Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1) West Papuan conflict on Late Night Live

2) Papua to Host International Conference on Ecotourism


1) West Papuan conflict on Late Night Live

with Phillip Adams on RN
Wednesday 8th June


The free West Papua movement hopes to see a UN resolution within two years to enable a vote on independence.


WEDNESDAY, 08 JUNE, 2016 | 06:42 WIB
2) Papua to Host International Conference on Ecotourism

TEMPO.COJakarta - The Papua provincial government will host an international conference on biodiversity, ecotourism and the creative economy from September 7 to September 10, 2016 in Papua, which is well-known as the home of the Bird of Paradise.
Head of Papua Provinces Environmental Management Agency Noak Kapisa said on Tuesday that the conference is aimed at evaluating the potential of biodiversity and ecotourism in Papua.
"In addition, the conference is also aimed at promoting ecosystem services and culture as assets of ecotourism, as well as driving the creative economy based upon biodiversity and ecotourism to support the welfare of the indigenous people of Papua," he stated.
According to Noak, through the conference Papua will display its advances in promoting a sustainable economy.
"The potential of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Papua is the basis for the development of increased prosperity for Papua natives (OAP)," he emphasized.
He added that Papuas potential needs to be assessed, managed and packaged in order to be promoted through creative economic development and ecotourism to maintain the dignity and quality of life for the local people.
"It is also meant to eradicate poverty, ignorance, backwardness, isolation, marginalization, injustice and death," he said.
He added that the right policy is required for the development of Papua, so that there will be no missteps in the development process of Papua, which would be detrimental in the future.
The international conference of biodiversity and ecotourism was planned to be carried out with seminars and exhibitions which would be located at the office of Papua`s governor and Cenderawasih Gymnasium.

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