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Make 'action graffiti', eighteen members of KNPB arrested and threatened with treason

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Jumat, 09 Desember 2016
Make 'action graffiti', eighteen members of KNPB arrested and threatened with treason

News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,

Activities undertaken graffiti action KNPB members on Friday (09/12/2016) - IST

Jayapura, Jubi - Eighteen members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) are still being held in Abepura Police Sector and threatened taxable Article treason due to perform acts of graffiti (graffiti wall) campaigning for Papuan independence.

Secretary General (KNPB) Suhuniap Ones to Jubi Monday (09/12/2016) confirmed the arrest of members who take action KNPB graffiti "Free Papua" in the walls around the area of ​​Abepura and in front of the campus of the University of Science and Technology Jayapura (USTJ ) that.

Ones said the arrest occurred at two points Abepura and the USTJ simultaneously around 12:15 this afternoon, Friday (9/12). "Those arrested in Abepura 8 people are Alo Yeimo, Onsen Balingga, Paul Osen, Orentus Kogoya, Yeskiel Wanimbo, Akomomouwea Kadepa, Beny Yatipai, and Okto Yeimo arrested in Dove Abepura," said Ones to Jubi, Friday.

While being arrested in front of the Campus USTJ there are 10 people, respectively Jason Bahabol, Hosea Yeimo, Jhon Matuan, Raz Omis Balingga, Robet W Yelemaken, Dance Boma, Keli Balingga, Venus Kabak, Ario Wanimbo, and Jek Mote.

Related to the arrest, admitted Suhuniap Ones has become a risk for the struggle KNPB. "The arrest of normal for us. However we will continue to write on the walls of the Free Papua neighbor, Referendums and so forth, as this is part of the knowledge that needs to be delivered to the people of Papua struggle, "said Ones explain the purpose of the graffiti action.

Besides, he added, the way the action was chosen because of the democratic space for political rights of the Papuan people speak no walled and writing is a means to be declared in public.

"Colonial continues to suppress democracy in Papua so through the writing on the wall is part of the expression of the Papuan people about their political rights," said Ones.

Separately, Mecky Yeimo Management Board confirms that the eighteenth KNPB members are still detained until about 19:30 at night and threatened subject to Article treason and asked to sign Berka Events Arrest (BAP).

"Yes, they are still being detained, and arguably treason, it's strange," said Mecky through a telephone connection.

According to him, of the 18 people detained all of them subject to Article 104 and 106 related to treason. "From the eighteenth person, two people already signed the dossier without a lawyer because I have to, while 16 others survived for rejecting signatures dossier to a lawyer," said Mecky.

Until the news was revealed, the board KNPB and friends who want to visit to deliver the food is not allowed to enter.

Contacted via telephone day and night before the Abepura police chief, Superintendent Arnolis Korwa, yet provide testimony related to the arrest of eighteen members of this KNPB. (*)

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