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1) Support Papua Merdeka, Six Swimmers Will Swim far as 69 Kilo in Lake Geneva

2) Franciscan SKPKC Papua: Papua Human Rights Images Kian Worsens
3) Garuda Indonesia opens new routes in West Papua

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1) Support Papua Merdeka, Six Swimmers Will Swim far as 69 Kilo in Lake Geneva

Interview with Captain Tim Pool For West Papua

                                           Logo Swim for West Papua. (Swim for West Papua - Doc)

Jayapura, "Pool for West Papua is the support made to encourage international support for the campaign on the liberation of West Papua.

Some time ago, the editorial had the opportunity to interview Joel, captain Pool For West Papua (Swim for West Papua). The following is an interview with the captain's voice Papua:

Papua voice: Why Movement Pool For West Papua held?
The team captain SWP: Swim for West Papua (Pool for West Papua) is the support that is done by the grassroots to encourage international support for the Liberation of West Papua Campaign in 2017.

Suara Papua: The goal?
The team captain SWP: The purpose of this activity is to raise public awareness of international demands for an independent West Papua. We are supporters and the issue of West Papua have known for a long time. We also hope that we will be able to reach people and the audience who did not know about the crisis for 50 years that hit West Papua.

Papua voice: We hear you made a petition to collect signatures up to 10 thousand. And until now has reached 20 thousand signatures. Then the online petition site was blocked in Indonesia. How do you explain it?

SWP team captain: We aim to collect as many signatures from January to the end of August. The Indonesian government has close access to this petition. Personally I believe that they are very afraid of what could happen if their crimes against the Papuan People exposed internationally.

Papua voice: We also heard that a petition signed it will go to the UN. How do you explain it?

The team captain SWP: In August 2017, I and five others will swim along 69 km on Lake Geneva in Switzerland and we will take the petition to the United Nations. The petition itself was written by ILWP (an organization of international lawyers for West Papua) and a petition supporting diplomatic struggles ULMWP for an internationally supervised referendum for West Papua.

We hope that through this effort we can raise awareness of the situation in West Papua and Papua help people reach the road to release.
We believe that human rights are universal and should be recognized and apply to everyone.

We support the right of West Papua to self-determination.
The road to liberation is very long but we are sure that we can travel 69km on Lake Geneva together and that West Papua would be a little closer to independence when our business was completed / unsuccessful.

Papua voice: What is your message to the people of West Papua?

SWP team captain: People West Papua, not his own camp all. One day you will all be free. We are on your side all the way to liberation. Papua Merdeka!

Papua voice: Thank you.

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. Original bahasa link at

2) Franciscan SKPKC Papua: Papua Human Rights Images Kian Worsens

Jayapura, Office for Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation (SKPKC) Franciscan Papua has launched a report entitled Papua at the Threshold of Destruction. The report was launched in Jayapura, Papua and Jakarta. The 109 page report, highlighting various issues of Human Rights during 2016.

In the electronic mail received on Tuesday (11/04/2017) explains, until now Papua is still in the red zone in law enforcement and human rights violations.

“The human rights situation in Papua is still deteriorated. Incidents of violence, arrests, torture, and murder of civilians in Papua continued throughout 2016, "said directress SKPKC Papua Franciscans, Yuliana Langowuyo Tuesday.

Yuliana said, in a 109 page report, highlighted various human rights issues during 2016 and the report was launched in Jayapura and Jakarta.

Yuliana said, the report is compiled from the documentation, advocacy, and investigations conducted by the Franciscan SKPKC Papua and the network of human rights institutions in Papua.

Each year, the Franciscan SKPKC Papua issue a report chronicles the Passionist Memoria. This year, in addition to chronic, we issued a human rights report with a different approach, which provides space narration and analysis on a number of issues that are considered crucial and wide public attention.

"The cases examined in this report, among other cases, environmental damage and land disputes tribal Yerisiam cave with palm oil companies in Nabire, virus cases of pertussis in Mbua, nduga regency, which killed about 54 people, mostly children under the age of five, last endemic case of HIV, "he said.

Explained, violence and human rights abuses that claimed the young people, restrictions on freedom of the press, of curtailing democracy and freedom of expression and speech. And also about the completion of the human rights team formed by the government of Papua Indonesia had not yet completed a single case since it was formed.

"Law enforcement against a number of cases of violence experienced by activists, strongly suspected of human rights violations are not investigated seriously by law enforcement," he said.

He also said, SKPKC highlighting serious human rights activists deaths and Papua Solidarity Coordinator First Merchants (SOLPAP), Robert Jitmau. Death of Robert Jitmau improperly disclosed is not deemed serious by law enforcement.

According SKPKC, kjata him, the performance of the police in enforcing the law despised, particularly cases of violence against Papuans. The case of the shooting of children in the area Intan Jaya, for example, far from the reach of law enforcement.

Papua on the Threshold of Destruction is a human rights documentation was made to recall the role of the state in protecting and respecting human rights in Papua.

"SKPKC offer recommendations included in this report to give way and settlement solutions to a range of human rights issues in Papua," said Juliana.

Further Yuliana, "We hope the events that exacerbate the face of human rights in Papua in 2016 will not recur," said Juliana.

Franciscan SKPKC Papua believes the Indonesian government under President Joko Widodo more serious and show work riel in the completion and settlement of cases of human rights in Papua.

"During 2016 there were no cases of human rights violations are successfully completed. President Joko Widodo is expected to more firmly instructed his ministers to work harder to uncover and resolve the issue of human rights in Papua, "he concluded.



3) Garuda Indonesia opens new routes in West Papua

Jakarta | Thu, April 13, 2017 | 05:28 pm

National flag carrier Garuda Indonesia is expanding flights to Kaimana regency in West Papua with ATR-600 aircraft that can carry 70 passengers. The new routes will serve Ambon-Kaimana-Manokwari and Ambon-Kaimana-Nabire.
The Ambon to Kaimana flight departs at 7:55 a.m. local time and arrives at 9:40 a.m. local time. The Ambon to Manokwari flight arrives at 11:30 a.m. while the Ambon to Nabire arrives at 11:20 a.m. local. The Manokwari route is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the Nabire route on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
“The price for a ticket from Ambon to Kaimana starts at Rp 1 million, from Ambon to Nabire starts at Rp 1.4 million and from Ambon to Manokwari starts at Rp 2 million,” says Kaimana deputy regent Ismail Sirfefa.
Kaimana is a small port town in West Papua and the capital of the Kaimana regency, served by Kaimana Airport. The town itself is part of a sea conservation area in West Papua and offers a variety of attractions such as marine tourism, culture and history. One of its famous tourist attractions is Triton Bay. (asw)

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