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1) Police isolated in Nabire, KNPB Members Hunger Strike

2) 11 activists arrested, 1 shot after police break up demonstration in West Papua
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1) Police isolated in Nabire, KNPB Members Hunger Strike
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KNPB activists during a demonstration and support for ILWP meeting, Thursday, November 20, 2014 (Doc. KNPB)

Nabire, STEP MAGAZINE - Anniversary Celebration VI to the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), 19 September 2014 then colored shooting on 3 KNPB activists in Dogiyai and 22 activists (Nabire Dogiyai 10 people and 12 people) were arrested.

A total of 10 people in Nabire arrested in two different places in the city of Nabire District. Six people in the name, Agus Tebay (Action Field Coordinator), Alibia Kadepa, Hans Edoway, Stephen Edoway, Kristina Yeimo, Elian was arrested in the village Kalibobo Tebay.

Search, Stephen Edoway is the Student Executive Board at the University of Satya Wiyata Mandala (USWIM) Nabire. Stephen Edoway reportedly arrested in the campus area in front of the Rector.

"They tangap Stephen Edoway in front of the campus rector. He has not been included in the line of action," a source told the media.

While the other four were arrested in Coral Tumaritis Presidential Market, Village Coral Tumaritis. They are Komis Chairman of Foreign Affairs, Parliament of West Papua (PNWP) Nabire region, Yavet Keiya; Nathan Pigome; Niko Mote; and Mecky Kadepa.

Chairman of the Regional KNPB Nabire, Sadrak Kudiai to explained, he and Secretary of Regional KNPB Nabire, Alex Pigay; and Deserius Goo surrendered because his colleagues were arrested.

"I, Alex Pigay, and Deserisu Goo surrendered because our friend caught. We just wanted to celebrate the anniversary of KNPB in Oyehe. We entrusted star arrested in action. Want road was arrested. Kalibobo Field Coordinator, Agus Tebay hit police when arrested," said Sadrak Kudiay.

"On the first night, we were isolated. We could not get out. We defecate in place. Do not eat and do not munum. Today only, the parents we have not been able to visit. The visit only in the post," he explained.

This morning, Sunday (23.11.14), Sadrak Kudiay said, of the 10 people arrested in Nabire, currently only 6 people still detained. While four others have been repatriated.

Six people were still being held is the Chairman of the Foreign Komis, West Papua National Parliament (PNWP) Nabire region, Yavet Keiya; Chairman of the Regional KNPB Nabire, Sadrak Kudiai; Secretary KNPB Nabire region, Alex Pigay; Action Field Coordinator Kalibobo, Agus Tebay; BEM USWIM, Hans Edoway; and Secretary II KNPB Nabire, Deserisus Goo.

KNPB Dogiyai

Spokesman KNPB Dogiyai, Marsel Edowai explain, at 08:00 local time, a period of action have gathered in three action points have been determined. Approximately 09:00, a time of action toward the terminal to the service of KNPB anniversary.

"On the way we were confronted by police and Brimob complete weapon. There is also idle soldiers with weapons. We are a bargain. We say we just prayer alone. More than 500 early period of assembly and speech before the prayer. When it comes Vice Regent Dogiyai and asked us to disperse. But we said, our prayer 15 minutes and will return quickly. After that we pray about 15 minutes and navigate future home orderly, "said Edowai.

Described, when the period disbanded after worship, the police opened fire. "There is a left-right shot and Brimob chase period were returning it from the car. There were beaten until blood-blood. When we surrender KNPB core members, we distopkan with a shot. Ansel Pigai breaking legs and was rushed to the General Hospital Paniai , "he testified.

After the surrender, David Pigai (22), Chairman of the KNPB Dogiyai shot of an Brimob torture and Oktovianus Tebay (17) was shot also shot in the leg. David Pigai and Oktovianus Tebay with 9 other people, Aneas Anou (Secretary KNPB Dogiyai region), Marsel Edowai (Spokesperson KNPB Dogiyai), Agus Waine, Marten Pigome, Fery Pekey, Willem Pigai, Ausel Pigai, Ausel Pigai (b), Stephen Goo, and Thomas Waine sent to Nabire police station.

After experiencing the examination, as many as seven members of the KNPB Dogiyai has been discharged from the police custody Nabire.

Four people are still in police custody Nabire. Those who are still detained is KNPB Dogiyai Chairman, David Pigai; Secretary KNPB Dogiyai, Aneas Anou; Spokesman KNPB Dogiyai, Marsel Edowai; and Members KNPB, Agus Waine.

hunger strike

A total of 10 board KPNPB consisting of KNPB Dogiyai 4 people and KPNPB Nabire 6 people since yesterday started a hunger strike to protest the actions of the police officers in Papua.

"We have a hunger strike here. We do not want, freedom of the people of Papua isolated continuously with action apparatus. In Nabire Police detain in rallying point, just about to start. Semetara in Dogiyai, the show has been completed and when the steward KNPB surrendered immediately play the shot . Is this what we say democracy? "Edoway Marselus said.

Spokesman KNPB Dogiyai, Marselus Edoway peeve, Kabidhumas statement Provincial Police (Police) Papua Police Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono, to one of the local media that confirms Papua had heard the sound of three shots were thought to have come from the crowd in action undertaken KNPB activists .

"We only worship. We have ordinary civilians. We were accused of strange, from where we had a weapon. After worship, the shoot was the police because they were carrying weapons. But, we know, we always criminalized for a long time," he said.

Confirm with Nabire Kepolres related conditions of the prisoners did not produce results after communication via cell phone is not connected. (HI / 003 / MS)
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2) 11 activists arrested, 1 shot after police break up demonstration in West Papua

Bintang Papua - November 21, 2014

Jayapura -- On Wednesday November 19 West Papua National Committee (KNPB) member Ansalmus Pigay suffered a gunshot wound to his right leg after security forces broke up a KNPB demonstration calling for the separation of Papua from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) in Moenamani, the capital of Dogiyai sub-district in the Papuan central highlands.

In addition to injuring one person, police also arrested 11 KNPB members. Papua regional police public relations chief Senior Commissioner Pudjo told the Antara news agency in Jayapura on Thursday that based on reports received the incident began with a demonstration by around 300 KNPB members in Moanemani.

Security personnel from the Kamu sectoral police (Polsek) assisted by members of the Kamu sub-district military command (Koramil), the 753 infantry battalion (Yon 753), mobile police (Brimob) and the Air Force's Special Forces (Paskhas TNI-AU) had already tried to pursuade the protesters to disband.

Pudjo said however that appeal was not heeded and after the sound of gunshots were heard security personnel fired warning shots. Pigay was hit by a rubber bullet and is currently being treated at the Enarotali public hospital.

Pudjo said that the 11 KNPB members who were arrested were Elias Anauw, Marthen Mote, Agus Waine, David Pigai, Marthen Pigome, Paul Marthen Edoway, Alpos Edoway, Stepanus Goo, Ferdinan Pekey, Wiliam Pigai and Thomas Waine. In addition to the arrests, police also seized five KNPB flags and other material evidence.

When asked about the identity of the shooter, Pudjo said that they have not yet been able to ascertain who the perpetrator is. "The head of the Professionalism and Security Affairs Division, Senior Commissioner Bambang will lead the investigation in Dogiyai in order to confirm who fired the shots", said Pudjo. (ant/don/l03)

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