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1) TNI vows to only hunt Papua insurgents, not civilians, says Moeldoko

1) TNI vows to only hunt Papua  insurgents, not civilians,  says Moeldoko
3) Freeport Indonesia Must Wait Until 2019 for Contract Extension
4) 22 Declared Missing After Boat Capsizes in Papua Waters
5) Boat capsizes in Papua, 28 missing


1) TNI vows to only hunt Papua  insurgents, not civilians,  says Moeldoko
Dicky Christanto, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Fri, April 11 2014, 3:49 PM

Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Gen. Moeldoko has given his assurances that his men will only pursue the armed group that fled across the border into Papua New Guinea (PNG) after being involved in a shootout with TNI soldiers at the Indonesia-PNG border a few days ago.  
“Off course, we will only target those people who are armed with rifles. We will take firm measures against whoever tries to jeopardize either the local population or the Indonesian authorities,” Moeldoko said in recent interview with The Jakarta Post.
He made the statement following the shootout, which left Jayapura Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Albert Papare and a soldier by the name of Chief Sgt. Tugino injured. According to the Papua Police, the assailants were led by Mathias Wenda. This group has gained some notoriety for its guerilla tactics, often targeting Indonesian security forces and locals.
Moeldoko said the TNI was working with the police to find the insurgents in PNG territory. He also said that the TNI had adopted a new strategy to anticipate any disruptions to security in Papua.
He said the military was assisting local civilians in finding ways to overcome their everyday problems.
“We want the locals to feel that their livelihoods are more secure because of our presence here,” he said.
When asked about the outlook for security in Papua given the latest tensions, Moeldoko said he was optimistic that the security disruptions in the country's easternmost province could be tackled with the new strategy. However, he acknowledged that despite the lower potential for disturbances, the intensity of the Free Papua Movement's (OPM) political wing was worrying.
“They have established a representative office in London [UK] and are continuing to gain support from a number of individuals and countries. This should keep us on the alert,” Moeldoko said. 


A google translate of posting in Elsham News Servive. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. Original bahasa posting also below

Elsham News Service , 11 April 2014
A few days before the general election to the Legislative Members ( Pileg ) National and local in Indonesian , the intensity of the conflict in Papua is increasing. The condition is characterized by the action of the Morning Star flag and artillery exchanges between the TNI / police vs. ' Civilian Armed Groups ' .
Coinciding with the implementation pileg which falls on 9 April 2014 , there were two separate incidents of terror in the Fakfak and Paniai .

Post Coordinator at Elsham contact via telephone that the consortium reported on Wednesday ( 9 / 04 ) , at 05.00 local time , the Morning Star bedera amateur printed using oil paint , seen flying at some particular point . The first flag was found hoisted in kindergarten Islamic Education Foundation ( TK Yapis ) , NLI road , next to the mosque Almunawarah Fakfak . Other flags are also flown on a jackfruit tree in Jalan Brawijaya . While other flags are also found fluttering in the Middle School (SMP ) State 1 coke , coke district , Fakfak .
Board Almunawarah Fakfak Mosque , then lower the Morning Star flag was found hoisted in kindergarten Yapis , then handed it to the police in the consortium Mapolres . Until this report , there has been no claim of responsibility for the action flag ' Morning Star ' in the consortium districts .

While from Paniai reported , on 9 April 2014 , at 11:30 local time , a helicopter was seen flying in circles above the valley Weyadide , Paniai , Enarotali . The helicopter passed over the site of the former headquarters of OPM leader Tadius Yogi who has been burned by the combined forces of the Army / Police on December 13, 2011 . Helicopter did not land in Eduda , but continued to fly across the village looks Yegemei and Yagiyo headed to Enarotali through Bibida District , upstream Weya river .
People residing in the vicinity of which is traversed by helicopter feel uneasy . People still remembered the words of postoperative Paniai Police headquarters to attack OPM in Eduda , intimidating people not to feed and give permission to rebuild headquarters locations around the township Wegamo OPM . If people do not heed the warning , the Paniai Police will send troops to conduct counterinsurgency operations . These indicate Papua © 2014

Elsham News Service, 11 April 2014
Beberapa hari menjelang pelaksanaan pemilihan umum untuk Anggota Legislatif (Pileg) Nasional maupun lokal di Indonesia, intensitas konflik di wilayah Papua semakin meningkat. Kondisi tersebut ditandai dengan adanya aksi pengibaran bendera Bintang Kejora dan saling tembak antara aparat TNI/Polri vs ‘Kelompok Sipil Bersenjata’.
Bertepatan dengan hari pelaksanaan pileg yang jatuh pada tanggal 9 April 2014, terjadi dua insiden teror secara terpisah di Fakfak dan Paniai.
Koordinator Pos Kontak Elsham di Fakfak melaporkan via telpon bahwa pada hari Rabu (9/04), pukul 05.00 waktu setempat, bedera Bintang Kejora yang dicetak secara amatir dengan menggunakan cat minyak, terlihat berkibar di beberapa titik tertentu. Bendera pertama ditemukan berkibar di Taman Kanak-kanak Yayasan Pendidikan Islam (TK Yapis), jalan Sutoyo, samping Mesjid Almunawarah Kabupaten Fakfak. Bendera lainnya juga dikibarkan pada sebuah pohon Nangka di Jalan Brawijaya. Sementara bendera lainnya juga ditemukan berkibar di Sekolah Menegah Pertama (SMP) Negeri 1 Kokas, distrik Kokas, Kabupaten Fakfak.
Pengurus Masjid Almunawarah Kabupaten Fakfak, kemudian menurunkan bendera bintang kejora yang ditemukan berkibar di TK Yapis, lalu menyerahkannya kepada aparat kepolisian di Mapolres Fakfak. Hingga laporan ini dibuat, belum ada pihak yang mengaku bertanggungjawab terhadap aksi pengibaran bendera ‘Bintang Kejora’ di kabupaten Fakfak.
Sedangkan dari Paniai dilaporkan, pada 9 April 2014, pukul 11.30 waktu setempat, sebuah helikopter terlihat terbang berputar-putar di atas lembah Weyadide, Paniai, Enarotali. Helikopter tersebut melintas di atas lokasi bekas markas OPM pimpinan Tadius Yogi yang telah dibakar oleh pasukan gabungan TNI/POLRI pada 13 Desember 2011. Helikopter itu tidak mendarat di Eduda, tetapi terlihat terus terbang melintasi kampung Yegemei dan Yagiyo menuju ke Enarotali melalui Distrik Bibida, hulu sungai Weya.
Masyarakat yang berada di sekitar lokasi yang dilalui oleh helikopter merasa resah. Masyarakat masih teringat dengan ucapan Kapolres Paniai pasca operasi penyerangan ke markas OPM di Eduda, yang mengintimidasi warga agar tidak memberi makan dan memberi ijin lokasi untuk membangun kembali markas OPM di sekitar perkampungan Wegamo. Apabila masyarakat tidak mengindahkan peringatan tersebut, maka Kapolres Paniai akan mengirim pasukan untuk melakukan operasi tumpas. ELSHAM Papua ©2014

3) Freeport Indonesia Must Wait Until 2019 for Contract Extension

By Tito Summa Siahaan on 09:36 pm Apr 11, 2014
Category BusinessCommodities

Jakarta. The government will wait until 2019 to consider granting Freeport Indonesia, a local outfit of the US mining giant Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, the contract extension that it seeks, according to a senior government official.
Freeport’s contract will end in 2021 and it is keen to secure a 20-year extension.
R. Sukhyar, the director general for coal and mineral resources at the Energy and Mines Ministry, said that the regulations state that a request for a contract extension can only be made two years prior to the termination date.
“There’s nothing that we can do. Freeport must wait,” Sukhyar said on Friday in Jakarta.
He also urged Freeport Indonesia to come to terms with the fact that the 2009 Mining Law has made contracts less favorable to foreign interests. If McMoRan renews it must be satisfied with holding a Special Mining Business Permit (IUPK), as opposed to the Contract of Works (CoW) that it currently holds.
IUPKs entail a number of limitations to foreign investors compared to CoWs.
Sukhyar said that the main objection to the new contractual scheme relates to the obligation to share 10 percent of the company’s profit. “This is something that we need to discuss further.”
Sukhyar said the government understands Freeport Indonesia’s concerns that extending its contract is vital to its long-term investment plan to develop its Grasberg site — located in Papua — in order to extract higher-grade ores.
“We will define a set of terms which, if fulfilled, will grant Freeport the extension whoever is in charge,” Sukhyar added.
Freeport had previously stated that it planned to invest a total of $17 billion to develop the Grasberg mine until 2041.
Sukhyar also clarified that the government was yet to conclude the renegotiation talks with Freeport as the divestment obligation and the contractual regime issues still stand in the way.
Freeport had agreed to divest 30 percent of its interest to a local outfit while the government is adamant that the figure should be 51 percent as stated in the Mining Law.
Freeport had agreed to return a significant chunk of it concession area, commit to an added-value program and increase its royalty payments in a bid to bring the renegotiation talks a step closer.
The government had initiated renegotiations with CoW holders in order to adjust the provisions in line with the 2009 Law.
There are six points in the contract renegotiation, namely a value-added obligation, contractual period, size of operation, local content obligation, government revenue and divestment.

4) 22 Declared Missing After Boat Capsizes in Papua Waters

By Suara Pembaruan on 02:18 pm Apr 11, 2014
Category News
Jayapura. Papuan authorities intensified the efforts to search for 22 people declared missing after a motor boat carrying 30 people capsized in waters around Yapen island.
Yapen Island Police chief Adj. Sr. Cmr. Gatot Prasetyo said the boat was on its way to Membramo Raya from Yapen on Tuesday.
“While it was on its way the boat was hit by a big wave and capsized,” Gatot said.
The boat capsized somewhere between the Pasorae Strait and Kurudu Kaipuri near Yapen.
After being informed about the incident by Membramo regional councillor, Yapen Police, assisted by a search and rescue team from Biak Numfor, initiated efforts to save the victims. Eight people have been rescued and evacuated to Kurudu Kaipuri. The rest are still missing.
Gatot said on Friday rescue efforts were underway and focused in waters around Kurudu and Memberamo in Papua. He added that the search was hampered by extreme weather and high waves.
“However, we will continue the search and rescue until all victims are found,” he said.

5) Boat capsizes in Papua, 28 missing

Fri, April 11 2014 20:25 | 346 Views
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Twenty-eight inhabitants of Mamberamo Raya district, Papua province, went missing when their boat capsized after being hit by big waves.

Their boat was hit by waves on the way home from Serui, Senior Commissioner Pudjo, a spokesman of the Papua police, stated here on Friday.

"Until now, the fate of tens of the inhabitants are not yet known," he clarfiied.

The accident was reported by two survivors who were rescued by the inhabitants of kaisuri, Waropen disrict, Papua.

The two survivors revealed that when the boat capsized they saw tens of other passengers trying to survive by hanging on the boat that overturned.

Efforts to rescue them were hampered by bad weather and huge waves, senior Commissioner Pudjo asserted.(*)
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