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1) Is deemed to be intervention trial, the Indonesian delegation protested delegation MSG

2) Hiluka Linus: I See There Babies Aged One Year Follow Detained in Jayawijaya
3) Double Action This Persecuted Officials On December 19, 2016

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1) Is deemed to be intervention trial, the Indonesian delegation protested delegation MSG
News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,

                Atmosphere session of senior officials in the preparation of membership criteria MSG MSG - IST

Jayapura, Jubi - unpleasant incident occurred in the Senior Official Meeting (SOM) Melanesian Spearhead Groups Wednesday (12/21/2016). The Indonesian delegation is considered to dictate the minutes of the session to arrange the words in the minutes leading to protests from the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

Not only ULMWP the protest, delegates MSG countries, such as the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Fiji was protested at the attitude of the Indonesian delegation that dictate a particular sentence in the minutes of the hearing. Because of this incident, the Indonesian delegation, together with delegations ULMWP asked to leave the meeting room for a few minutes while other delegations to continue the formulation of criteria for membership.

Octovianus Mote, Secretary General ULMWP to Jubi said he did file a protest to the leader of the session on the attitude of the Indonesian delegation. According to him, MSG is home Melanesia, not homes Asia. So that each party in the house MSG must respect the procedures Melanesia.

"We must respect the procedures of Melanesia. It is inappropriate, associated members and observers intervene in the trial such as this," said Mote, Thursday (22/12/2016).

According to Mote, SOM forum has been stepped away so it does not need to be dictated to by Indonesia and ULMWP.

"This forum is a forum to negotiate and MSG had stepped away to negotiate the issue of Papua and Indonesia so that both ULMWP and MSG MSG need not dictate," said Mote.

The trial finally decided either Indonesia or ULMWP given an opportunity to submit written statements pertaining to membership on MSG and cancel the sentence dictated by the Indonesian delegation in the minutes of the hearing.

Meanwhile, quoted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Director General for Asia Pacific and Africa Desra Believe, Chairman of the Indonesian delegation to the Foreign Ministers' Meeting (FMM) MSG, in Port Vila, Vanuatu, this time to say Indonesia encourage Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to preparing norm-setting and clear guidelines for new membership applications which respects the principles of sovereignty, non-interference in another country's domestic and international law.

"Thus, the efforts of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua to become a full member of MSG will be closed forever," said Desra.

Indonesia's presence, he said, represents 11 million people in Indonesia Melanesian cultural backgrounds, spread across five provinces of Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, North Maluku, West Papua and Papua. Indonesia also encourage regional cooperation in the field of MSG climate change, connectivity, trade and investment, and law enforcement. Indonesia also expressed bidding to host the Police Ministers' Meeting to-2 in Indonesia in 2017 that will come.

But this Desra statement seems excessive. The Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Charlot Salwai when meeting with a delegation ULMWP Vanuatu after the hearing confirming the position has not changed. As a full member of MSG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu together Kanak Liberation Front (FLNKS) fully supports the desire ULMWP become members of the MSG. Fiji and Papua New Guinea two other MSG member states in the opposite position.

"Position of Vanuatu fixed and will not change in ULMWP and the people of West Papua," said Salwai.

Director General of MSG, Amela Yauvoli said preparation MSG membership criteria is not a new agenda. It has been on the agenda since the beginning of 2016.

"Currently some neighboring Melanesian countries want to become members of the MSG, not only ULMWP. Therefore, MSG membership criteria must be clarified," said Yauvoli.

MSG decisions about new membership will be decided in the meeting of the leaders of the MSG in January next year. (*)

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2) Hiluka Linus: I See There Babies Aged One Year Follow Detained in Jayawijaya

Author Arnold Belau -Desember 21, 2016

Linus Hiluka, former political prisoners together with Theo Kossay Papua current visit hundreds of people held in Jayawijaya. (Photos facebook)

JAYAPURA, Linus Hiluka, former Political Prisoners (political prisoners) Papua in Wamena, Papua, said he has seen and met a year old baby and still drink milk in Jayawijaya, where Indonesia's colonial forces detained hundreds of people were arrested before Trikora the day of departure,

"I've seen with my own eyes. There is a baby who was about a year. He was still drinking milk. He was detained with his mother at the police station, "said Linus Hiluka, to of Wamena, Monday (19/12/2016) yesterday.

According to him, the authorities had acted arbitrarily. Because of the arrests were made without a warrant, arrest also was performed abysmally.

"My team and had already attended the Police station. Sad when I see babies who are still drinking milk. Besides that captured the little kids who do not know anything. Kids - young children aged 4-17 years Jayawijaya police detained in Papua, "he said.

Hiluka continued, "We are a team of human rights pengunggan Care Central, we Concerned Community Detention conditions in Jayawijaya. It's not true. This violation of the right to life of the Papuans. And this is not liked by the people of Papua, "said Hiluka.

Linus said, the authorities have acted outside the law. The authorities also did not respect the rules and laws in the country of Indonesia on freedom of expression, human rights and social and political covenants ratified by Indonesia.

"This he said democracies. But there is no such thing as democracy in Indonesia. Indonesia too brutal in Papua. Infants and children were also arrested. The question they were arrested for what? Do they have evil intentions? No. Indonesia is making other then another play, “he said.

Children who are captured by the police in Wamena while in police custody where Jayawijaya, Papua on December 19, 2016. (Facebook Photo)

He said officers arrested the man in Wamena as many as 150 people. He said, was captured in a different time. There were arrested in the morning and there were arrested in the afternoon.

"So am dorang (forces) arrested 63 people and in the morning until noon 87 people were arrested. So all in all there are 150 people, "he said.

As reported by the media earlier, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Center reported that police colonial Indonesia has arrested 473 people in beberpa cities in Papua and AMP Yogyakarta reported in Yogyakarta police have arrested 38 activists AMP and activists of the Popular Front Indonesia's West Papua (FRI-West Papua).

Ones Suhun, general secretary of the Central KNPB explained, arrests in various cities conducted by the NII in Indonesia when the colonial police action Trikora voiced commemorate Sukarno in Yogyakarta.

"We act together and simultaneously across Papua Trikora because for us it was the beginning of the destruction and the beginning of human rights violations and social problems which occurred during the 50 years in Papua," said Ones to of Jayapura, Monday (19/12 / 2016).

He explained that the arrests were made by the Indonesian colonial forces in several cities, namely in Merauke, Wamena, Nabire, Jayapura, Gorontalo, Manado and Yogyakarta.

 "The arrest took place in various district about. Those regions are Merauke 126 people, diantatanya 5 small children 21 adults and all attributes KNPB confiscated. 150 people in Wamena: 18th night 63 people were arrested and on 19 noon as many as 87 people were arrested. In Sulawesi, as many as 85 activists arrested KNPB Gorontalo and Manado. 37 people arrested in Jayapura, Nabire 75 people were arrested, "he said detailing.

While in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in Yogyakarta Colonial authorities have arrested 38 people at Zero point, Yogyakarta when they want to take action.

"So if added to the 38 that from Yogyakarta that all 511 people," said Ones.

From the information gathered this media, police from Jayawijaya Police have deported 150 people were detained at 20:30 pm Papua time on December 19, 2016.

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3) Double Action This Persecuted Officials On December 19, 2016
Author Mary Monireng -Desember 22 2016128

Eddy Yalak (22) The violent forces that resulted in a broken right hand when the action on December 19, 2016. (Arnold Belau - SP),)

JAYAPURA, - Edy Yalak (22) and Jack Mote (24), Central KNPB activists suffered serious injuries due to being hit by Indonesian security forces on Monday (12.19.2016) in Waena, Jayapura, Papua.

Edy Yalak fracture, right hand section. Meanwhile, Jack Mote uluh seriously wounded in the heart and back of the head is leaking because punched and pulled roughly a joint police and army on December 19, 2016.

Both security forces arrested in the morning around 09:30 WP. Edy together with other colleagues initially arrested on the bridge Expo Waena. Meanwhile, Jack Mote was arrested in front of the entrance of the secretariat KNPB center in Vietnam, Housing 3 Waena.

After both were tortured to serious injuries, the security forces did not immediately ran to a nearby house saki. Edy and Jack together with other peers instead taken to the Jayapura Police.

Languishing in a holding cell for several hours with must endure, then both heavily guarded party apparatus, medical treatment in hospitals Doc 2 Jayapura. At midnight, the two victims were repatriated at the request of the board KNPB Center.

Edy and Jack told reporters claim to have the inhumane treatment of the security forces.

"I broke my hand because I fed a dead rubber which is used by the police when hitting the mass action, including me," Edy said when interviewed at the central secretariat KNPB, Tuesday (12/20/2016).

In the same place, Jack Mote also claimed mistreatment of the combined forces. He then secured the mass action which will be heading to the office of the Parliament of Papua.

Because they suffer, they must undergo treatment at the secretariat KNPB Center.

Equal treatment also experienced a number of masses from various districts / cities when a peaceful protest. Intimidation, arrest to torture occurs in Trikora contested acts 55 years ago and supports ULMWP become a full member in the MSG members, Monday (12/19/2016).

At least 511 people were arrested in various areas.

Ones Suhuniap, general secretary of the Central KNPB, in his statement to explain, in the day that many activists were arrested and deported. But two members on behalf of Hosea Yeimo KNPB and Mael Alua named as a suspect.

The second reason for the detention of activists, according Ones, is unclear.

"The police set them as suspects for refusing to sign the dossier requested the investigator," he said.

Ones claims the two are guilty of such acts is not anarchist. "Those two chapters subject to Article treason and sedition. Even to this day still detained in Jayapura Police. "

Ironically, he beber, in Wamena, several small children under the age of joint forces also arrested. Small children were undergoing a process of detention in Jayawijaya.

Announcers: Mary Monireng

Announcers: Arnold Belau

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