Saturday, June 4, 2016

1) West Papuan ‘Morning Star’ flag artists pressured to paint over mural in Darwin CBD

2) Papua Police Arrest Suspected Separatist Leader
3) West Papua Groundswell not Dampened By PNG Refusal of Entry: PIANGO
4) Councillor Suspects Attempts to Stir up Trouble in Jayapura

5) Stop Exploiting Bird of Paradise as Trophies, Councillor Says

6) Maternal and Child Health Becomes Parliament’s Concern

7) One Killed, Three Injured in Papua Heli Crash


1) West Papuan ‘Morning Star’ flag artists pressured to paint over mural in Darwin CBD

The artists who painted a mural depicting the West Papuan “ Morning Star" flag on a wall in Darwin's CBD has been asked by the property owners to paint over it as a "matter of urgency" following the application of "external pressures".

In an email obtained by the ABC, an employee for Randazzo Properties told a representative from the artist group that the owners of the wall wanted the mural to be painted over this weekend and had contacted the neighbouring property owner to allow access.
"Due to some external pressures I have been asked to see the wall painted out as a matter of urgency and have started putting things in place," the Randazzo Properties employee stated in the email.
Activists from Australians for a Free West Papua told the ABC they had been told by the same Randazzo Properties employee that the "external pressure" was the Indonesian consulate in Darwin.
The Indonesian Consul in Darwin, Andre Siregar, said while he had not been in contact with the wall's owner, he had written to the Northern Territory Government in August 2015 to register his opposition to the depiction of the West Papuan flag.
Mr Siregar said he acknowledged "freedom of expression" in Australia, but that the mural's close physical proximity to both the office of the Indonesian Consulate and to Parliament House had raised questions from visiting Indonesian officials over the level of support in Australia for the West Papuan Independence movement.
Mr Siregar said he believed there were about "two people" in Darwin who supported the West Papuan Independence movement.

Artists defiant as they apply anti-graffiti paint to mural

One of the mural's artists, June Mills, said that the wall had been used by different artists over the years with a variety of messages.
As a Larrakia elder, Ms Mills said the mural had been designed to show solidarity between the people of West Papua and Aboriginal people.
"This mural has been painted out of respect and love and solidarity with the West Papuan people," Ms Mills said.
"People cannot raise the West Papuan flag in West Papua — they are killed, or if not killed, jailed, or severely punished in some form.
"So we've painted the flag here, in solidarity with the Aboriginal flag — we are both recognising the struggle, and the real issue is they want that gone, because they don't want the message out, they're suppressing the information about what is happening in West Papua."
Ms Mills said the mural was first painted in June 2015, and she believed the sudden urgency around the removal of the mural was due to an upcoming conference hosted by Charles Darwin University.
The Understanding Indonesia conference will host academics, researchers, teachers, and students of different disciplines to discuss new information and recent developments concerning Indonesia.
The ABC has contacted Randazzo Properties for comment.
On Saturday afternoon a group of activists had assembled at the mural to protest its removal.


2) Papua Police Arrest Suspected Separatist Leader
By : Farouk Arnaz | on 10:26 AM June 02, 2016
Jakarta. The alleged leader of a Papuan armed separatist group has been arrested after sustaining a shot to the leg, a police spokesman said on Wednesday (01/06).
Fourty-year-old Kelenak Telenggen was arrested earlier on Tuesday in a rented room in Wamena. He is facing accusations of leading a string of attacks on security officers and civilians over the past two years,
"He was shot after resisting and attempting to escape," National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar said in Jakarta.
Police will soon bring the alleged Free Papua Organization (OPM) leader, who has been receiving treatment at Wamena Hospital, to headquarters in Jayapura for questioning.
Kelenak was allegedly involved in the March shootings in Sinak, Puncak district, where four construction workers were killed. Three months earlier, he allegedly led attacks against Sinak Police headquarters, where three officers were killed and another suffered gunshot wounds.
His involvements is also suspected in a December shooting at Ilaha, Puncak district, which killed two members of the Papua Police's mobile brigade.


3) West Papua Groundswell not Dampened By PNG Refusal of Entry: PIANGO

4 June 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Pacific Islands Association of NGOs (PIANGO) Executive Director, Ms Emele Duituturaga was shocked to learn that Papua New Guinea (PNG) had not allowed West Papuan campaigner, Octovianus Mote to enter the country last Sunday (29 May, 2016).
Ms Duituturaga was on her way back to Fiji from the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul, where she had presented the West Papua Fact Finding Mission report to top UN Officials, when she learnt the Secretary-General of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) had not been granted entry into PNG.
“Sadly, this situation manifests the emerging new approach of Melanesian diplomacy but it will not dampen the spirits of those who continue to call and work for West Papua’s self-determination,” said Ms Duituturaga.
Ms Duituturaga said she was happy to note that despite the refusal of entry by PNG Immigration, Mote was treated respectfully during the situation.
“Octo (Mote) reported that he was treated very respectfully as a ‘wantok’ during the situation by immigration officials until he left PNG,” she added.
“Although this is the second time a ULMWP leader has been refused entry into PNG – the first being Benny Wenda in 2015 – I doubt it will stem the groundswell of West Papua support sweeping across the Pacific and the world right now,” Ms Duituturaga said.
Mr Mote had travelled to Papua New Guinea as a guest of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu government.
“I was invited to assist both delegations with various resolutions they planned to table at the African
Caribbean Pacific meeting of the European Union which is being held in Port Moresby.” said Mr Mote
He said no reason was given as to why he was refused permission to enter the country. He was not presented with any written explanation, he was just told it was an ‘order from the top’. Although he was seeking clarification about why he was denied entry he accept this decision of the sovereign nation of Papua New Guinea.
“I would like to express my thanks to the MSG countries for their ongoing support of West Papua.  I look forward to the forthcoming MSG Leaders’ Summit to clarify all matters relating to ULMWP’s application for full membership,” Mr Mote said.
Mr Mote also expressed his gratitude to the people of PNG for their support and looked forward to clarifying the official position of PNG on West Papua with government leaders. (*)

4) Councillor Suspects Attempts to Stir up Trouble in Jayapura
3 June 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan councilor Orwan Tolli Wone said recent events suggested that there were attempts to stir unrest between the communities.
Wone, who is the Chairman Deputy of Commission I of Papua Legislative Council for Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs, said the emergence of many opposite groups was deliberately created to pit one group against another, not only between Papuans and non-Papuan but between indigenous Papuans as well.
“I think this situation was deliberately created. But I don’t know who’s behind this and what is his purpose; whether it is politic, investment, position or anything else,” said Owan by phone to Jubi on Thursday (2/6/2016).
However, according to him who’s politician from Democrat Party, there is possibility that the current dynamic was connected to the local political situation in Papua, which is not only including the simultaneous regional head election in 2017 but also ahead to the Papua Governor Election in 2018.
“This is a political year in Papua. This situation could have connection with the local political situation in Papua. But it’s only my assuming,” he said.
He warned the Papuan people to not easily being provoked by any parties who deliberately want to divide the people.
“People should be smart and do not want to become a tool for the benefit of certain culprit or group. Do not want to be pitted and victimized for certain party,” he said.
Commission I member of Papua Legislative Council Laurenzus Kadepa similarly said the people to not easily be provoked by this current situation.
“People should not be provoked with this condition. To those who deliberately create the crash among the people should be immediately aware. Do not make Papua like Poso, Ternate and Ambon to be involved in conflict because of ethnic, religion and race issues,” said Kadepa. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

5) Stop Exploiting Bird of Paradise as Trophies, Councillor Says

2 June 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda warned Papuan people and others against  exploiting the bird of paradise (cenderawasih in local dialect) as a trophy or head accessories for guests and officials who visit to Papua.
He said now the existence of bird-of-paradise, which is an endemic bird of Papua, is on the brink of extinction.
People kept killing the bird for accessories. People cannot just ignore this situation; all stakeholders should be involved in preventing the bird from extinction.

“Soon cenderawasih would be extinct if we don’t have efforts to protect it. By giving a headdress made by cenderawasih feather for guests including the officials during their visit to Papua is to show that we are unconsciously supporting its extinction,” Yunus Wonda told Jubi in Jayapura City on Wednesday (1/6/2016).
According to him, a method should be applied by the government to minimize the hunting over cenderawasih is by holding headdress competition using fake cenderawasih feather as souvenir for the guests and officials who visit to Papua. “The government should take actions to prevent cenderawasih from extinction. Please no longer use the real cenderawasih for headdress or souvenir for guests and officials,” he said.
He is concerned if no concrete efforts taken to protect the cenderewasih bird, the Papuan next generation would no longer know or see what the endemic bird of Papua look like. “Do not let it remains its name. If so, what else can we proud of? During the time how many cenderawasih birds have been killed for accessories,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


6) Maternal and Child Health Becomes Parliament’s Concern

2 June 2016

Jayapura, Jubi –  Maternal and Child Health Program should be a concern to all, said the Second Deputy Chairman of the Papua Legislative Council, Fernando Yansen Tinal.
In a hearing with the Papua Accelerated Health Development Unit (UP2KP) and Department of Population and Family Planning (BKKBN), the councilor said many things need to be improved in the area of maternal and infant health.
“Therefore, the result of this discussion would be our reference at the parliament, especially at the Commission V, in making regulations as well as to review what kind of regulations are running or not working,” he said to reporter on Wednesday (1/6/2016) in Jayapura.
He added the Maternal and Child Health Program is aimed to improve the availability and affordability of qualified health services for the entire community in nutrition program as well as maternal and child health program.
In addition, he said, in this discussion, the councilor obtained feedbacks on administration, financing as well as socialization of heath program conducted at the remote areas.
“We also discussed about the extraordinary occasions such as Nduga case and diarrhea cases at some areas. These problems actually could be prevented earlier but because of the unpreparedness of medical workers in terms of both quality and quantity prolonged it,” he said.
At the same place, the Executive Director of Papua Accelerated Health Development Unit (UP2KP) of Papua Province Agus Raprap said the discussion about the maternal and child program is not separated from the program released by the Papua Governor on thousand days of life. “So few days before the baby is born, we are doing intervention including the pre-delivery until delivery process with expectation the child would grow healthy,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)
7) One Killed, Three Injured in Papua Heli Crash

By : Jakarta Globe | on 2:46 PM June 04, 2016

Jakarta. One person was killed and three others injured after a helicopter crashed on Saturday morning (04/06) in a mining area in Paniai district, Papua, a police official said.
The Amur Aviation Indonesia-owned Bell 206 L4 helicopter, crashed in Degeuwo, Bogobaida subdistrict, around an hour after departing from Nabire district.
The pilot, Sr. Comr. (ret.) Kasmana, was found dead while the three passengers, Asmar, Ajo and Darwis, were slightly injured, Paniai Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Leonard Nabu said.
The body of the pilot has been evacuated to Nabire while the three passengers have been receiving treatment at Nabire Hospital, Leonard added.
The helicopter was hauling 314 kilograms in goods.

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