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1) Worries over marginalisation of Papuans

1) Worries over marginalisation of Papuans
2) Hundreds of Leprosy patients  seek treatment

3) Steven Itlay Arrested at the Port of Jayapura


1) Worries over marginalisation of Papuans

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The chairman of Papua Customary Council says he is concerned Papuans will become politically disillusioned as they become the minority culture in their own province.
Wilem Bonay says he is throwing his support behind the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, as he represents ethnic Papuans, who have become more marginalised after recent elections.
In 1961, people of Papuan ethnicity made up 96 percent of the population of the former Dutch New Guinea but they are now roughly 50 percent, the other half being composed of non-Papuan migrants from other parts of Indonesia.
Wilem Boney says the role of the Papua People's Parliament is important as it comprises representatives from seven customary areas in Papua, whose task is to protect the existence of Papuans.
He told Tabloid Jubi that it was also Mr Enembe's role to protect the people of Papua
2) Hundreds of Leprosy patients  seek treatment
The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, May 12 2014, 7:26 AM
Hundreds of leprosy sufferers seek medical treatment at community health centers (Puskesmas) in Jayapura annually, according to data from the Papua health office.
“The number of leprosy sufferers in Jayapura is high. Most of them seek treatment at the city’s community health centers,” Head of the Papua health office’s Leprosy and HIV/AIDS Handling Division Arry Pongtiku said on Sunday.
According to Arry, there are more than 600 leprosy patients every year.
He said the community health centers are located in Hamadi, Hedam, Waena and South Jayapura. “Those centers always treat leprosy patients,” Arry was quoted by Antara.
The health official also noted Papua and West Papua Provinces were two regions that had the highest number of leprosy patients each year. The health office found 1,300 to 1,500 new leprosy cases each year in the two provinces.
He added at least 172 leprosy patients were treated in December 2013. They suffered dry and wet leprosy.

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3) Steven Itlay Arrested at the Port of Jayapura
May 12 , 2014 By : knpbtimika Category : News

                                                             Steven Itlay ( doc KNPB )
Jayapura , KNPBnews - Timika Region KNPB Chairman , Steven Itlay colonial Indonesian police arrested this morning ( 12/5 ) at 07.15 Papua time , in the port of Jayapura for no apparent reason . He along Elymas Selopele , one of his colleagues , was interrogated by the Post KP3 Sea at the port of Jayapura .
Having been informed of the arrest, the Governing Body Center KP3 KNPB directly to the Marine and asked the reason for arrest . Spokesman KNPB , bazookas Logo , to KNPBnews reported :
" The last hours of 7:24 am Steven Itlay with one of the activists were arrested when they landed on the ship . This morning we headed to Sea KP3 and we asked for reasons for his arrest and police say that Steven ITLA suspected activist of the Free Papua . We told them that we did and all the activists were campaigning for across the land of Papua West Papua . Then the police , without talking much , issuing Steven and his Itlay , and we are now on the way home , "
Steven Itlay who has been repeatedly arrested in the peaceful opposition activities in Timika , West Papua , said that he and his friend were arrested for 1 hour and the police did not give a reason for the arrest .

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