Wednesday, August 7, 2019

1) Pacific islands stand ground on West Papua push

2) Competing Papuan identities

3) Battle of numbers in Papua highlands

1) Pacific islands stand ground on West Papua push

One of the criticisms of the Pacific Islands Forum over the years relates to the regional grouping’s limited ability to advance its agenda in the face of the interests of Australia and New Zealand. The power imbalance hasn’t always made for a cohesive regionalism. Yet it’s worth noting a rare victory for the island countries at the recent Forum Foreign Ministers meeting in Suva. It was a regular session, setting the agenda for this month’s summit of leaders of the Forum’s 18 member states in Tuvalu. Among the big items which Pacific countries are pursuing, alongside action on the climate crisis and ocean protection, is the festering issue of human rights abuses against the indigenous Melanesians of Indonesian-ruled Papua region, or West Papua……..

2) Competing Papuan identities

Petrus K Farneubun  
Thirteen May 2019 began as a day of celebration for the graduating high school students of Kaimana, a regency in West Papua. Some of the students chose to celebrate by painting Papua’s Morning Star flag on their shirts for the ceremony. This apparently simple drawing would turn their day of celebration into something else entirely, ending with their brief arrest by police………

3) Battle of numbers in Papua highlands
Indonesia needs to address the needs of the people if it wishes to emerge victorious in its propaganda war with rebels……

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