Monday, November 3, 2014

1) New minister to meet with thousands of Papuan women

2) Governor of Papua: Stop Send the Poor from Java to Papua 
3) Komnas HAM Summons US Journalist Allan Nairn

4) Fuel Price in Timika Reaches Rp. 20,000

1) New minister to meet with  thousands of Papuan women 

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, November 03 2014, 10:30 PM
Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Susana Yembise is scheduled to host a dialogue with thousands of Papuan women in Biak Numfor regency, Papua, on Wednesday.
“The minister will visit Biak and host a meeting with around 2,000 women to discuss government programs for women and children,” Biak Numfor administration spokesperson Esti Kawer told The Jakarta Post in Biak on Monday.
Wednesday’s visit will be Yohana’s first official visit after the University of Cendrawasih lecturer was inaugurated as women’s empowerment and child protection minister at the State Palace on Oct. 27.
Esti revealed that a string of traditional ceremonies was being prepared to welcome Yohana to her hometown, Biak.
Speaking to the Post, Yohana expressed her gratitude at being allowed to visit Biak as her first ministerial visit.
“I will fly to Biak on Tuesday evening. The local administration has prepared traditional ceremonies to give thanks to God for my inauguration as minister,” she said over the phone.
Esti said that one of the traditional ceremonies prepared to welcome Yohana was Marangga. “We are preparing a traditional welcoming ceremony called Marangga, in which Minister Yohana must step on a stone plate as she gets off the aeroplane,” she said, adding that a mass prayer event would also be held to give thanks to God for the appointment of Yohana as minister.
From Papua, Yambise is scheduled to visit Nias in North Sumatra to meet with local women leaders. Yohana is the first Papuan woman to be appointed minister. She is also the first Papuan woman to be awarded a professorship. (ebf)(++++)
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 Policies Jokowi-JK For Papua 
2) Governor of Papua: Stop Send the Poor from Java to Papua 
By: Oktovianus Pogau | Monday, November 3, 2014 - 21:37 pm | Viewed: 521 times 

Jayapura, Papua Province Governor ---, Luke Enembe, asked the central government through Kementeriaan Village, and the Transmigration of Rural Development (PDT), to not send the poor from Java to Papua transmigration. 

"Papuans can not accept transmigration, obviously I reject it. Papuans were not ready, still backward, still poor, so the poor people do not anymore added from Java to Papua, "said Enembe, while giving a press conference to reporters on Sunday (11/03/2014), in Jayapura, Papua. 
According Enembe, with many poor people sent to Papua, certainly can cause new problems, therefore he explicitly rejected the proposal of the Minister Marwan Jafar, who delivered some time ago in Jakarta. (Read: Open Land in Papua Transmigration, Minister Marwan Cooperate with military-police). 
According to the Governor, the number of poor people in Papua is still very high. Most have not been good enough to get attention, if the number of poor people continues to grow with the transmigration program, it will increase the burden on local governments. (Read: Transmigration policy and Expansion To Papua: Milk Replied Air Tuba?). 
"The influx of transmigrants would obviously make Papuans increasingly marginalized, and the foreign made ​​from their own land. Moreover, the ownership of communal land in Papua, so I'm not used to be no transmigration program during the next four years, "said Enembe. 
Governor actually asked for support from the central government to local transmigration in Papua, Papuan people so that life better. (Read: Reject Redistricting, Governor of Papua: Do not Talk Gratuitous Home Minister!). 
"Through local transmigration, the central government tried to back them home, put them in place nice, love honor, and bring them up properly, so that Papuans can grow, not by poor people brought from outside into the land of Papua," says the numbers this one in Papua. 
Earlier, the Minister Marwan Jafar, to the media said, would turn back the national transmigration program, and Papua, the main target. (Read: Minister Marwan Want to Make People Interested Transmigration Java to Papua). 
Oktovianus POGAU

MONDAY, 03 NOVEMBER, 2014 | 18:04 WIB
3) Komnas HAM Summons US Journalist Allan Nairn
TEMPO.COJakarta – American investigative journalist Allan Nairn on Monday was summoned by the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) to talk about his recent interview with former National Intelligence Agency (BIN) chief Hendropriyono.
“I was invited to come to Komnas HAM on Monday,” he said on Sunday, adding that he would speak bluntly if asked to tell about Hendropriyono.
Allan seized the spotlight after releasing his interview with Prabowo Subianto. Lately in his personal blog, he also posted his interview with Hendropriyono about the death of human rights activist Munir, Talangsari Massacre, mass riots during the East Timor referendum in 1999 and his closeness with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
In Allan’s interview with Hendropriyono last week, Hendropriyono admitted “command responsibility” in the assassination of Munir.
According to Allan, Hendropriyono is ready to bear the consequences of his action and willing to give information to Komnas HAM and the Attorney General on conditions that Komnas HAM and the Attorney General meet him in his house.
MONDAY, 03 NOVEMBER, 2014 | 19:38 WIB
4) Fuel Price in Timika Reaches Rp. 20,000
TEMPO.COJakarta - The price of Premium - a type of subsidised fuel marketed by the state-owned oil and gas company, Pertamina - in Timika, Papua has breached Rp 20,000 for one bottle of 1.5 liters sold on the side of the road, in the past few days.
Junaidi, a roadside Premium retailer in the city, said on Monday, November 3, 2014, that the price increases can be observed in the past three days. Previously, Premium was sold around Rp 10,000 to 12,000 per bottle.
Meanwhile, long queues of motorcycles and cars could be observed at three gas stations across the city, namely at the Mimika Timur gas station in Nawaripi, the Timika Jaya gas station at SP2, and at Buana gas station on Jl. Hasanuddin.
Although Premium and Solar (Pertamina's subsidized diesel fuel) supplies into Timika are normal, reserves are flying off the shelves much faster than usual.
Sayfuddin, a manager for the Mimika Timur and Timika Jaya gas station, said that supplies from Paumako Harbour are normal, and each station receives 24 kiloliters of Premium and between five to 10 kiloliters of Solar everyday.
However, higher-than-usual demands for Premium have caused both stations to run out of Premium to sell at around midday, Eastern Indonesia Time. Usually, both stations are open until 20.00, and by closing time both usually have some Premium leftovers that could be sold on the following day.
"Premium supplies into Timika have not been interrupted, and we are selling in accordance to the regulations. We believe that the shortage is caused by people stockpiling Premium, en masse," said Sayfuddin.

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