The National, Friday May 16th, 2014
A PROTEST note has been sent to the Indonesian government by the Papua New Guinea Foreign Affairs to try to prevent future incidents along the Wutung border in West Sepik.
According to a report sent to The National, four PNG soldiers were ambushed by the Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) soldiers last month when they were conducting a clearance patrol along the PNG side of the border.
PNGDF Commander Brig-Gen Gilbert Toropo said it was normal duty for any military to do clearance patrol along the border. Unfortunately, the TNI mistakenly fired shot at the officers thinking they were Organisai Papua Merdeka (OPM) militants.
A clearing patrol of four men was sent out from the new border office complex at Wutung but copped gun shots from TNI.
Toropo confirmed the report and said that a protest note had been sent to the Indonesian government to prevent such incidents.
“This protest note is a very serious note between two governments and following on that, a team of the national security advisory committee (NSAC) and some PNGDF officers were sent to Indonesia to address the issue,” Toropo said.
He said it could not have been a mistake because the visibility of the scene was already cleared when the four-man team received shots.