Monday, August 12, 2019

1) Unknown Group Takes Police Detective Hostage in Papua

2) Indonesia hunts down Papua separatists killing police hostage

1) Unknown Group Takes Police Detective Hostage in Papua

AUGUST 12, 2019 
Jakarta. An unknown group has taken a police detective hostage in Puncak Jaya district, Papua, on Monday, a spokesman said.
"This afternoon, one of our members was taken hostage by a group of unidentified men. Right now, the Puncak Jaya Police chief and the district head are negotiating with the people from Usir village," Papua Police spokesman Chief Comr. A.M. Kamal said.
He said First Brig. Heidar was conducting an investigation with his partner, Alfonso, in Usir village when the men took him hostage. The two policemen were unarmed at the time.
"The two were on duty unarmed. So when the event occurred, they could not do anything," Kamal said, adding that the area was considered a safe location.
He added that the two policemen were known to the residents of Usir village, but gave no details on the case they were investigating.
Kamal said Alfonso immediately reported the incident to a nearby police post.
"The negotiations are ongoing; we hope our member can be released," the spokesman said.


2) Indonesia hunts down Papua separatists killing police hostage
Source: Xinhua| 2019-08-12 22:53:18|Editor: yan
JAKARTA, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia initiated a joint operation to hunt down the militants killing a police personnel after taken him hostage in easternmost province of Papua, a police spokesperson said here on Monday.
"Currently the process to evacuate the body of the killed policeman and the hunting down the criminal armed group around the location are conducted by police and military joint personnel," said Indonesia Police Headquarters Spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo.
He added the deceased policeman obtained a rank upgrade for his extraordinary service during his service.
The policeman, identified as Heidar, was abducted during his duty to investigate a case in Papua's Puncak regency area of Sungai Usir. He was found dead after negotiations with the abductor armed group met a deadlock, Prasetyo said.
Violence against police, military personnel and civilians carried out by Papua separatist groups has been rising in the past several months in the restive province.Indonesia hunts down Papua separatists killing police hostage
The Papua separatist militias slain dozens of Trans Papua road project workers in December last year.
Source: Xinhua| 2019-08-12 22:53:18|Editor: yan

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