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Police Catch , Hold and Torturing Two Students Uncen

A google translate of Elsham report. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

Elsham News Service , 4 April 2014

Police Catch , Hold and Torturing Two Students Uncen

Jayapura , ENS , - Action of students who are members of " Solidarity Student Care TAPOL - detainees ( 2/4 ) , ended with the arrest , detention and torture of arbitrary police in doing Alfares Kapisa Jayapura Police Station on ( 27 ) students of the Faculty of Medicine Uncen Semester ( VI ) , and Yali Wenda ( 19 ) students of Faculty of Social Uncen Social Welfare Department ( IKS ) semesters ( II ) .

The student action began at about 8:00 CDT , when the scores of students Uncen calling itself " Concerned Student Solidarity TAPOL - detainees gathered in the Campus Gate Uncen Waena . They are then going to Long Lama Uncen Mars to campus in Abepura and perform speeches are still in their resistance associated with Political Prisoners and Prisoners 70 Political Prison ( LP ) and several cities / regencies in Papua .

Around 10.45.WIT , Jayapura Police joint forces composed of police anti -riot , armed thugs and Brimob mass block in front of the campus gate Uncen Waena . Police officers fired warning shots into the air , while pursuing and capturing student . In this demonstration dissolution time police arrested Alfares Kapisa and Yali Yali Wenda .

To the Director of Elsham Papua , the second victim witness each Alfares Kapisa and Yali Wenda revealed that at the time they were arrested , police beatings using rifle butts , rattan and beating the target range in the head and ribs .

Alfares Kapisa revealed that , while traveling by car toward Mapolresta Dalmas of Waena Jayapura City , he and his friend ( Yali Wenda ) and told to lie face down on his stomach ( Dalmas truck at the floor ) . Then from above ( backs ) police put the shield , then turns Dalmas member Jayapura City Police walked the tread shield . After that they were shocked .

Alfares Mapolresta admitted he was shocked at the neck left , after it was hit with a rifle butt on the left side of the head and left eye , consequently there are approximately 5cm long wound on the left of the head , from the eyes to the left , there is a death at the eyelids blood , bruises and wounds in the eyes of the upper temple .

As a result of being hit and kicked repeatedly beaten with shoes and boots with a rifle butt , Alfares complained of pain in the head and the left side of the left ribs . Not content with hitting , Alfares toe boots are also stamped with a blood clot causing death in his fingers .

A similar fate in natural Yali Wenda , he said , " I was hit with the barrel of a gun left ear and left chin " . The beating resulted in the top left ear torn with wounds approximately 4cm in length . His chin could not move because of swelling and pain in bone sections , in this case causing it difficult to eat . Yali Wenda added that during the course of up to Mapolresta Waena Jayapura City , he was caned on the back of the body as a result there is a bruise on the back of his body , but that he also electric shock .

Alfares and Yali revealed that the clothes they were wearing when arrested and clubbed by police covered in blood taken at night . " At night , we had the police take the clothes , said to be washed and instead , they bought two T-shirts to wear at the moment until we were ushered back to the house in Waena " said Alfares .

Note ;

There is an oddity in the return to both the students , they were arrested and detained by the Jayapura Police Station . But those who return them to the home is the military .

According Alfares , members of the military who drove home they say do not tell it was opened to the public .

Both students were on hold from Wednesday ( 2/4 ) , 1200 . WP . and released on Thursday , ( 3/4 ) at approx . 13.20.WP.

recommendations :

1 . 1 . Komnas HAM must go down to Jayapura to investigate in depth the arbitrary actions of the police against a number of students who want to express their opinions in public in the last 3 months

2 . 2 . Police Chief immediately crack down on members who had been malakukan arbitrary action outside the legal procedures

3 . 3 . Jayapura police chief removed and stripped of his position as police chief for not being able to function as a protector of the people and allow members to hold a violent demonstrators .

For further information labih ; Fery Marisan - 081344937471

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