The National, Tuesday April 22nd, 2014
 CROSSINGS at the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea will only be re-opened if security is guaranteed, a military officer says.
PNG Defence Force Bravo Company commander Major Peter Waiaki said a meeting was held last week between Government officials from PNG and Indonesia to discuss security and border issues.
But a shooting incident which killed a civilian and skirmishes between West Papua rebels and Indonesian soldiers had created another tense situation.
“Indonesia security must first guarantee PNG citizens safety before the border will be re-opened for business activities at the Batas market,” Waiaki said.
Waiaki said once the Indonesia military could guarantee that the area was clear of OPM militants, the border would be re-opened for trading.
He said ground patrols must be effective, especially in the bushes to clear the area of rebels.
“Border security issues are very sensitive issues because they directly affected people living along the borders. And before opening the border, we should consider those who will be affected the most,” Waiaki said.