Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pacific CSO commemorate West Papua flag raising ceremony in Kenya

Pacific CSO commemorate West Papua flag raising ceremony in Kenya
11:19 pm GMT+12, 01/12/2016, Kenya

By Pita Ligaiula in Nairobi, Kenya
Pacific regional civil society delegates attending the High Level Meeting (HLM2) in Nairobi Thursday commemorated the West Papua flag raising ceremony.  
Pacific Islands Non-Governmental Organisation (PIANGO) Executive Director Emele Duituturaga said the event is another opportunity to raise awareness of the struggle faced by West Papua in their quest for independence from Indonesia.
“For us in civil society and those of us who have been very supportive of the West Papua campaign today is the 1st of December where in 1961 the Papuan flag was raised as part of Netherlands preparation of Papua for independence. So we commemorate that day. We are calling for the recognition of West Papua peoples struggle for self-determination which was a human right.
"And we also calling for decolonisation of Indonesia because West Papua is a nation that was prepared for independence and the people have suffered for the last 50 years. They have been killed and deprived off their right to self-determination,” Duituturaga told PACNEWS.
Duituturaga also welcomed Pacific Leaders who champion the cause of self-determination in West Papua.
“In fact Pacific Leaders have already recognised their rights as indigenous people and we want to bring that back. Certainly we are calling other Pacific nations and other Pacific countries to support that cause. It’s good to see seven Pacific leaders champion this at the UN.
"We are now working with the Human rights Council to ensure that violation of human rights continuing in Indonesia are  brought back  to the UN  and that we calling for UN intervention of what is really going on in West Papua,” said Duituturaga


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