Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1) Give independence to island territories

1) Give independence to island territories
2) West Papua calls for consistency from UN


1) Give independence to island territories
Wed 21 May 2014
Pacific civil societies are calling on all Pacific Islanders across the region to renew support for decolonisation of Pacific communities still under colonial rule.
Pacific civil societies are calling on all Pacific Islanders across the region to renew support for decolonisation of Pacific communities still under colonial rule.
A joint Pacific Regional Non Governmental Organisations Alliance PRNGO front made the call today to free indigenous people in Guam, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Tokelau and West Papua so they could chart their own future.
PRNGO spokesperson and Pacific Council of Churches official, Peter Emberson urged Pacific islanders in all walks of life to stand up and speak out and actively engage in the struggle.
“The right of people in non self governing territories, whose countries are ruled by colonial administrations, to determine their own political future, and we call on our Pacific peoples in all walks of life to stand up, speak out and be actively engaged in their struggle,” he said.
Emberson said it is also the duty of colonisers or administering powers to prepare the indigenous people in these territories to exercise their right to self-determination which is also mandated by international law.
“The peoples of our non self governing territories have not given up.
They have been repressed, their rights taken away, they have been tortured and killed, imprisoned, and pushed to the margins of political and economic life but they are not backing down,” Emberson said.
PRNGO's fresh calls for self-autonomy coincides with the United Nation’s special committee on decolonisation Pacific Regional seminar hosted by Fiji that opened at Nadi today.
Rapa Nui or Easter Island (which is governed by Chile) is seeking admission to the UN list of Non Self Governing Territories whilst West Papua (regarded a province of Indonesia) is seeking re-enlistment to the Non Self Governing Territory List.
The theme of the Nadi meeting is to accelerate implementing the 3rd International decade for the Eradication of Colonialism (2011-2020).
The seminar is held under the auspices of the Special Committee of 24 and will review the situation with respect to 17 territories being considered by the Special Committee in June and then referred to the UN General Assembly when it convenes.

2) West Papua calls for consistency from UN

Updated at 11:17 am today

Advocates for West Papuan self-determination have called for a UN decolonisation committee to be consistent and make a fact finding trip to Indonesia's Papua region.
The special committee on decolonisation is meeting in Nadi this week to look at how 17 Pacific territories on the list are faring.
The Australia West Papua Association's Joe Collins says it's now common knowledge that the Act of Free Choice in West Papua in 1969, facilitated by the United Nations, was a farce, and it's about time the UN returned to check on progress.
Joe Collins says the provinces of Papua and West Papua should be on the list and he says the UN should be consistent, as it visited New Caledonia in March.
"It's your duty, a moral obligation to go and visit West Papua, see what 51 years of administration has done to the West Papuan people, the exploitation of the resources but little or no benefit to themselves, ongoing human rights abuses. They should go and see how the West Papuan people have fared after 51 years."
Joe Collins of the Australia West Papua Association.



Merauke, Jubi (19/5)- Parts of Merauke Regency areas will be converted into the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy (MIFEE) Program, an environmental activist said.
The forest areas within this regency will be opened at large scale and converted into plantation and agricultural areas, said the Coordinator of WWF Southern Papua Region, Paschalina Rahawarin in a press release received by on Monday (19/5). The updated data from the Regional Investment Body of Merauke Regency showed 35 private companies are currently working though their permits that have been overdue and canceled.
However, Rahawarin said, about 50% of those companies work on the non-food forestry, contributing to the acceleration of deforestation. Therefore she said the establishment of the Regional Action Plan Strategy of Merauke Regency was very urgent.  She further said the recent activities involving three regencies including Merauke, Asmat (Province Papua) and Tambrauw (Province West Papua) would be able to result in an Action Plan Strategy, especially to address the strategic issues such as deforestation and forests’ degradation.
She added that WWF through its several program activities in those three regions has participated to promote the action plan in the regency level. And the government as the local partner certainly needs to be involved as the main responsible of the planning and the implementation of program activities.
Meanwhile an advisor to Merauke Regent BL Tobing saidin his speech that he hoped the undertaken activity could contribute to better and more efficient forest management. (Jubi/Frans L Kobun)


Jayapura, 19/5 (Jubi) – Indonesia’s Interfaith Network (JAII) said it has sought the realization of dialogue between Papua and Jakarta since the JAII 2nd Conference last year.
“We have addressed the Jakarta-Papua Dialogue within the last conference which resulted in an agreement to continue to support the dialogue showing the concrete participation of JAII,”  the group’s coordinator Elga Sarapung on Monday (19/5).
She said JAII hoped the Jakarta-Papua Dialogue could be realized despite differences in views.
She said the government has not taken concrete action.
“We didn’t get into the technical aspects of how to realize the dialogue, but we have provided our support since 2011. Furthermore, many colleagues from other regions also support the dialogue. Everyone wants the dialogue to be held peacefully, with no violence,” she said.
Meanwhile the Chairman of the Consultative Forum of Papua’s Religious Heads (FKKPA), Rev. Herman Saud said the Jakarta-Papua Dialogue might be difficult to achieve, but is worth trying.
“If we did nothing, we would gain nothing. So we must invite those who have the same ideas to mutually support. How the regulations established by the leaders could affect the Indonesian citizens is the problem, because the people in Papua feel disadvantage with it,” he said. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom


Jayapura, 19/5 (Jubi)- The UNCEN Student Solidarity with Student Organizations who staged a blockade protest in front of the UNCEN Campus’ gate accused the Student Executive Body (BEM) and Student Council (MPM) of being tools for the military.  
The protestors’ spokesman, Frits R. Kirihio told to reporters on Monday (19/5) the group urged campus authorities to appoint the students of FISIP as facilitators to resolve the internal conflict of the student organization. It also urged campus authorities to suspend the BEM and DPM (Student Parliament) of the FISIP assigned by the Dean of FISIP due the violation of the public hearing mechanism in accordance to the procedure of the student Body.
The students also asked the 3rd Assistant Dean of FISIP to revoke the police’s report related to the detention of the student Samuel Womsiwor and release him without any condition.
The student further asked Mrs. Meliana Pugo to resign as the 3rd Assistant Dean of FISIP related to her incapability to resolve the internal issue and a case of moral resulted the academic sanction by the former Dean as the fourth request.
The fifth, the Student Solidarity asked the campus authorities withdrawing the military intervention from the campus, and the sixth, the security force to stop pursuing the students who reported by the campus authorities and becoming them the hunting targets.
“Our last statement is the motion of no confidence towards the BEM UNCEN and MPM UNCEN who indicated becoming the military or police accomplices,” said Kirihio ended the statement of the Student Solidarity.
Meanwhile, the 3rd Assistant Rector Freddy Sokoy confirmed to give his comments to reporters but didn’t until the last time.
“Yes, I will,” he said by text message to asking his willingness to be interviewed. (Jubi/Aprila/rom)

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