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Summary of events in West Papua 10 May -15 June 2020)

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Summary of events in West Papua  (10May -15 June 2020)

There was a lot of media coverage on West Papua over the past month  with much of it around the campaign calling for the release of  political prisoners.  Indonesian prosecutors have demanded sentences of between five to 17 years for seven West Papuan political prisoners detained in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The activists were arrested during the  protests triggered by incidents of racism against Papuan students in August and September last year.  The seven  are, Alexander Gobay, Henky Hilapok,  Stefanus Itlay,  Ferry Kombo,  Agus Kossay. Buchtar Tabuni, Irwanus Uropmabin.

Also, the tragic death of George Floyd, an African-American killed by the police caused thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets not only in cities across the US but around the world, linking the deaths of African-Americans killed by police to Aboriginal deaths in custody (there have been at least 434 Aboriginal deaths in Custody  since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths ended in 1991) and Papuan deaths by the security forces in West Papua. 

Protests demanding release of seven Papuan activists continue as verdict trials near
Budi Sutrisno and Dhoni Setiawan The Jakarta Post Mon, June 15, 2020   

Students and activists under the Committee for the Release of Papuan Political Prisoners protest in front of the Supreme Court building in Central Jakarta on June 15, 2020. They demand the authorities release the seven Papuan activists standing trial in the Balikpapan District Court in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan on treason charges. (JP/Dhoni Setiawan)

Protests took place simultaneously in several cities in Indonesia on Monday demanding that authorities drop all charges and release seven Papuan activists accused of treason at the Balikpapan District Court in East Kalimantan for their involvement in anti-racism protests in Jayapura, Papua last year. In the capital city, dozens participated in a rally held in front of the Supreme Court building in Central Jakarta on Monday at around 1 p.m. The protestors were seen holding banners that read “Free 7 Papuan political prisoners without conditions” along with the hashtag #PapuanLivesMatter.Based on The Jakarta Post’s observation, dozens of security personnel from the National Police and some from the Indonesian Military (TNI) were deployed to the scene, occasionally warning demonstrators through megaphones to obey health protocols................

Papuan civil society unites urging the release of seven political prisoners.
Tabloid Jubilee Published on 15 June 2020

Tujuh tahanan politik Papua – Dok. Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Many elements of civil society in Papua unite in a movement to support the release of seven Papuan political prisoners. They are including the Interfaith Leaders Association in Papua, the Indigenous Catholic Priests in Papua, the Papuan People’s Assembly, the Papuan House of Representatives, the Muslim Communication Forum of the Central Papuan Highlands, the Independent Forum of West Papuan Student, West Papuan National Committee, human rights defenders and activists. All unite in one commitment, one soul for one goal.

They sent a letter to President Joko Widodo, which substantially asked the central government in Jakarta for being wise and prudent in addressing many issues that occurred in Papua. Also, they asked the authority to release the seven political prisoners who are currently undergoing their trial in Balikpapan District Court, Kalimantan Timur. The detainees are students and activists who were arrested after the demonstration to protest racism against Papuan students in Surabaya……………….

Free West Papua Political Prisoners
A petition by the Action Network at

And actions people can do  calling for the release of the 7 Papuan political prisoners 
#FreeTheBalikpapan7#BlackLivesMatter #PapuanLivesMatter

People’s Solidarity Actions for the 7 West Papuan Anti-Racism Activists
From Front Rakyat Indonesia untuk West Papua <
via regwestpapualist

People's Solidity Actions for the 7 West Papuan Anti-Racism Activists


From Front Rakyat Indonesia untuk West Papua <>

People's Solidarity Actions for the 7 West Papuan Anti-Racism ActivistsPlease join us in standing in solidarity with the 7 West Papuan anti-racism activists in Kalimantan and all Papuan Political Prisoners in West Papua. 

This appeal for action is to put pressure on the Balikpapan State Court to immediately release the seven anti-racism activists. We also want to draw your attention to the Indonesian State which holds racist views on West Papuans. 

The seven anti-racism activists have been charged with treason and rebellion under The Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP). All seven have been accused of organising nonviolent demonstrations in response to racial attacks against the West Papuan students in Surabaya on the 16th of August 2019. They go to trial in a few days (17 June 2020). The public prosecutor (Jaksa) is demanding up to seventeen years prison time for the accused. The Indonesian state has transferred them thousands of kilometres away from West Papua, away from their sources of support. Meanwhile, the organisers of the racist violence in Surabaya were sentenced to less than a year imprisonment and are now free..................... 

#PapuanLivesMatter’: George Floyd’s death hits close to home in Indonesia 
Budi Sutrisno The Jakarta Post   Jakarta   June 4, 2020   
 As the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died while being arrested in the United States, sparks a global outcry, Indonesian rights advocates and young people have stepped forward to remind fellow citizens that racism has long been an issue at home as well.  The scene of Floyd being restrained by a cop employing a knee-to-neck hold is familiar for some, who compared the incident to the 2016 case of Obby Kogoya, a Papuan man whose head was reportedly stepped on by the police before he was arrested during the siege of a Papuan student dormitory in Yogyakarta. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, which has accompanied a call for street rallies worldwide, has since been adapted into #PapuanLivesMatter, with many turning to social media to urge Indonesians to also speak up against the racial discrimination and violence that Papuans have long endured.

In  ABC article, “Black Lives Matter protests spark reminder of 'deeply rooted' racial injustice towards West Papuans”

The Foreign Correspondent  report  “The War Next Door” 
Just north of Australia a secret war is being fought. West Papuan independence fighters and Indonesian security forces are involved in a protracted and bloody battle over the issue of Papuan independence.    Read the Indonesian Government's response to our story here. 
 29mins 54secs Tue 12 May 2020, 7:50pm
Full episiode   at

Fight for freedom: new research to map violence in the forgotten conflict in West Papua 
Indonesia has recently indicated it is considering investigating the killings of hundreds of thousands of people in the 1965 “anti-communist” purge under authoritarian leader Suharto.  If the inquiry goes ahead, it would mark a shift in the government’s long-standing failure to address past atrocities. It is unclear if they will include other acts of brutality alleged to have been committed by the Indonesian regime in the troubled region of West Papua.  According to Amnesty International, at least 100,000 West Papuans have been killed since the Indonesian takeover of West Papua in the 1960s. While the number of killings peaked in the 1970s, they are rising again due to renewed activism for independence in the territory. In September 2019, as many as 41 people were killed in clashes with security forces and Jihadi-inspired militia.

Unlawful Killings Point to Continued Human Rights Abuses in Papua: Amnesty 
Jakarta Globe BY :NUR YASMIN JUNE 08, 2020
Jakarta. Amnesty International Indonesia has called out the Indonesian government for failing to address human rights abuses in Papua, including dozens of extra-judicial killings in the country's easternmost region, in a report titled "Civil and Political Rights' Violations in Papua and West Papua" released on Monday. Amnesty said the people of Papua and West Papua have become the victims of massive human rights violations done by state actors. The report questioned Indonesia's fulfillment of the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. As a signatory to the resolution, Indonesia is obligated to protect the right to freedom of expression. Amnesty will also submit the report to the UN Human Rights Committee. The report stated indigenous Papuans have been experiencing "extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests and other crimes under international law and human rights violations" by police officers. Papuans have not been able to exercise their right to peaceful assembly and association. Many of them have been arrested as political prisoners, not given a fair trial and forced to withstand inhumane conditions inside prisons. The report also highlighted government restrictions on media coverage of human rights violations against Papuans. 
 "Overacting security forces are still operating in Papua. People are silenced. They enjoy no freedom of expression and have to suffer racist abuses. The same has also been experienced by Papuans in other provinces," Usman Hamid, the executive director of Amnesty International Indonesia, said on Monday.  According to the organization, by June 8 there were at least 44 Papuans in Indonesian prisons facing treason and rebellion charges.  Amnesty said all of them were arrested after taking part in peaceful protests and are not guilty of any crime. The report mentioned at least 26 suspected unlawful killings of civilians in Papua by security forces between March 2018 and May 2020.

Human rights activists who have lent their voice and support to the Papuans' cause have also experienced intimidation, Usman said. From April to June 2020, Amnesty noted 114 hacking and digital intimidation against human rights activists who have shown sympathy to the Papuans.  "Recently, discrimination and intimidation against human rights activists advocating for Papuan issues have increased, also digitally. Last week, during a Jakarta District Court virtual session on internet throttling, a Zoom meeting was hacked with inappropriate pictures and noises," he said. Amnesty's Zoom press briefing on Friday was also disrupted when unidentified accounts intruded on the video meeting by making noises. The speakers also received strings of simultaneous phone calls from international numbers. "How could three speakers in the same discussion receive non-stop international calls and repetitive disruptions? We think this is a form of intimidation toward the fight for human rights in Papua and must be investigated," Usman said. 

Racist Incidents in Surabaya and Malang  
The report also stated there are still prisoners of conscience – another term for political prisoners – from incidents of racism against Papuans in August and September 2019 in Surabaya and Malang.

Amnesty said at least 96 people had been arrested for exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression in connection with the racist incidents in the two cities in East Java.  "Amnesty International is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all the remaining Prisoners of Conscience behind bars, who are now at heightened risk due to the Covid-19 pandemic," the report stated. The issue was included in a human rights violations report that the organization had submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in late May. In the incident, a group of people attacked a dorm where Papuan students were living in, accusing them of throwing an Indonesian national flag into a gutter nearby. The racist incident sparked protests in cities all over the country, including in Papua. In some demonstrations, Papuan activists waved the Morning Star flag – a symbol of Papuan independence from Indonesia. The police arrested six activists in Jakarta – five of them indigenous Papuans – during the series of protests.  They were charged with treason for allegedly organizing a peaceful protest in front of the State Palace on Aug. 28 as a response to the earlier racist attacks against Papuans.

On Sept. 2 in Manokwari, West Papua, police arrested and charged an activist for treason after carrying 1,500 mini Morning Star Flags, allegedly to be used in a protest later that day.  On Sept. 18, in Sorong, West Papua, the police also arrested four Papuan activists for treason, accusing them of producing and distributing a pamphlet with a Morning Star Flag image and for chanting "Referendum [for] Independent Papua" during a protest in the city.
Usman regretted the police's decision to charge all the activists with treason when all they did were peacefully expressing their freedom of speech.
"The police should have facilitated the peaceful protests. If demonstrators violate the rules or become anarchic, the security forces' responses should be proportional and non-violent," Usman said.

Papuan Lives Matter
In light of the murder of George Floyd, a black man, by a white police officer in Minneapolis, the United States, Usman pointed out that discrimination and intimidation also happen regularly to indigenous Papuans in Indonesia.
"The murder of George Floyd by a police officer should raise the alarm for the Indonesian government who until today still fails to protect and ensure the rights of Papuan people. The security officers are immune to the law whenever they do something violent, and they have never been taken to court," Usman said. On June 3, the Jakarta District Court ruled that President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo and the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Johnny G. Plate had violated the law for blocking the internet and throttling internet bandwidth in Papua and West Papua during protests against human rights violations in the region in August and September 2019. The lawsuit was filed by a number of non-government organizations, including the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) and the Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SafeNet). Usman said now is the time for the government to reflect on the court decision and ensure no human rights violations would happen again in Papua or against Papuans. "The ruling is a rare victory for Papuans who were subjected to an arbitrary and unlawful internet blackout – only the latest in a litany of abuses they face at the hands of the Indonesian authorities," Usman said.

Full Report
List of issues prior to reporting (LOIPR) for Indonesia CCPR Session 129, June-July 2020

West Papua: Looking for an opening 
JOHNNY BLADES Published 20 May 2020 
Allowing more access would be an important first step to ending human rights abuses in the troubled Indonesian province. When the world is grappling with the kind of calamity few of us have experienced before, it can be easy to forget other crises. Climate change springs to mind. So, too, does the record level of human displacement around the world, a problem largely driven by conflict. That brings us to the long-simmering conflict in Indonesian-administered Papua region, or West Papua as it’s widely known, where a decades-long struggle for independence by the indigenous Melanesians shows little sign of abating.In recent months, violence and unrest have intensified in West Papua. Factions of the West Papua Liberation Army have escalated their attacks on Indonesian security forces and other apparatus of the state in Papua’s rugged interior, including the massive Freeport gold and copper mine. Indonesia’s military has deployed even more forces to the region to weed out the independence fighters and protect the big infrastructure projects of Joko Widodo’s government, such as the Trans-Papua road, adding to displacement of Papuan villagers in their thousands from the central highlands. Police often conduct mass arrests, such as last year when widespread protests erupted in response to racism against West Papuan university students in East Java. In the mass demonstrations and related riots, at least 59 people are recorded to have died in Papua. As a result of the unrest, dozens of people, not all of them Papuans, have been charged with treason. Things in West Papua are not tracking well……….

Attack by separatist leaves cop in serious condition in Indonesia's Papua
The Star Saturday, 16 May 2020  
JAKARTA: Scores of alleged members of a separatist group launched an attack on a police post in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua, seriously injuring a policeman, a police officer said on Saturday (May 16). During the attack occurring at 10pm local time on Friday night in Paniai district, the attackers stole four weapons of the police personnel in charge at the post, Papua Province's Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw said. When the attack was launched, there was only a policeman at the post as the other personnel were attending a meeting with residents, Waterpauw said. The policeman suffered serious cuts on his neck, back, right temple and stomach, according to the officer.
"The perpetrators are probably members of the criminal armed group led by Ton Tabuni," the officer said. The victim has been rushed to the Nabire General Hospital for medical treatment. The Indonesian police and military have frequently been engaged in conflicts with the separatists in Papua province, leaving scores of casualties from both sides. The separatist Free Papua Movement (OPM) based in Papua province has been seeking an independent state through guerrilla wars decades ago, targeting soldiers, police personnel and civilians. - Xinhua/Asian News Network

Asiki resident died in a health clinic after allegedly tortured by a police officer
 Published on 20 May 2020  By Admin1

                 Marius Betera, a resident of Asiki Sub-district, Boven Digoel Regency, who died after allegedly tortured by a police officer. – IST  

Jayapura, Jubi – A resident of Asiki Sub-district, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua died in a health clinic of a palm oil plantation company PT Tunas Sawa Erma on Saturday (16/5/2020). Prior to his death, a police officer reportedly tortured him. The apostolic administrator of the Merauke Archdiocese Monseigneur Petrus Canisius Mandagi MSC asked the authority to investigate the incident and its perpetrator accordingly. Meanwhile, Yan Christian Warinussy, the Executive Director of the Institute for Research, Investigation and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, asked the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) to intervene the investigation.

On Saturday morning Marius Betera found banana plants in his garden located in the plantation area of PT Tunas Sawa Ema (TSE) in Camp 19 destroyed. Hence, he thought the company’s excavator did it. He then went to the police station in Camp 19 to file a complaint. When he couldn’t meet the police officers there, he went to PT TSE’s office to express his grievance. He complained that the management of PT TSE never gave him a notice about the area clearing. It made him upset and at the same time, lost. When leaving the company’s office, Betera met a police officer with the initial “M”. He punched and kicked him on the stomach in front of the employees of PT TSE. From some witnesses, Jubi received information saying that Betera’s ear was bleeding from the beating.  Around 11 pm, Betera returned to the police station at Camp 19 to file a complaint on his persecution but couldn’t meet anyone there. Around 1 pm, he felt unwell. People bought him to the health clinic of PT TSE at Camp 19. He then reportedly died in that clinic.

Concerning his death, the Apostolic Administrator of the Merauke Archdiocese Monseigneur Petrus Canisius Mandagi MSC asked for investigation over the incident and said the perpetrator should go on trial. “I strongly condemn this murder. Killing anyone is a crime against humanity. Anyone who perpetrated this murder, especially if he was a member of security forces, must immediately be arrested, tried and punished,” said the bishop. Bishop Mandagi firmly said that Papuans, like any other human races, are a picture of God. He warned that every police officer stationed in Papua should represent a character of security forces who commit to protecting people. “It means the police should protect the entire people, not only those who work in the company. If there is a problem, they should put a dialogue as a priority, not violence,” said the bishop. Separately, the Executive Director of LP3BH Manokwari Yan Christian Warinussy stated the alleged persecution towards Marius Betera must be thoroughly investigated. He said this violence act might involve some other police officers. Therefore, he urged the National Human Rights Commission to intervene in the investigation of this case. “We urge the National Human Rights Commission to get involved in the investigation over this case. This case should be openly investigated, [so that’ the perpetrator can be examined and tried before the Merauke District Court,” he said. (*) Jubi journalist Victor Mambor contributed in this article

 Reporter: Angela Flassy  Editor: Pipit Maizier

Armed criminal group shoots medical workers in Papua
Antara 23rd May 2020
 (ANTARA/HO/Humas Polda Papua) Jayapura (ANTARA) - An armed criminal group reportedly shot two medical workers, one of them fatally, while they were delivering medicines for COVID-19 patients in Intan Jaya District of Papua Province. The two medical workers have been identified as Almalek Bagau and Eunico Somou, chief of the Intan Jaya District Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Yuli Karre Pongbala, said on Friday. Eunico Somou reportedly died of gunshot wounds, while Almalek, who is in critical condition, has been rushed to Pastoral Wandai for treatment. "We plan to go to the scene (of the shooting) on Saturday (May 23, 2020) to evacuate the victim," Yuli said, adding it will take five hours to reach the spot. (INE)
Related news: 26 medical workers in Papua exposed to COVID-19
Related news: COVID-19: 38 medical workers in Bengkulu Province quarantined EDITED BY INE Reporter: Evarukdijati/SuhartoEditor: Fardah Assegaf

OPM says TNI, police shot medical workers in Papua
News Desk  The Jakarta Post  Jakarta  Sun, May 24, 2020   
The Free Papua Movement (OPM) has denied that it was involved in the shooting of two members of the Intan Jaya regency COVID-19 task force, claiming that the two men were shot by security forces.  “We want to emphasize that the people who shot the two medical workers were TNI [Indonesian Military] and National Police personnel. They are the culprits,” OPM spokesperson Sebby Sanbom said in a statement on Saturday, as quoted by “Indonesia must take responsibility.” The two medical workers – identified as Amalek Bagau, 30, and Eniko Somou, 39 – were reportedly shot while delivering medical supplies to a remote area in Intan Jaya regency at about 4:30 p.m. local time on Friday.
Security forces said they evacuated the two men and transferred them to the Nabire General Hospital on Saturday morning. Amalek remains in critical condition, and Eniko has died from his wounds. Military and police personnel belonging to the Nemangkawi task force have said they are on a manhunt for an as-yet unnamed armed group that they say is responsible for the shooting. (kmt)

Vanuatu West Papua Association briefs new Government on West Papua
Vanuatu Daily Post By Len Garae May 22, 2020
 Chairman of Vanuatu West Papua Association and Unification Committee (VWPAUC), Pastor Alan Nafuki has confirmed that all relevant West Papua related documents to brief the Government how far his Committee has progressed regarding its drive to help the United Liberation Movement of West Papua, have been handed over to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mark Ati and Prime Minister Bob Loughman. In his other hat as Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council he also reminds the nation of the commissioning of the Government Leaders by the VCC, while presenting them with Bislama Bibles from the Bible Society. “It is our hope that all 52 Members of Parliament will read their Bible because we believe that as long as you are with God, your leadership will be in line with God’s leading to success”, Pastor Nafuki said.
“I also stressed the importance of unity, restoration and success in line with the success story of the Israelites in the Old Testament on their 40 years of wandering to reach the Promised Land in Canaan. “Like the Israelites, today after 40 years, we want to regain our unity to restore all our land resources which we failed to achieve as late as last year, and this year we want to regain our resources to achieve success through the leadership of both Government and Opposition.

“I want to let the world know that Vanuatu is the only country in the world that stands united in support for the freedom of the people of West Papua. “Vanuatu stands alone with only 250,000 people that unanimously support the freedom of the people of West Papua, no other country in the world has progressed that far on the issue regarding West Papua or any country for that matter. “It is our prayer that the people of West Papua will also gain their freedom to enjoy the privileges that people of the free world like us are enjoying”. He says it is his committee’s prayer that the new Government will adopt the same 100% spirit of support of the former Government, Opposition, Churches, Chiefs, Women, Youths, Non-Government Organisations, and Civil Society.

Mysterious Phone Calls Terrorize Speakers of Discussion on Papua
Tempo 5 June 2020

Members of the Indonesian People's Front for West Papua (FRI-WP) stage a demonstration in front of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kuningan, Thursday, March 12, 2020. TEMPO/Sintia Nurmiza

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Multiple mysterious phone calls have terrorized an Amnesty International discussion touching on rights violations in Papua and West Papua held on Friday, June 5, 2020.  The mysterious phone calls were received by the speakers of the discussion on the Amnesty International’s latest reports for the United Nations (UN) titled “Civil and Political Rights’ Violations in Papua and West Papua".  Amnesty International director Usman Hamid, who was among the speakers, was also terrorized by the phone calls during his presentation. Usman said some mysterious numbers tried to reach him repeatedly after he rejected the first one.  “They [the phone calls] just would not stop, constant,” he said during the event.  Besides Usman, Yuliana S. Yabansabra from Elsham Papua, also a speaker, received similar calls via her cell phone, which forced her to defer her presentation and switch to a laptop as she was using her cell phone for the teleconference.  Usman said she was curious about the calls as the numbers did not hail from Indonesia and kept on changing. Usman said the situation was similar to the hacking of the cell phone belonging to public policy analyst Ravio Patra.  “The numbers kept changing, from a state in Canada, a state in America. This is similar to Rovio’s case,” Usman said.  Another speaker, Tigor G. Hutapea, also received similar calls. “I also received similar calls from different numbers, please give me some time to switch to a laptop,” he said.  EGI ADYATAMA

Opinion pieces/media releases reports etc.

Global fight against racism: Papuan lives also matter 
Elvira Rumkabu Jayapura, Papua   June 4, 2020   
The death of George Floyd, an African-American who was brutally murdered by a policeman in an American city, is not an isolated incident but a sign of deeply entrenched and normalized outright racism.

Churches union conveys ‘deep concerns' over handling of 7 Papuan protesters 
Moch. Fiqih Prawira Adjie The Jakarta Post  
The Indonesian Communion of Churches (PGI) has released a statement, conveying "deep concerns" over the handling of seven Papuan protesters who face treason charges at the Balikpapan District Court in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

Make West Papua Safe
Make West Papua Safe is an international campaign designed to stop foreign government funding for the Indonesian police and military in West Papua

Photos in article)
Refugees the world forgot: West Papuans overcoming disadvantage
By Sarah Jacob | 17 May 2020, 

Children of West Papua, involved in the Rainbow Project, proudly exhibiting their favourite books (image supplied).

West Papua’s highway of blood – a case of development or destruction? 
REVIEW: By David Robie
The 4300-km Trans-Papuan Highway costing some US$1.4 billion was supposed to bring “wealth, development and prosperity” to the isolated regions of West Papua. At least, that’s how the planners and politicians envisaged the highway far away in their Jakarta offices.President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is so enthusiastic about the project as a cornerstone for his infrastructure strategies that he had publicity photographs taken of him on his Kawasaki trail motorbike on the highway……….

YouTube Video
Why Special Autonomy in West Papua has Failed
Jun 1, 2020   
The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) hosted an online webinar about human rights in West Papua and ongoing conflicts over self-determination.The online discussion featured three experts: Veronica Koman - Human Rights Lawyer and Activist, Melissa Crouch - UNSW Law Professor and Ronny Kareni - West Papuan Musician and Activist.

Racism: My experience as doctor in Papua 
Herliana Elizabeth Yusuf Tangerang, Banten   June 13, 2020   
The death of George Floyd in the United States has evinced global expressions of solidarity that have reminded people how racism still exists in the 21st century. Influenced by the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, Indonesian citizens have expressed support through their social media status and postings. What about racism in Indonesia? Indonesians are very proud of the national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (unity in diversity). Ironically, not everyone truly believes in the idea of respecting diversity in ethnicity, religion or race, or whatever differences, in daily life.

Chinese-Indonesians must support #PapuanLivesMatter
The giant wave of the United States’ #BlackLivesMatter campaign has now swept across Indonesia. A number of groups have begun to discuss racism in the country and have touched upon a rarely discussed topic: racism against Papuans. For a long time, racism against Indonesians of Chinese descent, also called Tionghoa, has dominated the nation’s discourse on the subject. When someone says the word racism in the Indonesian context, many recall the May 1998 riots, about which considerable documentation and research exist.

UI lecturers support #PapuanLivesMatter discussion, criticize university’s disavowal
Rizki Fachriansyah The Jakarta Post Jakarta   June 9, 2020   
The University of Indonesia (UI) Lecturers Alliance has conveyed its support for a discussion on racism against Papuans that was previously disavowed by the university rectorate. In a statement issued on Monday, the alliance praised the university’s Student Executive Body (BEM UI) for organizing the public discussion as it fostered a spirit of free speech among university academics. The alliance also called on the university’s academic society to remain consistent in supporting student endeavors to seek scientific truths in accordance with the 2012 Higher Education Law.

The Chinese mechanic who secretly led a 40-year Melanesian revolution
By Rohan Radheya *
In 1975 when Tan Sen Thay fled his native land Indonesia he arrived in the Netherlands with just two gulden and a traditionally woven West Papuan noken bag. The Chinese Indonesian claimed to Dutch immigration authorities that he was a senior representative of The West Papuan government, a predominantly black elite from a Melanesian province in Indonesiaʼs most Eastern federation.

Indonesia tackles racism in ruling on blackouts
Court finds President Joko Widodo broke the law by shutting down the internet during anti-racism protests in Papua
Jakarta’s Administrative Court, reputedly the most progressive branch of Indonesia’s much-maligned judicial system, may have broken new legal ground by ruling that the government acted illegally in shutting down the internet during anti-racism riots in Papua last year. 

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