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Postings in relation to KNPB rallies and ILWP in the Netherlands

Below  are google translations  of postings on Facebook (and local media) in relation to rallies and ILWP in the Netherlands. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. A number of arrest occurred. 


A google translate of article in JUBI. be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
Original bahasa link at

KNPB supports ILWP meeting in the Netherlands
Author: Benny Mawel on November 20, 2014 at 04:09:23 WP
Editor: Victor Mambor
Logo and Ones Suhuniap bazooka Pembacakan ILWP Support Statement (Jubi / Mawel Benny)
Logo and Ones Suhuniap bazooka Pembacakan ILWP Support Statement (Jubi / Mawel Benny)

Abepura, Jubi - Coinciding with the anniversary of Papua National Committee to six on this day, November 19, in the Netherlands, International Lawyer For West Papua (ILWP) held a meeting to discuss the legal status of Papua. The meeting will be closed on November 22.

Of this meeting, the West Papua National Committee political support through KNPB anniversary celebration that took place in the entire region of West Papua from Sorong to Merauke. KNPB own center provides support in the anniversary celebration that took place in the Hall Dormitory Tolikara, Expo Waena, Jayapura, Papua.

According to Spokesperson of KNPB, bazooka Logo, ILWP meeting was attended by international lawyers. The lawyer addressed the issue of Papua through international legal mechanisms.

"International lawyer questioned the issue of Papua. They succeed or not, we have to provide support because they're internationalize the issue of Papua, "he said.

After the political speeches, official statement of support for the meeting in the Netherlands ILWP recited Secretary General of KNPB, Suhuniap Ones. Ones recited three important points.

First, the people of West Papua West Papua region, expressed gratitude and full support ILWP meeting on November 19 to 22 in The Hague Netherlands.

Second, urge the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo to immediately give a referendum for the people of West Papua to self-determination, for all policies in Papua, the Indonesian government is not the solution but a catastrophe for the people of Papua.

Third, strongly rejected the Indonesian government policies, especially the transmigration program and the division of the province and district / town in West Papua.

Once read, the position statement submitted to the National Parliament of West Papua to be forwarded to ILWP. (Mawel Benny)

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West Papua National Committee [KNPB]
4 hours ago · Edited
Action and Worship Repotase 6th Anniversary KNPB and West Papua People's Support to ILWP meeting in the Netherlands

Date, November 19, 2014, 12:00 Nehterland time, international lawyers who are members of the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) in the Netherlands has been ongoing. Various lawyers in the Netherlands and from various countries were present. Jenifer Robinson as the founder ILWP was present together with Benny Wenda.

The meeting discussed various legal arguments relating to the settlement of the issue of West Papua through international legal channels in the right of self-determination for West Papua.

The shooting, torture and arrest KNPB activists in Dogiay and Nabire.

In West Papua, the people of West Papua people greeted him with action and worship. Nabire, at 8:30 am, police arrested 13 Colonial Indonesia KNPB activists who were demonstrating peacefully, including the Chairman of KNPB Nabire Region, Sadrak Kudiai. They were beaten and detained at the police station still Nabire. They are:

In Dogiay, KNPB activists who are giving speeches in Market repressed peaceful Moanemani Brimob and Indonesian Colonial Police. 2 People shot and others, including administrators Region KNPB setampat Brimob and police torture. 2 Citizens (not yet identified) is still critical in hospital Moanemani. Meanwhile, police detained dozens of KNPB activists in Dogiay.

Safe in Various Areas Held in Terror Bring Indonesian Military

In Yakuhimo, coordinated KNPB Thousands of people and cripple the city Dekai PRD region. They celebrated the 6th anniversary of the KNPB and support Pertemaun ILWP in the Netherlands, November 19, 2014. While in Timika, thousands of people meet building PRD and KNPB Mimika. Enlivened the action of the various tribal dances and cake cutting ULTA KNPB to 6.

In Biak, Biak Indigenous housed in the Hall, KNPB and PRD mediates the people in worship and fuel sukuran stones together. In Merauke, Led Chairman of the PRD and KNPB, anniversary celebrations and support ILWP in the Netherlands took place under the Indonesian military terror that fill the pages of the Office KNPB Merauke.

In Wamena, people participate in the establishment of worship led by the Chairman of KNPB Baliem area, Simeon Dabi and KNPB activists and other PRD. Meanwhile In Jayapura, KNPB and PNWP celebrated in the Hall Building Student Tolikara. The event was very lively. Central Governing Body (CPP) besera Region KNPB Sentani and Jayapura enliven this event. They read the statement as a rejection of the colonial agenda Proliferation and Transmigration.

Meanwhile, Pak-Pak, Kaimana, Digoel, Asmat, Mnukwar, and shoves the action is in progress and the same rite. They demanded a referendum for West Papua. They continue to support the legal process driven by ILWP.

Through the 6th Anniversary of the KNPB, people expect a full on real conscious resistance. Although colonial Indonesia memenjarahkan, torture, stalking and killing of KNPB activists, the fight is expected to continue to run in an effort to save the people of West Papua are increasingly depleted under Indonesian colonial rule.

Google translate of postings on KNPB Facebook page. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa posting below.

West Papua National Committee [KNPB]
12 hours ago
NABIRE KNPBNews: Wednesday date, 19 nov 2014 hours. 80.30 wpb. When berlangsun Anniversary KNPB to 6 arrests Nabire region of KNPB activists and parliament, yqng arrested by the police and military combined. Who can catch them: 1. Sadrak Kudiai chairman of KNPB Nabire, 2. Alex Pigai secretary of KNPB Nabire, 3. Japheth Keiya PRDN 4. agus tebai diplomacy chief commissioner, 5. Mekii kadepa KNPB members, 6. kristina Yeimo KNPB members, 7. Hans edowai members of KNPB, 8. Stephen edowai KNPB members, 9. Elijah tebai KNPB members, 10. Nathan Pgai KNPB members, 11.niko mote KNPB members, 12. Albian kadepa KNPB members, 13 Deserius Goo activists.
Until recently they were detained Nabire police station.

The same thing, KNPB Dogiyai region during the celebration of the anniversary of the KNPB TO 6 Currently ongoing activities shootings and arrests terhadapa KNPB activists among them; 1. Yupius dogomo, Aeneas Anow 2., 3. Edowai, 4. Chairman of KNPB ye northern sector, 5. Perpuan 1.
Penankapan was conducted by Police and Brimob who served in the district. Dogiyai, they can hit, torture and soak in the pool, samapai currently exist on the part of officials.

Which can fire as unknown

Info will complete dimenyusul.

NABIRE KNPBNews: hari rabu tanggal, 19 nov 2014 jam. 80.30 wpb. Saat berlangsun HUT KNPB ke 6 wilayah nabire terjadi penangkapan terhadap para aktifis KNPB dan parlemen, yqng ditangkap oleh pihak aparat kepolisian and TNI gabungan. Yg dapat tangkap antaranya: 1. Sadrak Kudiai ketua knpb nabire, 2. Alex Pigai sekertaris Knpb nabire, 3. Yafet keiya PRDN 4. agus tebai kepala komisariat diplomasi, 5. Mekii kadepa anggota knpb, 6. kristina yeimo anggota Knpb, 7. Hans edowai anggota knpb, 8. Stevanus edowai anggota knpb, 9. Elia tebai anggota knpb, 10. Natan Pgai anggota knpb, 11.niko mote anggota knpb, 12. Albian kadepa anggota knpb, 13 Deserius Goo aktifis.
Sampai saat ini mereka ada ditahanan polres nabire.

Hal yang sama juga, KNPB wilayah dogiyai saat perayaan HUT KNPB KE 6 Saat berlangsung kegiatan terjadi penembakan dan penangkapan terhadapa para aktifis KNPB antaranya; 1. Yupius dogomo, 2. Eneas Anow, 3. Edowai, 4. Ketua sektor knpb kamu utara, 5. Perpuan 1.
Penankapan ini dilakukan oleh BRIMOB POLDA PAPUA yang bertugas di kab. Dogiyai, mereka dapat pukul, siksa dan rendam didalam kolam, samapai saat ini ada dipihak aparat.

Yang dapat tembak saat belum diketahui

Info selengkap akan dimenyusul.
Timika. Thousands of people of West Papua to occupy the earth Amungsa KNPB Timika to celebrate the anniversary of VI, Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

KNPB Anniversary dibukan with Kamora Asmat tribal dance, then proceed with the prayer of thanksgiving to the VI KNPB that started at 09:00, WPB, Cutting the cake.

The event occurred meria ribuaan Rayat KNPB West Papua MIMIKA crowded office. KNPB Anniversary All-Mimika Region VI in Timika Runs fine until finished at 12:00 pm.
Timika . Ribuan Rakyat West Papua menduduki bumi Amungsa Timika merayakan HUT KNPB ke VI, Rabu 19 November 2014.

HUT KNPB dibukan dengan Tarian adat suku Kamora Asmat, setelah itu dilanjutkan dengan ibadah pengucapan syukur KNPB yang ke VI dimulai pukul 09:00, WPB, Pemotongan kue.

Acara berlansung meria ribuaan Rayat West Papua memadati kantor KNPB MIMIKA. HUT KNPB Ke VI di Wilayah Mimika-Timika Berjalan dengan baik sampai selesai pada jam 12:00 siang.


West Papua National Committee
Celebrate Anniversary of VI KNPB with Worship, recite Three Political Attitudes
By: Ardi Bayage | Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 6:46 pm | Viewed: 34 times

Celebrate Anniversary of VI KNPB with Worship, recite Three Political Attitudes

Board and Members KNPB pose together at the end of the worship celebration (Photo: Ardi Bayage / Sound Papua).

Jayapura, --- Today's Birthday (HUT) VI-West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Wednesday (11/19/2014) afternoon, celebrated with a thanksgiving worship, in the Student Dormitory Tolikara, Waena, Jayapura, Papua .

Joint worship celebration was organized by the Central Governing Body (CPP) KNPB.
1 Chairman of KNPB, Agus Kosay, in his speech, said that the West Papuan struggle has been going on for 54 years.
"The struggle for Papuan independence is not six years old, but already the second volume, is the only organization KNPB six years old. I need to point out these things to be understood together, that the people of West Papua struggled for decades, "said Agus.
Affirmed, the struggle for self-determination West Papuans from the past until now and later will not penah stop.
"We still continued to fight, because this is the political rights of West Papuans to determine the political fate in the future," he said.
Further stated, KNPB existing before Indonesia invaded this land, at that time an organization called the National Committee for West Papua. "Agency administrators Center West Papua National Committee mengucapkaan greetings to all the children of domestic struggle and sympathizers," said Kosay on the sidelines of his speech.
Thanks are also due to Tolikara Students who are willing to provide a place to celebrate the anniversary of VI KNPB.
According to the KNPB, another student dormitories were never allowed to use the hall they held worship, especially the discussions and other similar activities. "It's amazing, because it gave us a place of prayer together. Other hostel can not, for whatever reason, perhaps because of fear of KNPB, "duganya.
The same warnings, according to the KNPB, held not only in Jayapura, but in some areas, both within and outside Papua. "We are here celebrating the anniversary year, as well as our friends in the Netherlands did the same coordinated by Mr. Benny Wenda," he explained.
Up to the sixth year, according to Agus, KNPB active members can be counted on the fingers. Even if the worship was attended by many people, they are male and female students in various colleges in the city and Jayapura.
In contemplation of God's Word, which is hosted by one of the pastors who entrusted, say, the victory can be achieved through effort, struggle, stream of sweat, tears, and even lives though.
"David just could kalakan big Goliath, we must also pray Papua earnest until the fight is supported by God, there must have been a victory," said Pastor preach.
"We have serious commitment in accordance with the theme of our anniversary celebration KNPB is that opponent. Commitment is the key word to perform it, "said Pastor.
On this occasion, on behalf of the People's KNPB West Papua for the three statements.
First, in the territory of the People of Papua West Papua, expressed gratitude and full support for ILWP meeting on 19-22 November 2014, The Hague, Netherlands.
Second, urge the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo provide immediate referendum for the people of West Papua to self-determination (Self-Determination), for all policies in Papua is not a solution, but a disaster for the people of Papua.
Third, all firmly Rejecting the government's policy of transmigration program and expansion of the provincial and district / city in West Papua.
Editor: Mary


Nabire Papuan People Support Launch ILWP Section Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The launch of International Lawyers for West Papua or the launch of the Dutch kingdom part ILWP which took place on 19 November 2014 in The Hague Netherlands, received the full support of the people of Papua in the region, especially in the region Meepago Nabire. The people of Papua in Nabire region mediated by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Nabire area down the road medukung launch peaceful protest ILWP part of the Netherlands and commemorate the anniversary of the fifth, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) on November 19, 2014.
At 07.00 WPB future action mediated by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Nabire area who came expressed support for the launch of the Royal Netherlands ILWP parts and commemorate the anniversary of the fifth, the West Papua National Committee gathered at the time Bobo and Market Reef.
A short time later at 08.30 WPB, Joint Team Kepolisisn and Brimob dipimin by Nabire police chief, HR Situmeang, SIK, MH comes with the full force of action broke up the crowd who were gathered at the time Bobo and Market Reef. Nabire police chief immediately took hold and hold up one period of action with his gun and then hit him.
The arrests were made by police against activists Nabire West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Nabire region and the people of Papua performed in two places, the first arrest at 07.30 around the area and catching Bobo second time at 08.00 WPB on Market Reef, Nabire.
The activists and citizens who have been able to catch in time, bobo, namely :
1. Agus Tebay (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
2. Deserius Goo (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
3. Alibia Kadepa (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
4. Hans Edoway (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
5. Stephen Edoway (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
6. Kristina Yeimo (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
7. Elian Tebay (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
The activists and citizens who have been able to catch on Market Reef, Nabire at 08.00 WPB namely :
1. Yavet Keiya (Komis Chairman of Foreign Affairs, the National Parliament of West Papua)
2. Sadrak Kudiai (Chairman of Nabire Region KNPB)
3. Alex Pigay (Secretary General Nabire Region KNPB)
4. Nathan Pigome (Member KNPB Nabire Region)
The activists and citizens who had been arrested by a combined team of police chief along the Nabire police, Brimob and the BIN is still being held by the Nabire police station. Thus request the support of all parties to urge the police in Nabire.
Stay for the People Support Launch Part ILWP Netherlands.
Papuan People along the national media of the nation west of Papua, West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Region Nabire not silent though his friends have been captured by Kepolisisn Resort Nabire. Future reconvened action kesek retariat Nabire Region KNPB to worship together as ILWP launch support and prayer together pondering the work of the  National Committee of West Papua at the age of six.
In his speech, Romario E. Yatipai as Vice Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua who were with the people of Papua in Nabire region said that "The world is looking and fully supports the struggle of the people of Papua to Self-Determination, the power of the people of Papua in the fight is absolutely built in the entire region west of Papua ".
Romario E. Yatipai can also explain the presence of the masses that "the International Lawyers for West Papua is a network of professional law recognizes that the indigenous peoples of West Papua have a fundamental right to Self-Determination, under international law so that lawyers who have come together in a commitment ILWP to fight for the basic rights of the people of West Papua, to the west of Papua became an Independent and Sovereign State ".
This is a report made by Romario E. Yatipai, Vice Chairman of the National Parliament of Papua Regional West Bomberai
A google translate. Be-aware google translates can  be erratic.

Celebrates 6 Years of KNPB, Member Shoot Apparatus KNPB
Written by Telius Yikwa
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 12:12

 News Papua Barat, KNPB --Perayaan 6th Anniversary in Papua tipped with Murder, Arrest and Dissolution Forced by a combination of state officials, along with the TNI and Brimob Police today, (11/19/2014)

KNPB Dogiyai region during the celebration of the anniversary of the KNPB TO 6 When activities take place shootings and arrests terhadapa KNPB activists among them. Four people were reportedly shot and diantarnya 1 Pigai clan world died. The following names are being shot apparatus:

1. 1 clan Pagai shot in the leg, a broken bone.

2. Yupius dogomo,

3. Aeneas Anow,

4. Edowai,

5. Chairman of KNPB ye northern sector,

6. Women 1

.Aparat Also arrested 12 members of the KNPB and Society who celebrate.

The arrest was made by Police and Brimob who served in the district. Dogiyai, they can hit, tortured and soak in the pool, until now there is the part of the apparatus.

Similarly, in Nabire district chairman of KNPB reportedly arapat capture along with 12 other Nabire.

The names of the arrested state apparatus including:

12. Sadrak Kudiai Chairman KNPB Nabire,

13. Alex Pigai Secretary KNPB Nabire,

14. Japheth Keiya PRDN

15. The Chief Commissioner Agus Tebai Diplomacy,

16. Member Kadepa Mekii KNPB,

17. Kristina Yeimo Member KNPB,

18. Hans Edowai Member KNPB,

19. Stephen Edowai Member KNPB,

20. Elijah Tebai Member KNPB,

21. Nathan Pgai Member KNPB,

22. Mote 11.Niko Member KNPB,

23. Member Kadepa Albian KNPB,

24. Goo Deserius Activists

Until recently they were detained Police at Nabire

(Telius Yikwa / Papua Media)

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