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1) West Papua, Indonesia not discussed

2) Catch 528 Papuans, 74 organizations tuding discriminatory and brutal security apparatus
3) Four activists KNPB Gorontalo Defined as a suspect and Threatened Article Makar
1) West Papua, Indonesia not discussed

by Len Garae
DG of MSG Amena Yauvoli and MSG Chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs and External trade,
Milner Tozaks (right)

The Melanesian Spearhead Group Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting at the Secretariat in Port Vila this week has not dealt with Indonesia’s Associate Membership of MSG or West Papua’s Observer Status of MSG.
The Chairman of the meeting who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and external Trade of the Solomon Islands, Milner Tozaka said his team has reviewed the procedures to be dealt with by the Leaders early next year.
Asked what the new recommendations are the Chairman explained, “One of the important recommendations is a guideline whereby any new application for membership, will have to be forwarded firstly to the Director General (of MSG), who will be consulting the leaders for their direction as to whether to consider the application or not, and subject to their approval, then they would consider the application”.
He made it clear the meeting this week did not deal with either of the two applications.
“The (MSG) legal institution to revisit the application for membership as well as the associate membership has been done and we have not gone into considering the applications for either of them,” the Chairman explained.
Asked if the meeting has agreed that the two applications are in order, he replied, “The status quo remains the same. Nothing has changed in relation to Indonesia as an Associate Member and West Papua as an Observer”.
The Chairman said any changes would only take place after the leaders meet to consider the new criteria have been recommended by the Legal Committee to the leaders for their deliberations next year.
The current Chair said the next meeting will depend on the new Chairman of MSG in consultation with his colleagues but that it is expected to be held early next year.
While farewelling the staff of MSG Secretariat and wishing them and their families “merry Christmas” over kava and snacks at the Secretariat yesterday, the Chairman said, “Following the appointment of Ambassador (Amena) Yauvoli, a Governing body meeting was convened and hosted by Fiji in the beautiful city of Lautoka in early June this year.
“The outcome of the meeting was politically significant for MSG as members re-energised their deliberations on the agenda of membership issue and guideline.
“The outcome of this particular discussion in our meeting this week has further paved the way for our Leaders to deliberate on the issue in 2017.”

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2) Catch 528 Papuans, 74 organizations tuding discriminatory and brutal security apparatus
Sabtu, 24 Desember 2016   News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,

Jayapura, Jubi -Gerakan Society for Democracy (Democracy Gema) have criticized the Indonesian National Police already umpteenth time in 2016 committing acts of discrimination, brutal, arbitrary and anti-democratic to the people of Papua.

"Measures to fruition arrest Papuans returned 528 occurred in seven of the fourteen regions where several public organizations held a peaceful action to commemorate 55 years of Trikora (19/12/61), which is believed to be the starting point of human rights violations in Papua," the press statement Democracy echoes received Jubi, Friday (23/12/2016).

According to the arrest of democracy echoes in Merauke 126 people, 74 people Nabire, Yogyakarta 38 people, 34 people Gorontalo, Manado 51 people, 165 people Wamena and Jayapura 40 people. In addition to the arrests also occurred searches, confiscation of property, beatings, mass shootings to perform the action you want the peaceful demonstrations.

Gema Democracy criticized the search and seizure actions are not accompanied by the witness of RT / RW or a village official in the Central Office on 19 December morning KNPB. According to them it is an arbitrary action of the police officers that are contrary to the Code of Criminal Procedure (Criminal Procedure Code).

They also condemned the actions that hinder the activity of the journalist and the violence during the action takes place.

"Inhibition for journalists to do reporting on the events that occurred and the arrest of two people who a few days earlier sent a letter of notification peaceful protest to the police are clearly an act that violates the Indonesian constitution Article 28 and Law No. 9 of 1998 on Freedom of Expression in Public , "said the coalition of labor organizations, farmers, students, intellectuals, young people, religious groups, journalists, activists of freedom of expression, public defenders, activists literacy, and the arts community.

Between the time the action is captured, in the region of Wamena and Nabire Merauke there are children who was also arrested and detained and treated the same as adults. "It is contrary to the Juvenile Justice System Law and the Child Protection Act, which requires special legal treatment of children in conflict with the law," said Alghiffari Aqsa, Director of LBH Jakarta, which became elements pendung Gema Democracy.

Violence in the form of beatings from the security forces were also carried out on future action. Future action arrested in Nabire forced to rub the face with charcoal and beaten with a cane by a mob.

An elderly person reportedly died trampled the people who were attacked by the combined forces military, police, Brimob by shooting into a crowd at the meeting points Sinakma market, Wamena.

Previously reported Jubi, Thursday (22/12) Jayawijaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Reba Yan confessed mass-mediated dissolution KNPB Wamena is appropriate protap mass dissolution.

According to him, if there is something wrong in the dissolution him ready to be responsible and sentenced to personnel who commit violations.

Most of the mass of the arrested have been released, but there is still detained. Hosea Yeimo (22) and Ismael Alua (22), both members of KNPB is still detained and subjected article treason and sedition clause in Jayapura Police.

Similarly, 4 members of the KNPB Consulate in Manado, Hiskia Meage (30), Eman Ukago (23), William Wim (22), and Panus Hesegem (28) which is subject to Article treason and temporarily detained up to 20 days ahead.


Many areas that carry out demonstrations, the police never issued a notice STTP the action plan undertaken such groups.

Related to that, Alghiffari Aqsa, in an interview last May with Jubi not assert that the actions of the police officers is very discriminatory.

In the Human Rights Law Article 25, Article 19 of Law No. 12 of 2005, which ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights also protects the right of expression and assembly so that according Alghif police action did not issue STTP is evidence that the police or the government is still discriminatory against the people of Papua.

He lamented that the Constitution and the laws of expression applies elsewhere, but not in Papua. According to him, it is tantamount to not recognizing the people of Papua as its own citizens.

"Demand for the adequacy organization such as AD / ART, for example, or related to the registration of Kesbangpol, only excuses by the police to prevent freedom of expression in Papua. Elsewhere, the police never asked for such deficiencies. This only happens in Papua, "he said.

Demand President

Based on these violations, Gema Democracy me

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3) Four activists KNPB Gorontalo Defined as a suspect and Threatened Article Makar

Hiskia Meage along Attorneys from LBH Manado. (Doc KNBP Gorontalo)

JAYAPURA, - Four activists KNPB Consulate Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, Manado student who also has been named as a suspect and threatened with Makar article. Four activists were arrested on December 19 along with 83 activists KNPB Gorontalo.

"Yes, we were detained when the peaceful protest by KNPB consultant Manado and Gorontalo on 19 December. Of the 85 mass action, we (81 people) discharged, and four people were detained in the police station and has been named as a suspect (article treason), "John said when contacted Payage, Friday (23/12/2016) from Jayapura.

John continued, "Four people were detained and to this day he has been named as a suspect by Article Makar, so we will wait for the next process. Which is named as a suspect by Article treason is, Hiskia Meage Chairman of the Indonesian Consulate East, Eman Ukago Chairman KNPB Gorontalo, Panus Hesegem members, and Arni Wetipo members. They have already established treason. "

Described in a written statement received this media, the arrest occurred before the mass action of holding a rally in the North Sulawesi provincial assembly. Mass action were preparing in Dormitory Papua, was stopped by the police under the leadership of Police Chief Adj Intel Manado. Army officers entered the dorm, to catch four people.

In fact, 75 others were also arrested. They were detained for more than 24 hours in the yard Manado Police, and were released on Wednesday morning.

The rally was held to protest against the events Trikora well as support for full membership ULMWP at MSG.

Quoted from, Police investigators Manado, North Sulawesi, on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, set four students from Papua as a suspect case of treason. This determination is made after 85 Papuan students examined intensively since they were taken to the Police Office of Manado on Monday afternoon, December 19, 2016.

"Finally, four people named as a suspect for violating Article 106 of the Criminal Code," said the Invisible Criminal Police Commissioner Edwin JA Humokor Manado, Thursday, December 22, 2016.

Edwin said, four Papuan students had been detained and will be processed in accordance with applicable law.

Manado Police Chief Pol Hisar Siallagan also confirmed there has been a suspect determination of 85 students who staged a peaceful demonstration on Monday (19/12) ago. He regretted that the students do a stunt like that.

"The government has been preoccupied with the action 212 in Jakarta. They even take action here. All the odds are not in accordance with the framework of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) we will take, "Hisar added.

The Director of Legal Aid Manado, Hendra Baramuli Papua who accompanied the students said, would take the next step following the establishment of the suspect.

"We are still studied to the next step," said Hendra.

Announcers: Ardi Bayage
Editor: Arnold Belau


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