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1) RI-PNG border temporarily closed

1) RI-PNG border temporarily  closed
1) RI-PNG border temporarily  closed
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sun, April 06 2014, 7:07 PM
The Indonesia-Papua New Guinea (PNG) border crossing has been closed following a shoot-out on Saturday between joint patrol officers from the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the National Police and dozens of armed civilians in Skouw-Wutung, an area that borders the two countries, ahead of the legislative election on Wednesday.
“The border crossing has been temporarily closed. Aside from maintaining security ahead of the legislative election and on Election Day itself, the closure is also aimed at securing the area after a shoot-out between security officers and armed civilians,” Cendrawasih District Military Command (Kodam) chief Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua said during a visit to Skouw-Wutung on Sunday.
Damaged government property and other buildings that had been destroyed as a result of the incident were clearly visible in the area.
The entrance to the border crossing, which is usually crowded by locals, was very quiet on Sunday. Only a handful of armed security officers were seen guarding the border crossing .
Christian said the government would use the closure, which will run through April 12, to repair the damaged facilities.
“The glass in the observation tower, which was destroyed during the shoot-out, will be replaced with bulletproof glass, as the tower is a highly strategic vantage point for monitoring the border,” he said.
Following the closure, the passport-check post for people crossing the border into either Indonesia or PNG has been moved to the Hamadi fish-auction site, which can only be accessed by sea.
“After the armed clash, around 24 PNG citizens were refused entry to PNG via the Skouw-Wutung crossing and were redirected to the sea border crossing in Hamadi,” said the head of division IIA at the Jayapura Immigration Office, Gardu DP Tampubolon.
Meanwhile, Papua border head Suzanna Wanggai said the closure of the Indonesia-PNG border had been carried out with the agreement of the PNG government. (ebf)

Jayapura, 5/4 (Jubi) – Presidential candidate from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Joko Widodo said the problem in Papua only can be solved through hard work and compassion.
“The reason I come to Papua because Papua is part of Indonesian regions where the sun initially rises. Much potential are clearly here in Papua. But those potentials should be used for the welfare of the people of Papua. I do want to make a lot of promises, because a real work is more important,” said Jokowi when giving a public speech in the grand campaign at PTC Ground of Jayapura City on Saturday (5/4).
People’s enthusiasm and the supports of cadre parties have made him confident the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle would obtain a landslide victory in the most eastern region of Indonesia in Legislature Election on 9 April.
“I was in Sorong at 8 to 10 in the morning and visited a traditional market there. I also visited a traditional market in Jayapura. I saw and could feel the spirit. I am sure the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle would easily win in Papua,” he said. He promised if PDIP got a landslide victory he would immediately return to Papua. The victory in the Legislature Election would determine the victory in the upcoming Presidential Election.
“I got a feeling that PDIP would obtain a landslide victory in Papua. I hope it would be true.  Papua will be in my first watch list on 9 April. If we obtained a landslide victory, we would win in the presidential election. 9 July would be easy to overcome,” he said.
Meanwhile the Chairman of the Executive Council of PDIP Papua, Komarudin Watubun told Jokowi about the problem in Papua. He said the presidents changed all the time but the problem of Papua only solved through speeches and emphatics.
“It wasn’t need. What we need is the problem in Papua could be solved with compassion. We want the people of Papua received the equal rights as the others in other part of Indonesia. We pray for you to become a president,” he said.(Jubi/Arjuna/Rom)

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