Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Photos of Benny Wenda’s visit to Sydney

Photos of Benny Wenda’s visit to Sydney

Although Benny was in Sydney only 3 days he had a packed program starting on Monday 23rd with an interview on Koori Radio and two by phone with Maori Radio.

After the  Koori Radio interview Benny also attended an important meeting with Geoff Scott, ‎CEO at the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples  in Redfern.

Benny was also interviewed by Ash from Punks for West Papua leading up to a terrific night by the Free West Papua Campaign Sydney to greet Benny by  his supporters. 
A terrific night of entertainment amazing food and speeches. An inspiring night by the Free WP Team in Sydney. 

Tuesday 24th started with a special visit to the Australian Museum followed by a meeting at the Green Left Weekly.

Benny  was also interviewed by RNZI

In the evening Benny introduced the Documentary Punks for Wrest Papua. Another inspiring evening.

On the Wednesday morning before leaving Sydney Benny was interviewed by Radio Australia. 
Congratulations to Benny on his stamina.

Congratulations  go to the Free West Papua Campaign Sydney, The Punks for West Papua and all of Benny's supporters for their great  contribution to welcoming Benny

                                              Interview on Koori Radio 23 May

Benny and Rex interviewed by Ash, director for Punks for West Papua 23 May

Free West Papua Campaign Sydney event in  Liverpool

From FWPC Sydney Facebook

Senator Lee Rhiannon

Local member for Liverpool Paul Lynch MP

Australia Museum 24 May

Green Left Weekly meeting 24 May

Benny presenting Flag

Punks for West Papua doco showing at Sydney Uni. 24 May


MP Jamie Parker

Benny and Rex with Anne Noonan from  Medical Association for the Prevention of War

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