEP MAGAZINE - Reportedly, Wednesday (11/19/2014) joint army / police forcibly dispersed past actions in order to commemorate anniversary of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) 6th, KNPB accommodated Dogiyai region, in Moanemani, district Dogiyai.

One resident Dogiyai, DM, to, via cell phone justify it. DM said, so far there are two people were slightly injured, one gunshot wound in the leg and a broken leg and one another seriously wounded in both ears due to hit with the butt of weapons.

While about 6 people had been detained in the police station Moanemani. "Those who were arrested in terang2 that there are 6 people in the police station so they do with it do not know," he said

Initially, he said, there were dozens of members of the KNPB action. The security forces gave a speech just 30 minutes.

Action takes place safely, but passes the time specified by the security so that security forces forcibly disperse immediately.

"So I saw this, which struck Adaa not good until they hit with the butt of weapons continues to exist a few kids who kicked with boots," he explained.

Finally, note, following the name of each victim. David Pigai hit by a gunshot in the left leg calf. The bullet is still lodged in the foot. Arsel Pigai, police shot hot lead right foot. Okto Tebay being shot in the right leg.

While 13 Dogiyai KNPB activists who can catch, among others:
1. Aneas Anou (secretary of KNPB Dogiyai)
2. Marsel Sau Edowai (KNPB spokesman Dogiyai)
3. David Pigai (chairman of KNPB Dogiyai region)
4. Agus Waine
5. Marten Pigome
6. Okto Tebay
7.Fery Pekey
8. Wilem Pigai
9. Ausel Pigai (a)
10. Ausel Pigai (b)
11. Stephen Goo
12. Thomas Waine

The 12 activists were arrested along with the KNPB Dogiyai pre victim peulu then taken to the police station the police Nabire (Philemon Keiya / MS)

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