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1) OPM Fires on TNI Outpost on PNG Border, Military Says

1) OPM Fires on TNI Outpost on PNG Border, Military Says
2) Police, TNI stay on guard  at borders after shootout 


1) OPM Fires on TNI Outpost on PNG Border, Military Says

By Banjir Ambarita on 03:46 pm Apr 05, 2014
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Jayapura. An Indonesian soldier suffered minor injuries during a firefight between police and members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) on the border of the restive Indonesian province and Papua New Guinea on Saturday, the Indonesian Military (TNI) said. 
Spokesman of the Cendrawasih Military Command, which oversees the TNI’s operations in Papua and West Papua provinces, Lt.Col. Hikas Hidayatullah, said some 40 members of OPM fired on a watch tower at a military post in Wutung, Jayapura on Saturday morning.
“The separatists also set a billboard on fire and took down the Indonesian flag before they raised the OPM flag,” Hikas told the Jakarta Globe on Saturday.
Hikas said the men skipped over the PNG border after the incident. First.Sgt. Tugiono was wounded by shattered glass during the gunfire but would make a full recovery, he added.
“He has been treated at Marthen Indey hospital,’” Hikas said.
Papuan police spokesman, Sr.Cmr.Pujo Suslityo, said the armed men had been trying to disupt local economic activity.
During the gunfire, six local journalists heading to Vanimo, Papua New Guinea to cover the April 9 legislative elections were held up inside the military post.
“We were stuck there and had to wait until the firefight was over to return to Jayapura,” said Aman Hasibuan, a journalist for Elshinta radio station.
Earlier this month two Papuans from the Moni tribe were shot dead by the National Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) during a clash with police in Jayanti, Timika.

2) Police, TNI stay on guard  at borders after shootout 
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sat, April 05 2014, 5:12 PM
Dozens of soldiers and police officers are still guarding the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea (PNG) borders at Skow Wotung following a shootout between soldiers and a group of unidentified men on Saturday morning.
The shootout began when a group of youngsters raised the Free Papuan Movement (OPM) flag, burned down a banner, vandalized a car wash and piled wood on the street near the borders.
The police then lowered the flag and pursued the group, but then the group entered the neighboring country’s territory.
Jayapura Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Albert Papare and his team then went to the borders along with a group of soldiers. Albert was then shot at and got injured after being hit by glass. Besides Albert, a soldier by the name of Chief Sgt. Tugino was also hit.
Both officers were then rushed to the Bhayangkara Police hospital in Jayapura.
Two groups from the police’s mobile brigade (brimob) and riot police were deployed to the scene, along with their army counterparts.
“Now we have the situation under control,” Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Pudjo Sulistyo said without further elaboration.(dic)
Morning Star and UN Flags in the Border of Indonesia-PNG while gunfire hapen there (Jubi)

                                      Morning Star and UN Flags in the Border of Indonesia-PNG while gunfire hapen there (Jubi)
Jayapura, 5/4 (Jubi) – Gunfire between the armed civilian group and Indonesian army and police currently is currently happened in the Border area of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. A Police vehicle carrying the Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Senior Alfred Papare got shot.
“We are still searching for a complete information related this incident,” the Military Spokesperson of Kodam XVII Cenderawasih Lieutenant Infantry Arh Riskan Hidayatuloh told reporters though short message.
The latest information confirmed to said this incident has been going on since 05:30 in the morning (Papua time) and still on going until now. A reporter from Elshinta Radio, Aman Hasibuan who joined in the group of journalists to cover the legislature election in Papua New Guinea said the journalists were not able to cross the border because the armed civil group has blocked the access to the main road.
“It’s approximately 40 people who blocked the road. They brought the white-red flag, as well as the Morning Star and the UN flags. They also lighted a fire. The shooting is still on going. A soldier has been shot,” Hasibuan said.
According to him, the journalists have secured to the Military District station and Army station at the border. The Head of Military Staff Brigadier General Ahimsa Siburian and Jayapura Chief Police Adjunct Commissioner Senior Alfred Papare and Commander of District Military Lieutenant Colonel Wahyu Handoyo have already been in the scene. The location was closed for the public. While the official car of Police Chief has also been shot.
A Papua resident, Danny Wenda confirmed to Jubi about this incident. “Today, on Saturday morning, 5 April 2014 at 5:00, The West Papuan Revolution Army led General Mathias Wenda (Supreme Commander of West Papuan Revolution Army) flagged the Morning Star and UN flags in Wutung, the Border area of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. A gunfire between the Indonesian army and revolution army is still on going,” said Wenda the highlander man who stayed in Vanimo. (Jubi/Aprila/rom)

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