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1) Trikora Day protest, 405 people were arrested in four regions of Papua

2) Activists stage peaceful rally, ask UN to monitor situation in Papua

3) Hundreds arrested at West Papua protests


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1) Trikora Day protest, 405 people were arrested in four regions of Papua
News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,

Security forces stand guard in front Rusunawa, Waena, Jayapura - Jubi / Zely Ariane

Jayapura, Jubi - On the anniversary of Trikora December 19, 2016, the combined police and military forces conducted at least 405 arrests, beatings and raids sweeping secretariat and student dormitories in In Jayapura, Nabire, Merauke and Wamena.

The actions by it following the banning of a peaceful demonstration by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) protesting Trikora December 19, 1961 and is considered the starting point of human rights violations in Papua. The peaceful protest was also carried out to support the full keanggota ULMWP at MSG.

According to the editors of various sources of the field, a total of 405 people were arrested in four regions of Papua. In Merauke as many as 126 people were arrested and have been released, in Nabire 74 people were arrested and 62 have been released, in Jayapura 40 people were arrested, four people were reported there at the Hospital Dock 2, and in Wamena around 165 people were arrested and about 30 people have been freed.

Expo, Jayapura

The peace rally planned since the last two weeks are not entirely successful. In Jayapura Jayapura City Police block, and injured demonstrators disperse the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in the rallying point of the Expo, Jayapura, Papua, Seninm (19/12/2016).

 "The police this time there is no negotiation. They came straight playing push, hit and catch, "said Kobabe Wanimbo, told journalists at the Expo Jubi near the scene.

 He said, the brutal police action that left eight KNPB demonstrators were injured. Bruises, inert, until the wound opened to bleed.

Eight people were beaten and injured, among others Anton Pekei (19), Fredi Sobolim, Vitus Neilambo, Alo Nawipa (20), Magai Natalis (20), Maikel Pekei (19), Osman Kenangalem, and Gio Wenda.

Natalis Magai suffered a wound opened in testa (forehead) right along 10 CM. Usman Kenagalem menerita cut crown and bleed, and Sefanus beaten until broken his right of hands.

According Natalis Magai, one injured, police forces coming from the direction Abepura evict the protesters without negotiation. Expulsion is done by encouraging, beat and teargas.

"We militants (KNPB member in charge of security) to protect the masses from the police. Police push-push us. I had the clothes they pull armi. I love off. They rabek my shirt, "said Natalis he showed his shirt torn in the chest.

He said, forcing a mass retreat from the action of the road to the navigating bridge Expo page. "When I see a fellow militant on behalf of Tebay Esterlina drawn like a pig and detained. I tried to defend a friend, but police land a punch to me three times I countered. But the blow to the four I fell unconscious. I'm torn Testa remove the blood, "he said showing his wounds.

Abepura police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Korwa Arnolis when questioned about the arrest, said police did take action to secure the three points of action, Rusunawa, Expo and Circle Abepura.

He said, he himself is responsible in Abepura location of the mass action. On the territory there is no excessive action against future action.

"My activities with my younger siblings no excesses. I place no measures that violate the rights of excessive, "he said via mobile phone.

Expo at the point as much as 7 other people were beaten, arrested and taken to the Jayapura Police. The seventh person is Gobadius Kogoya, Teren Surabut, Fredi Walianggen, Edi starling, Esterlina Tebai, Elihut Tebai and Yeimo Opin.

Housing 3, Waena

In Perumns 3 Waena, the combined forces Police Sector South Jayapura, Jayapura police chief and the military went to the headquarters of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) Waena and confiscating the belongings of the organization.

Earlier, authorities arrested around 15 people who gathered to prepare for the action right in front of the entrance of the secretariat KNPB Centre, commonly known as Vietnam, in Housing 3 Waena.

The combined forces seemed chaired by the Jayapura police chief Tobar M Sirait, pushed into the center KNPB secretariat and carry out a variety of equipment and goods belonging to the organization, including at least seven motorcycles.

Items such as posters, books, clothes, headbands, photographs, until the blackboard looked bundled together and then transported to a pickup truck belonging to the police.

Jubi journalists at the location can not get direct information from the police chief related to the confiscation of property.

Combing then continued down to the Dormitory Rusunawa. The combined armed forces seem to make oak Rusunawa area. Jubi journalists and Suara Papua Sesang cover into not allowed and ordered out

"That's what it is, must not take pictures, erase, delete, out, out," he said one plainclothes officer who did not know his name.

A soldier then ushered reporters out and asked reporters to abide by, without asking to delete pictures photos.

Sweeping continues in Rusunawa. In the operation, which lasted for one hour, the police brought tens of Boarding Rusunawa motors.

Vice Rector 3 Uncen, Fredik Sokoy said the "operation carried out was not an order from campus but purely from the police in order crime that occurred in the city of Jayapura," he said.

Dormitory management board Rusunawa, Augustine Mosip said he menyayangan attitude of the police who entered the hostel and make sweeping motors, because they are not bagging permit.

"Law enforcement agencies but if they do not respect the law how? Properly before entering the boarding permission from the university and the police chief, but today there is no notice, "he said while delivering an apology to the boarder Rusunawa, Waena.

The authorities did not understand the law and democracy

Ones Suhuniap, General Secretary KNPB when met Jubi asserted itself very disappointed and actions of the security forces is proof that officers do not understand the law and democracy.

"We are very disappointed. Our action is a peaceful demonstration, and we’ve been posing a notification letter, and the police once again silencing the democratic space, dispersing, torturing my members, this is one crime in the country Trikora, "he said.

Ones deplored sweepings officers, "If you want to catch the masses stayed arrested and taken away, why can go do the sweeping, damaging belongings and confiscated? This action of the peaceful protest, no crime, no murder, no cases in dormitories, wear what the law is the police, and the Law on them, "said Ones.

For Ones apparatus action is proof that the recommendations issued by the relevant UN emergency silencing of expression and human rights in Papua was proven today.

Meanwhile, First Secretary of the Central Board KNPB, Mecky Yeimo encountered among the mass action at Expo Waena condemned the violent incidents and arrests on a peaceful protest this time.

"For us the arrest was indeed commonplace, but this time catching inhuman and undignified. They conduct raids, and lift the goods there. "Mecky said.

He also continued the day's events were similar to Trikora events of 1961. "Today Trikora they do the same thing as last Trikora. But the arrests, raids will only increase the maturity of our struggle, "he said.

Separately, the Papua Police chief spokesman, Superintendent Ahmad Kamal Mustopa explain this arrest is done because it was found objects in Rusunawa illegal. He explained that when the demo progresses, some people run and get into Rusunawa.

'After coordination with the management of the hostel, we perform the checks in Rusunawa. We find motorcycles without registration, marijuana, attributes Papua Merdeka and KNPB, sharp weapons such as arrows and machetes, ammunition and a laptop three points, "said Head of Public Relations.

Several people were arrested, according to him will be examined and if not found proof of ownership of these items will be removed.

Jubi confirmed, Agus Kossay, KNPB Chairman stated that the seizure of goods outside the belongings KNPB in sekretariatan they are not the responsibility of the KNPB.

"We are not responsible for items such as a motor, or other things that are found outside our secretariat officials, officials may not use it as an alibi to hit us. Facts on the ground speak otherwise, "said Agus.

According to the information of the Governing Body KNPB, goods confiscated from their secretariat, among others: mixer 2 pieces, amplifier 2 pieces, laptop 1 fruit and charger, speakers active, laptop charger Acer-mouse and flash one unit, notebooks, HP Samsung 1 The unit, 3 history books, wireless mike 1 set, lamp 3 pieces, 1 folder document, whiteboard, and framed photo Tabuni Bucktar as well as an ax and a machete each 1 unit. (*).

2) Activists stage peaceful rally, ask UN to monitor situation in Papua
Jakarta | Mon, December 19, 2016 | 09:11 pm

Papuan and non-Papuan activists held a march in Jakarta on Monday to demand that the United Nations (UN) respond to the current heated situation in the easternmost part of the country.
The Alliance of Papua University Students (AMP) and the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua (FRI-West Papua) marched from the Arjuna Wijaya chariot statue in Central Jakarta to the UN representative office on Jl. MH Thamrin, also in Central Jakarta.
 “We want the UN to be involved in determining our faith, which is to hold a referendum for West Papua and the Army’s withdrawal from the region,” AMP spokesman Jefry Wenda told The Jakarta Post.
Seventy-seven people participated in the march, which was also staged in conjunction with the expected announcement of United Liberation Movement on West Papua’s official membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group on Tuesday.
The FRI-West Papua, consisting of non-Papuan Indonesian activists and intellectuals, was established to demonstrate solidarity by non-Papuans with Papuans in their struggle for independence.
Marches were also held in other 15 cities across the country, with reports of several hundred rally participants being detained by the police in Sulawesi and Java. (adt/jun)

Indonesian police have detained several hundred people at protests around the country demanding independence for remote West Papua.
Arrests were made in cities in Sulawesi, Java and Papua but demonstrations went ahead on Monday in at least 15 places, said Veronica Koman, a lawyer for independence activist Filep Karma.
Police in the capital Jakarta had warned organisers against protesting but relented and allowed a group of about 50 people to march down a main thoroughfare.
Monday was the 55th anniversary of the official declaration of an Indonesian military campaign to take control of West Papua from the Dutch.
The Dutch colonisers of the Indonesian archipelago held on to West Papua when Indonesia became independent after World War II. It became part of Indonesia following a UN-supervised referendum in 1969 criticised as a sham for involving only a tiny proportion of the population and Indonesia's use of strong-arm tactics.
Supporters of West Papuan independence want a second and unfettered referendum. The Indonesian government is determined to hold on to the mineral-rich region and also fears any concessions would energise other separatist movements.
"Melanesian people are our brothers and sisters, not you, you are Asians," said Anthony Gobai, one of the protesters who addressed the Jakarta rally as dozens of police watched.
Indonesians who joined the protest knelt on their knees and apologised to West Papuans for their government's rule of a region that is ethnically and culturally distinct from much of Indonesia.
Indonesia maintains a tight grip on West Papua and restricts journalists from reporting there. However the independence movement appears to be increasingly well organised, with different groups now united under an umbrella organisation that is seeking membership of an association of Melanesian island states.
More than 5000 people have been arrested in pro-independence protests since April.

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