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1) Commemorating 55 years of Trikora, the Papuan independence movement continues to urge MS

2) ADB $400 Million Loan to Help Indonesia Meet Energy Demand
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Jumat, 16 Desember 2016
1) Commemorating 55 years of Trikora, the Papuan independence movement continues to urge MSG
                        Illustration of volunteers submitted to Trikora operation -
News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,
Wamena, Jubi - Papua independence movement will be holding a rally right at the commemoration of 55 years of events (Tri Komando Rakyat) Trikora December 19, 1961 and the meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), which is planned on 20-23 December 2016. When the state Indonesia Trikora interpret as an important momentum seizure of West Papua from Dutch colonizers hand, but for the Papuan independence movement Trikora actually be regarded as the beginning of the annexation of West Papua to Indonesia and Papua causes of human rights violations that have an impact on the extinction of the nation of Papua. 
Thus, according to this movement, full membership at MSG West Papua, an important recognition once rescue national identity Melanesian West Papuans have been destroyed by the events they refer to as the annexation. "December 19 is to coincide with the annexation of West Papua or dikumandangkannya Trikora as the beginning of the robbery, the murder of human rights violations in Papua. This action is also a form of support to the people of Papua ULMWP to be accepted as a full member of MSG, “said Dominic Surabut, the committee secretary peaceful protest December 19 to Jubi by phone in Wamena on Thursday (15.12.16).
The action, which will be held by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) as a responsible and carried out by three factions Papuan independence movement, namely WPNLC, NFRPB and PNWP in the region Lapago be concentrated at the Football Kama Wamena.
“We the people of West Papua endangered originated from Trikora 1961 issued by President Sukarno, then the action on December 19 at the two moments (Trikora and support MSG), we demand the right to life of the people of Papua through full membership ULMWP in MSG as a solution to rescue the people of the nation of Papua from extinction, "said Dommi.
Similarly, the Chairman of the Regional KNPB Lapago, Simeon dabby also confirmed that the momentum of December 19 is important for the history of the nation of Papua.
"Trikora December 19, 1961 made after the Manifesto of Papuan political December 1, 1961 as a milestone for independence, but Soekarno 'annex' territories West Papua, and since then thousands of West Papuan people were slaughtered, killed, tortured in various military operations conducted by the State against the people of Papua west "Simeon said while confirming that the KNPB back will mediate joint action on December 19 that, as at 10 December.
Operation Trikora (Tri / three Komando Rakyat) is an operation announced by President Sukarno in the North Square of Yogyakarta, to reclaim or merge the region of Papua into Indonesia. Trikora contents are "thwarted" State of Papua "crafted by the Dutch; Hoist the red putuh in West Irian homeland of Indonesia; and a general mobilization in order to defend the independence and unity of the homeland and the nation of Indonesia. (*)
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2) ADB $400 Million Loan to Help Indonesia Meet Energy Demand
The FINANCIAL -- The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has signed a $400 million loan to help expand the Tangguh liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facility, one of the largest in Indonesia.
"Expanding the Tangguh LNG facility is crucial for Indonesia to meet its increasing energy demand,” said Christopher Thieme, Deputy Director General for ADB private sector operations. “The project will also support the country’s goal of developing a more sustainable energy mix in a continuous effort to achieve energy security while reducing carbon emissions.”
Operational since 2009, the Tangguh facility in eastern Indonesia’s Papua Barat province supplies around 7.6 million metric tons per annum (mtpa) of LNG, one of the largest productions in the country. The Tangguh expansion will be financed through a trustee borrower scheme, an arrangement typically used to finance natural gas infrastructure in Indonesia. BP operates the facility through BP Berau Ltd., a subsidiary, according to ADB.
The Tangguh expansion project will add a third LNG train — equipment that liquefies gas — that will increase capacity by an additional 3.8 mtpa, along with associated onshore and offshore production facilities and supporting infrastructure. Train 3 is expected to start production in 2020. The two existing trains were financed by ADB, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, and international commercial banks in 2006-2007. The ADB loan closed in 2014.
The expansion project will increase government revenues while helping Indonesia meet its growing energy demand and energy security goals. Tangguh helps in the development of a lower carbon energy mix for the country by selling 75% of the new LNG production to the national power utility to fuel existing and planned gas fired power plants. The project will help accelerate economic development in Papua Barat province by employing local Papuans at the LNG production site, both during and post-construction phase, and promoting livelihood programs to accelerate local economic growth.

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