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1) Border clashes may spark new flood of Papuan refugees

1) Border clashes may spark new flood of Papuan refugees
3) Civilian Wounded in Papua Border Shooting
4) RI-PNG border open despite  shootings
6) Indonesia health minister visits Timika to monitor leprosy

7) Indonesia to improve air defense in Papua


1) Border clashes may spark new flood of Papuan refugees

Updated 16 April 2014, 8:29 AEST
There's been a sceptic response to news the governments of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia will jointly investigate recent deadly clashes on their border.
It comes as protests over Indonesia's parliamentary elections turned deadly.
PNG has sent in additional soldiers and the government says its aim is to re-open the border and trade.
But West Papua researcher Dr Camellia Webb-Gannon fears the initatives will be short lived.
Presenter: Catherine Graue
Speaker: Dr Camellia Webb-Gannon, coordinator, West Papua Project.

Jayapura, 15/4 (Jubi) – Splitting Papua into more provinces is not a solution to address the root of the problems and would be harmful to the people of Papua, Governor Lukas Enembe said.
Enembe said he would rather move to Australia if the government went ahead with the idea to create more provinces out of Papua.
“If the division of Papua province happened then I’d rather be a citizen of Australia, because I don’t want to see the problems and repercussions arising from such a decision. I don’t want to hear and follow  developments in Papua. It’s better not to know,” he said during a meeting with regents and the Jayapura mayor.
The governor said he was concerned about proposals by Papuans to divide the province further, saying such a move was not feasible.
“Papuans are not too many. When you split it, it means you give outsiders a space and chance to come and  take over Papua,” he said.
“If you look at the current condition of the people of Papua, the proposed creation of new autonomous regions will be threatening the existence of the indigenous people of Papua on their own land,” he added.
“I think such a division would be a death knell,” the governor said. (Albert / Jubi/Tina)

3) Civilian Wounded in Papua Border Shooting

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Jayapura. An armed group in Papua fired on a border post between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, injuring one civilian, Indonesian officials said on Wednesday.
Papua Police spokesman Sr.Cmr. Pujo Sulistyo said the incident took place at around 1 p.m local time.
“There was a disturbance from an armed civilian group at the Skouw Wutung Border,” Pujo said. ”A civilian who was passing was shot.”
Indonesian Military (TNI) spokesman Lt.Col. Rikas Hidayatullah said Indonesia and Papua New Guinea opened the border after it was closed for several weeks as a precautionary measure during Indonesia’s legislative elections.
He said Heri, 20, was shot in the arm while sitting in the passenger seat of a car driving past the border.
Pujo added that police and military officers as well as Papua New Guinea military personnel tried to catch the perpetrators but they escaped into the forest.
“Armed groups often conduct operations at the border,” Pujo said.

4) RI-PNG border open despite  shootings
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Wed, April 16 2014, 9:55 PM
The Indonesian authorities have decided to open the Skouw Wutung border area between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) despite a recent shooting incident allegedly conducted by a group of insurgents, an official said.
“We will pursue the assailants while the border gate will be opened,” Cendrawasih Military Command spokesman Lt. Col. Rikas Hidayatulah said on Wednesday.
He said a civilian by the name of Hery had been shot on his way to a traditional market located near the border area. Hery is being treated at Bhayangkara Police Hospital.
“A team of soldiers has been deployed to pursue the assailants,” Rikas said.
The border area was closed on April 6 following a shooting incident involving insurgents reportedly led by Mathias Wenda a day before. The incident left Jayapura Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Albert Papare and a soldier by the name of chief Sgt. Tugino injured.
Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Tito Karnavian said a joint team comprising police personnel and soldiers had been deployed to pursue the insurgents who had fled into PNG territory.(dic)



Timika, 15/4 (Jubi) – Pupils at5 SD Inpres Fakafuku elementary school have not attended classes for nine months because the principal and teachers have not shown up for work.
“The activities at SD Inpres Fakafuku have been paused for nine months. I think there are also some schools in Mimika that are not active,” the head of the Education Bureau for the Community Development Organization of Amungme and Komoro (LPMAK), Markus Wora, said in Timika on Tuesday (15/4).
“It has happened because the principal and the teachers have not come to the school. The students have two options, staying at home or playing outside of their classrooms,” he said.
Meanwhile, the head of the Elementary Education and Cultural Department, Fitria Fivie Palenewen said her office has urged the principal of SD Inpres Fakafuku to resume classes.
“Because of our limitation, we cannot monitor all schools. Besides SD Inpres Fakafuku, there are some schools that are not active. We have summoned those school principals to sign an integrity pact to show their commitment to return to their schools and work as usual,” she said.
She further said at the moment school activities were running although not 100 percent. (Jubi/Eveerth/rom)

6) Indonesia health minister visits Timika to monitor leprosy

Wed, April 16 2014 19:16 | 493 Views
Sentani (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi visits Timika, Papua to monitor the spread of leprosy in Mumugu village, Asmat sub-district. 

"Leprosy is still reportedly high in Mumugu, that is why the Minister will monitor the situation and meet the local people there," stated Papua Health Office Chief Aloysius Giyai here, on Wednesday.

Leprosy in Papua ranks third in the national level after West Papua and Maluku with about 1.3 thousand new leprosy cases each year.

Leprosy in Papua was reportedly found across 17 districts in Papua, including the Mamberamo Raya, Sarmi, Biak Noemfoor, Mappi, Boven Digoel and Jaya Wijaya district. 

While in Mumugu, the minister will also monitor a number of public health centers and its supporting medical facilities, as also human resources. 

Leprosy is also reported to have spread in the areas where health treatment is not coupled with adequate health facilities; the disease is contagious among both adults and children.

Earlier on Tuesday, April 15, Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi visited Jayapura to monitor the implementation of HIV - AIDS Voluntary Counseling and Testing also evaluating the Health Social Security Management Agency, BPJS Kesehatan, at the basic services level.

The health Minister entourage also visited the Youwari Sentani, Walihole polyclinic in Yoka, and Marthen Indey Hospital in Aryoko, Jayapura.

After visiting a number of public medical facilities, the minister also hosted a talk show on how to eradicate malaria in Papua at on a local television channel.
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7) Indonesia to improve air defense in Papua

Wed, April 16 2014 23:14 | 323 Views
Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Air Force will improve air defense in Papua territory to avoid foreign infiltration through the airspace.

The National Air Defense Commander Sector IV, Air Marshall Asnam Muhidir, said the Indonesian Air Force will establish a radar unit in Jayapura to enhance Indonesian Air Defense in the eastern region in 2015.

The institution also planned to build radar units in Sorong in West Papua Province, Ambon in Maluku Province and Morotai in North Maluku.

"The Indonesian Air Force plans to build four radar units: Jayapura in 2015, Sorong, Ambon and Morotai. We have cleared the land for the radar unit in Jayapura," Asnam said here on Wednesday.

We hope all of the eastern area can be covered after the radar was built.

The air force has four radars in the eastern areas such as 242 Radar Unit in Biak, 243 Radar Unit in Timika, 244 Radar Unit in Merauke and 245 Radar Unit Saumlaki in South East Maluku.

The radar units that were built in some areas helped prevent infiltration from foreign aircraft. "Foreign aircraft are no longer eager to violate our aerial border because almost all of the areas were covered by the radar," Asnam said.

The Air force noted the locations that could potentially be infiltrated by foreign aircraft, including the northern and southern areas.

The institution had also cooperated with civil radar units that were built in all airports, such as in Jayapura, Timika and Ambon.

Asnam added that the plan to assign jet fighters to stand by in the Papua area was yet to be implemented as the fleet was not yet ready.

The Air Force had prepared the Biak Air Base to be the hangar for Indonesian jet fighters to defend the countrys territory as it had adequate facilities.(*)

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