Monday, December 5, 2016

1) Video -West Papua Solidarity March (Sydney) 4th December

2) More mass arrests in Indonesia at West Papua demos
3) Wings Air connects Yahukimo to Jayapura

4) Success in BBM single price policy depends on infrastructure


1) Video -West Papua Solidarity March (Sydney) 4th December

Sydney Opera House to Town Hall


2) More mass arrests in Indonesia at West Papua demos
From 4:01 pm on 5 December 2016 
There have been more mass arrests in Indonesia of those participating in rallies for West Papuan self-determination.
Over two hundred people were arrested in Jakarta last week at a rally to mark the anniversary of the first raising of the banned Papuan nationalist symbol, the Morning Star flag.
A public interest lawyer who was present, Veronica Koman, says police subsequently released those arrested, without charge, a few hours later.
But she told Johnny Blades that police didn't cite any particular alleged breach of the law in making the arrests.


VERONICA KOMAN: So for Jakarta the police didn't mention any particular laws. It's just a pattern of violating their right to freedom of expression. I think the state is just being paranoid of the Morning Star symbol.
JOHNNY BLADES: But this is against the rules, you say, because you have the freedom of expression?
VK: It's just basic freedom of expression. As long as Papua is still a part of Indonesia it means they still have the right to freedom of expression, and it's being violated systematically by the state. And also, I would like to say that today is an historic moment for the West Papua movement. Because this year it's the first time ever that Indonesians have taken to the streets together with the West Papuans in celebrating 1st of December and demanding the right to self-determination for West Papua. And we in Jakarta are really campaigning, letting Indonesians know what's actually happening in West Papua, and also the history of manipulation by state. So people are opening their eyes, and it's growing, the solidarity is definitely growing.
JB: There's a lot of young people, urban young people (taking the action), often students, I suppose?
VK: Yeah. And human rights activists and civil society organisations. Although mostly organisations cannot declare themselves supporting (Papuans) really openly, but I know most of them actually agreed that West Papuans deserve the right to self-determination.
JB: How do the police regard these events? They must know about the rule of freedom of expression?
VK: So I've been the lawyer for West Papuans during demonstrations for the last two years. And always... each time that West Papuans do any protest, the police will always find ways to forbid the demonstration. They keep creating excuse to silence the West Papuans. This year alone, since April, April 2016 until now, there have been at least 4,800 arrests.
Veronica Koman says that as well as being blasted by water cannons, the demonstrators in Jakarta were roughed up by undercover security forces, and ten of those arrested sustained injuries. 
3) Wings Air connects Yahukimo to Jayapura
Nethy Dharma Somba
Jayapura | Mon, December 5, 2016 | 07:14 pm
Wings Air, part of the Lion Air group, is now serving routes from Nop Goliat Airport in Yahukimo regency in Papua, an airport newly opened by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Oct. 18.
The airline’s first flight from the airport in Dekai was on Nov. 30, carrying 72 passengers in a ATR-72 plane to Sentani Airport in Jayapura.
Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup said the residents of his regency had long wanted to have an airplane route to Jayapura.
“Wings Air with an ATR plane has landed in Dekai. It’s not enough. We hope for a Boeing to arrive here too. Two weeks ago I met with the airport manager and the transportation minister to allow for a bigger plane to land in Dekai. This was a follow-up from Jokowi’s visit,” he said.
The Lion Air manager in Papua, Agung Setio Wibowo, said Dekai residents had been enthusiastic about the Wings Air service, which flies every day from Sentani to Nop Goliat in Dekai at 1:30 p.m. local time in 50 minutes and from Nop Goliat to Sentani at 2:45 p.m. local time.
The ticket price is about Rp 900,000 (US$67).
Before Wings Air, Trigana Air flew round-trip from Sentani to Dekai.
Wings Air will open routes from Dekai to Timika next year. (evi)


4) Success in BBM single price policy depends on infrastructure

Senin, 5 Desember 2016 09:56 WIB | 430 Views

Biak (ANTARA News) - Success in the policy of administering single price for oil fuels (BBM) all over the country would depend much on the availability of adequate infrastructure especially in eastern part of the country such as in Papua, a lawmaker said.

Peggi P. Pattipi, lawmaker from the Commission VII of the House of Representatives said the government has taken a right decision by setting the price of BBM in Papua the same as in other regions of the country. 

"The people of Papua have suffered from injustice over the past years as they have to pay a much higher prices for BBM than in other regions of the country," Peggi said here on Sunday. 

For many years, the people in the interior areas of Papua suffered under unfair economic development, she said. 

She cited BBM is available at a price of Rp6,500 per liter in other regions of the country, but in Papua the price could be as high as Rp100,000 per liter. 

If the government did not immediately attend to infrastructure problem it would be difficult to maintain the policy in Papua.

She said development of land transport infrastructure between districts areas in Papua is expected to be completed only in 2018.

The connectivity will help in the implementation of the policy to create a single price of BBM all over the country, she said. 

The bold decision of President Joko Widodo to create a single price for BBM will greatly contribute to the welfare of the people in interior areas of Papua, she said. 

"As a member of the House of Representatives from Papua, I call on the people to take part in safeguarding implementation of the policy," she said. 

President Joko Widodo has told the State Enterprise Ministry and state-owned oil company Pertamina to be in charge of administering the policy in Papua and West Papua starting next year.

Pertamina said it would suffer at least Rp800 billion a year to implement the policy in Papua and West Papua because of the difficulty in transport and distribution. 

Pertamina has to operate air tankers for the distribution of BBM to the interior areas in that the two provinces.(*)


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