Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1) Green MP 'stands in' for West Papuan prisoners

1)  Green MP 'stands in' for West Papuan prisoners

2) Prabowo win could harm  RI-US ties: Analyst

2) Green MP 'stands in' for West Papuan prisoners

Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty will tomorrow lend her support to the international day of action for West Papuan prisoners.
Ms Delahunty will participate in a vigil at lunchtime outside the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington to highlight the many injustices that are currently occurring in Indonesian-controlled West Papua.
According to data from Papuans Behind Bars, the number of political arrests in Indonesian-controlled West Papua more than doubled in 2013 as compared with the previous year, and reports of torture and ill-treatment of political detainees have also increased.
Participants - such as Ms Delahunty - will be ‘standing in’ for Papuan political prisoners, and will be cuffed and gagged.
"New Zealanders need to be aware of the many human rights violations that are occurring in our region," Ms Delahunty said.
"In Indonesian-controlled West Papua, simple acts such as raising the West Papuan Morning Star flag can result in lengthy jail terms.
"We need to keep advancing human rights issues with Indonesia if we are to have a peaceful and stable Aotearoa/New Zealand and region.
"West Papua is an issue that we as a nation could do far more on.
"A good start would be the New Zealand Government cancelling any support and training for the West Papuan Police force until all political prisoners currently held are freed."


3) Prabowo win could harm  RI-US ties: Analyst
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Tue, April 01 2014, 11:01 PM
The victory of Prabowo Subianto in the upcoming presidential election might harm Indonesia-US ties following a New York Times report saying that his candidacy has raised deep concerns among rights activists in Indonesia and abroad.
“If a high-ranking official – in this case is at a level of a president – is rejected by the US, this will eventually influence Indonesia-US relationships, including their consequences in Asia Pacific geostrategies,” said Alfan Alfian, a political analyst from the University of National (Unas), on Tuesday as quoted by tribunnews.com.
It was unlikely that the worsening of Indonesia-US relations would lead to the pulling of US assets in Indonesia, however, he further said.
Alfan said that the US still needed Indonesia to prevent invasions by China, deemed as its heavy rival in the Asia Pacific.
“I think it will not go that far because the US still needs Indonesia as its strategic partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, we are now living in the Asia-Pacific century, which is marked by mounting rivalries between the US and China,” he said.
Alfan said the upcoming presidential election was a domestic affair, therefore the US should not intervene on the matter.
“Objections against Prabowo have become a classic issue. Prabowo is now still a presidential candidate but if he is elected as president, the situation could be different. It could be that he is not rejected,” said Alfan.
The article, titled “Indonesia Candidate Tied to Human Rights Abuses Stirs Unease” by Joe Cochrane, published on March 26, stated that rights activists in Indonesia and abroad raised deep concerns over Prabowo’s candidacy on his alleged involvement in rights violations in the past.
“They note that the country’s human rights commission recommended that he be prosecuted in the alleged abductions of pro-democracy activists in the late 1990s, during the final months of the military-backed government of president Soeharto, his father-in-law at the time,” it said. (idb/ebf)

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