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1) Three KNPB Members shot in legs, 11 secured

3) Repealing the special Autonomy Law is Unconstituional

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1) Three Legs Shot KNPB Members, 11 secured
CARRY ARROW â € "Hundreds of residents in the Peak District is currently run by carrying traditional weapons such as arrows within the event of post-conflict peace between communities, Tuesday (18/11) ago. While in the District Dogiyai exactly happened after the group clashed in the area KNPB anarchist action on Thursday (20/11) yesterday.In Action Anarchist KNPB in Dogiyai

Jayapura-Three members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) shot in the legs using rubber bullets in clashes between members of the security forces combined KNPB-military Police. Clashes itself triggered by anarchist action performed by the KNPB in Terminal Monamani, Kamo District, Dogiyai District, Wednesday (19/11) at 11:00 CET.  In addition to the three people shot in the leg, 11 others are also secured by the security forces for committing anarchy without his permission. One man who was shot had been evacuated to hospitals in Paniai named Anselm Pigai (25), the two names are unknown. While the eleven people who were secured MM (26), AW (23), DP (22), PM (30), EA (27), AE (23), SG (17), FP (16), WP (18) and TW (25).  Papua Deputy Police Chief Brig. Drs Paul Waterpauw confirmed the KNPB members were shot during the KNPB members to take action in order HUT KNPB in Dogiyai.  According to Deputy Police Chief, a similar incident had occurred in Nabire, but successfully dissolved by the Nabire police chief, while in the District Dogiyai even clashes.  "We've received reports that three people were shot in the leg members of KNPB, this happens in Dogiyai. This is actually a law enforcement officer who conducted related to the place and time is limited, it turns out they no backlash so resolute efforts made by the authorities that three people were injured. But they are all safe and have been hospitalized, "said Deputy Police Chief told reporters.  One platoon members Dalmas also directly deployed to the area to control the situation. Until Thursday (20/11) situation in the district was safe Dogiyai control.  "We are still waiting for the report. What is clear is increasing in Dogiyai situation, but it is safe at this time. Because there does not yet exist Police, still in the Nabire police station. For other Papua region, all went well, including in the city of Jayapura also safe, "said Deputy Police Chief.  Meanwhile, Head of Profession and Security of Papua Regional Police Commissioner Pol. Bambang NLI through Kasubdit Professional Responsibility (Wabrof), Superintendent M. Duwila, asserts that the existence of the shooting of the KNPB members starting from the rally by KNB. The police have been called on repeatedly persuasively for the mob dispersed."But it turned out to survive the mass and the mass began to take action so that the anarchic dissolution of the effort force by police Kamo, there Koramil, Timsus 753 / Nabire, Brimob BKO too, so then 11 activists successfully secured for allegedly being a provocateur," he said.  Not only do the anarchy, KNPB members also brought homemade firearms and traditional weapons, so that the combined forces issued a warning shot and crippling shots using rubber ammunition downward.  "From this crippling shot, on the right leg and one member of the KNPB Paniai was rushed to the General Hospital," said Duwila.  Papua Police Commissioner Pol Kabidhumas Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono in releasenya sent to Cenderawasih Post Thursday (20/11) night confirms that there are voices in the action three shots were thought to have come from the crowd, so that the members then take cover."A total of 2 banners soccer jersey are daubed, then there is also secured 5 KNPB flag in that activity. Time of the dissolution of the group heard three shots from a shotgun alleged that members find shelter, "he said.   He said that the police chief has ordered Kabidpropam to immediately go to the location in order to assess the overall demonstration process to decision-making for the dissolution of the demo. "It will be the decision-making process and the steps that have been carried out according to the procedure or not, as well as coordinating security with the various parties," he concluded. (Rib / dud)

Yesterday right across West Papua, thousands of people held peaceful gatherings in support of the launching of the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) in the Netherlands. This historic launching was attended by many international lawyers who pledged their support for advocating the legal case to West Papuan self-determination. Demonstrations were also held on 19th as it is exactly 6 years to the day that the mass peaceful civil movement, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) was formed.

The KNPB organised demonstrations to be held in Port Numbay/Jayapura, Biak, Timika, Manokwari, Lapago/Wamena, Pakpak, Sorong, Dogiyai, Merauke, Kaimana and Nabire.

The all the demonstrations held were entirely peaceful but in Nabire and Dogiyai, 3 Papuans were shot and 25 arrested after the Indonesian police opened fire upon the gathering. Some Papuans were also tortured by the Indonesian police.

In Kaimana, the Indonesian police were also present at the gathering there and intimidated and terrorised West Papuans at the event, as they did in Merauke along with Indonesian intelligence.

The largest gathering was held in Timika where thousands of Papuans came together to show their support for the ILWP and KNPB's Anniversary. Papuans who attended the gathering came from all over the country and a video of the demonstration featuring Papuans from the Asmat Region can be seen here:

In all regions where the demonstrations were held, they brought gathered together mass solidarity from the West Papuan people in their unified desire to show their support for those who are advocating their freedom at the international level. Papuans continue to come together from all corners of the country to show their unbreakable desire for the freedom of their people.
It is a desire which will one day be fulfilled and with organisations like the ILWP supporting this struggle internationally, West Papuans are full of hope at their freedom.

We continue to appeal for international solidarity with the West Papuan freedom struggle and we would like to thank you all for all the incredible awareness raising, lobbying and other help which you all consistently show. For more more information about how you can support, please visit

With your help, West Papua will be free

Thank you very much
3) Repealing the special Autonomy Law is Unconstituional

Statement by Executive-Director of LP3BH, Yan Christian Warinussy:
I wish to make it clear that it would be totally against the law and completely unconstitutional to act against the law if the Central
Government were to repeal the  Special Autonomy for Papua. Why is this so?

Article 18B of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia states: 'The State recognises and respects that all special governmental units are governed in accordance with that law and is recognised as such. Article 20 of that law states that 'the State
recognises and respects all units of the community and recognises and respects the traditional rights of indigenous people as long as they
live within and in accordance with the laws ans principles of the law.

According to my understanding of the law, this provision is crucial and basic  to the government of Jakarta's decision when it  granted special status  to the Autonomous to Papua in 2001.
On this basis and in accordance with the afore mentioned Article 18B of the Constitution, the Central Government 's decision to grant special autonomy to the Land of Papua is a fundamentally important provision in the context of developments and the organisation of the
governmental provisions of  Cenderawasih Land.

 This means, in my opinion, that any actions by the Central Government to repeal  the special autonomy status of Papua is an acceptable move and totally baseless accordance to the laws of this country and is a gross violation  of the basic rights of the Papuan
people as stipulated in Articles 77 and 78 of Law No 21/2001 regarding Special Autonomy for the province of Papua.

 In my capacity as a human rights defender in the land of Papua, I herewith urge the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe and the Governor of
West Papua Abraham Octvianus to take immediate action to submit a petition of non-confidence in the ultra-nationalistic government in
Jakarta under the leadership of President Ir H. Joko Widodo.

It is extremely  important to retain the status of special autonomy for the people of Papua as stipulated in Article 18B of Law 21/2001 on
Special Autonomy of the provinces of Papua and West Papua as amended by Law 35/2008.
[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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