Thursday, June 23, 2016

1) Morning Star Traditional Purses Jazz Up Sentani Lake Festival

2) Wonderful Indonesia Hold Festival at Indonesian-PNG Border

3) Papua Will Not Import Beef Stocks from Java Island


1) Morning Star Traditional Purses Jazz Up Sentani Lake Festival
23 June 2016

Traditional purse – wristbands and headbands with ‘Morning Star’ patterns enlivened the Sentani Lake Festival at Khalkote – Jubi/Benny Mawel

Sentani, Jubi – Trinkets such as “noken” – a traditional purse – wristbands and headbands with ‘Morning Star’ patterns enlivened the Sentani Lake Festival at Khalkote, Sentani Timur Sub-district, Jayapura Regency.
The souvenirs were easily found in both sides of the street towards the venue of festival.
“No, no one restricted us. Because we are in Papua, so we sell ‘noken’,” said a noken seller Yosephine to Jubi at the venue on Wednesday (22/6/2016).

While wiping her sweat, this smiling lady said mama-mama (indigenous women sellers) put their noken on the ground and the board because they didn’t have stalls or tent for selling their products.
“We did not get a space. We even got expelled from the venue,” she said.
But she said she didn’t know the reason why she and other sellers got expelled from there. However some sellers remained still and sell their knitting at the venue of festival, in particular at the dock of Khalkote Beach.
Eti Anou who sells noken at the left side of the entry venue of festival said she didn’t know about the exclusion. She displayed her knitting noken since the previous day.
“I only heard from other about the exclusion,” she said.
According to her no one questioned about the morning star pattern noken. Even the visitors were passing by. She admitted several years ago she was selling the morning star pattern noken in Jayapura City but being restricted by the Police. But it’s not happening in the festival this year.
“The Police also look fine,” she said.
The unique nokens are selling well.
“How could we do for living? We only can do knitting and selling pictures. That’s all,” she said. (Benny Mawel/rom)

2) Wonderful Indonesia Hold Festival at Indonesian-PNG Border

23 June 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Wonderful Indonesia held a festival of music and dance on Tuesday (21/6/2016) at the Indonesian – Papua New Guinea border in Skouw, Muara Tami Sub-district, Jayapura Municipality.
Director of Wonderful Indonesia Ratna Sari said similar events would also be held in other Indonesian borders.
“We held the initial activity at the Indonesian – PNG border in order to visit our friends or relatives from Papua New Guinea,” she said.

“We are planning the Wonderful Indonesia to conduct the event each month to attract the international tourists from Pacific countries,” she added.
According to her, such activities should be invented in any borders for other countries could see that Indonesia is a big country. This event was held because the border is becoming a crucial point.
“In the future, Wonderful Indonesia will also invite both local and national musicians to become one of our attractions to attract people through the traditional performing art and culture in Indonesia,” he said.
Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano said this event is part of tourism promotion among the countries in Pacific.
“And it is remarkable if we can do the event each month and on the market day because it would highly affect our economy,” he said.
According to him, through this event the municipal government stated the Indonesian – PNG border area in Muara tami is safe and a potential tourism area.
“There are three points that we develop before restructuring the local infrastructure,” he said.(*/rom)

3) Papua Will Not Import Beef Stocks from Java Island

23 June 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua will not get shipping of beef from Java island, because the local stocks are adequate to meet the people’s demands ahead of Eid El-Fitr, the Provincial Office of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary said .
The Head of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Petrus Pasereng said in Jayapura on Tuesday (21/6/2016) that the local beef stocks for 29 regencies sold at between Rp 110,000-125,000 per kilogram.
“We are not importing beef from other provinces, but take it from Merauke and other regions in Papua,” he said.
For that reason, Pasereng said it continues to push the Indonesian eastern province can lead to beef self-sufficiency.
“We relied to the last year that the cattle for Eid-Adha was imported from here (Papua). Last year we butchered about 700 cows for the beef stocks of the entire Papua. It is based on the report from our regional offices. So it is sufficient,” he said.
Meanwhile the decline of beef prices in Jave did not apply in Jayapura, Papua. Beef price per kilogram has reached Rp 125 to Rp 130 thousand.
“Ahead to Eid El-Fitr, the beef price is predicted to reach between Rp 140 to Rp 150 thousand per kilogram,” said Agus who selling beef at Youtefa traditional market, Jayapura on Friday (17/6/2016).
“The lack of beef stocks from outside along with the difficulty in finding the local cattle ready for slaughter making the beef price is predicted to rise to meet the market demand.
“Well, it is difficult to find the local cattle and get the imported one. It made the price has become expensive. Everyday I have to butcher one to two cows to meet the needs of meat stall,” he said. (*/rom)

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