Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1) West Papua flag mural in Darwin remains intact despite criticism from Indonesian Consul

2) Letter to Hon Murray McCully Minister of Foreign Affairs

3) Clarification on West Papua report to UN sec-gen
4) Foreign Fractions Are Behind Free Papua Issue, Councillor Says
5) Parliament Conduct FGD on Violence Against Women and Children



1) West Papua flag mural in Darwin remains intact despite criticism from Indonesian Consul

By Stephanie Zillman Updated about an hour ago

The Indonesian Consul to Darwin Andre Siregar has denied he pressured the owner of a wall to paint over a mural which features the West Papuan flag, but said he had reported its existence to Jakarta.
"It is something that we respect, we have to respect, but please note that it, itself is offensive to us," Mr Siregar said.
Mr Siregar said as the Indonesian Government's representative in Darwin he had conveyed Indonesia's position on West Papua.
"Of course that is a flag of a separatist group - they want West Papua to be their own country," Mr Siregar said.
"They ignore the 2.5 million Papuans who have gone to the election and voted, and the 3.9 million Papuans that live there.
"So as the government representative in Darwin I have conveyed this situation to the NT Government, [and] we don't want them to be ill-informed."
Mr Siregar told the ABC he was the last to find about the "external pressure" and urgency to remove the mural.
"I guess I found out last, that someone feels pressured, and someone wants their walls clean, someone had to choose someone to blame," Mr Siregar said.
Mr Siregar said the building's owner - Carlo Randazzo, the honorary Vice-Consul to Italy - had contacted him about the issue last week.
"He just said 'we're going to clean it up', I said 'it's your wall, it's your wall' - and he just gave me some updates regarding where it's been with those people who have painted on it.
"I've also casually spoken to Peter Styles about this, and he as the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, would take note of that. But again I have not really followed up on this discussion," Mr Siregar said.

Issue flared after 'external pressure'

The issue of the large depiction of the West Papuan flag in the city's centre flared after the artists who painted it in June 2015, were told to paint over it by an employee of Randazzo Properties.
The email to the artists cited "external pressures" as the reason for the sudden, urgent removal of the mural.
The mural itself also depicts the Aboriginal flag, and was painted as a symbol of solidarity between the two groups.
Mr Siregar said the Indonesian Consulate respected freedom of expression in Australia, and he had explained to visiting Indonesian officials the West Papuan flag mural did not necessarily reflect the position of Australians.
"Now after eight months there are many Territorians who also came to me and asked me 'what's with that flag?'," Mr Siregar claimed.
Mr Siregar also said Indonesia was working at improving its human rights record.
"If there's some concerns about human rights, as a developing country we're all striving to make sure there's no more human rights violations, even if there were violations, we are committed to rectifying those mistakes."

2) Letter to Hon Murray McCully Minister of Foreign Affairs

West Papua Action Auckland and West Papua Action Canterbury, 
Box 68419, Auckland

7 June 2016
Media  Information:  The New Zealand Government must address the issue of escalating political repression in West Papua. In the last month over two thousand people have been arrested merely for taking part in peaceful protest action.  
We believe New Zealand can no longer justify standing aside or making bland general statements  as has been past practice. These mass arrests are a shocking breach of the right of the people of West Papua to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. New Zealand must not  ignore the ominous developments taking place in our Pacific neighbourhood. 
 Below is a letter sent off yesterday to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Maire Leadbeater 027 4 436-957 and Brian Turner  021 129 4305

Hon Murray McCully,
Minister of Foreign Affairs,    Parliament Buildings Wellington.                                                                                                                                                                     
Fax 04 817 6510
Dear Murray McCully,
West Papua Action Auckland and West Papua Action Canterbury  are  compelled to write to you concerning the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua,   particularly the latest arrests of peaceful demonstrators and the further al escalation of intimidation and threats to those who want to express their support for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).
In your responses to our earlier appeals you have commented that ‘the New Zealand Government does not condone the use of violence by any party in Papua, and we condemn human rights abuses wherever they occur.’
While this is an important statement,  we believe that the  present circumstances require a  more specific response.  As we read the current situation, the Indonesian security forces are using a variety of methods all aimed at the same outcome: closing down the democratic space for anyone to express support for any alternative future for West Papua. It is also apparent that the latest repressive moves have not deterred West Papuan people from peaceful activism.
As you know earlier in May there were large demonstrations held in parallel with meetings about West Papua in London and Vanuatu. Arrests across the territory at this time were estimated to be as high as 1800.   At the end of the month another large series of rallies were held with similar themes: participants asked for the ULMWP to be given full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group and called for the release of political prisoners. A conference of the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States) was taking place at the same time in Papua New Guinea.  Once again hundreds of young demonstrators were arrested; some at the rallies and others prior to the event as they handed out leaflets promoting the action.
There is another development which we find deeply disturbing and that is the staging of a counter pro-Indonesian rally in the capital, Jayapura.  There were no security force restrictions placed on this  demonstration organised by a new group called itself the People’s Front Defenders of the Homeland  (BARA NKRI). This group  called for an end to support for independence, and according to reports also stated that the West Papuan people no longer own their land.  We understand that the leaders of the rally were, with one exception, migrants from other parts of Indonesia. At the rally a Morning Star flag was burned.
We believe that there is a very strong likelihood that this rally was orchestrated by Indonesian authorities, but whatever the case it indicates a state of high tension in West Papua. It is also ominously reminiscent of similar organised rallies which took place in East Timor in the last years of Indonesian occupation there.
Mr McCully, we urge you to speak out on behalf of the New Zealand Government about the recent blatant abuses of the rights to freedom of speech and assembly in West Papua.   This is our responsibility as a neighbour and an upholder of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the United Nations Charter.
Yours sincerely,
Maire Leadbeater
Brian Turner
For West Papua Action Auckland and West Papua Action Canterbury


3) Clarification on West Papua report to UN sec-gen
15 minutes ago

The office of the United Nations Secretary-General denies that he met with a representative of West Papua at the World Humanitarian Summit.
Following the Istanbul summit a fortnight ago, there have been regional media reports that Ban Ki Moon was given a West Papua fact-finding mission report titled "We Will Lose Everything".
A spokesman for Mr Ban, Stephane Dujarric has given clarification.
"Contrary to some media accounts, there was no meeting between the Secretary-General and any West Papua representative in Istanbul," he said.
"We also have no record of any documents being officially handed over to the Secretary-General."
However, the executive director of the Pacific Islands for Non-Governmental Organizations confirmed she met unofficially with Ban Ki Moon at one of the roundtable meetings, and presented his assistant with the report.
Emele Duituturaga said she hoped that Mr Ban would pay attention to Papua.
"The Pacific is calling for it. Not just in the Pacific. There are meetings of parliamentarians in the United Kingdom. It's now become a world issue," she said.
"It's very heartening to see Ban Ki Moon denounce violations in other parts of the world, and it's just a matter of time. He needs to pay attention to the issue of West Papua and send an independent fact-finding mission so that we can all establish what's really going on."

4) Foreign Fractions Are Behind Free Papua Issue, Councillor Says
June 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Third Deputy Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yanni suggested that outsiders or foreign countries were behind calls for Papuan independence.
Further she warned about the game played by foreign parties by providing support to organizations voicing independence for Papua.
“Papua has natural resources abundantly. I am not sure if these foreign fractions were sincere in helping that organization. It must have other intention behind it. To theses foreign fractions we must be alert,” said Yanni on Saturday (4/6/2016).

According to her, many often mentioned in media social that several countries in Europe, Pacific and America endorse Papua’s separation from Indonesia.
“I am also sure it is connected with Freeport. The more criticism over Freeport, the more we undermine and disturb Freeport, the more disturbance we got in Papua because Freeport was established through a political deal,” she said.
She said there is a scenario played behind the existence of organization undermining the integrity of Indonesia. Therefore she reminded people for not being easily provoked and stay united.
“If people is united, we would not easily be compromised. I am sure there are foreign fractions behind all of these. Everyone wants a peaceful Papua. It’s our responsibility,” she said.
Meanwhile in his oration, Deputy Chairman of Bara NKRI Kumar said the Act of Free Choice (Pepera) is final. The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia or death is clear! Do not let such culprits for taking benefit and popularity from the world “freedom”.
“The security force was decisive. Only few people or groups expressed the voice of freedom. Indonesia has been independent since long time ago,” said Kumar.
Further he said no more distinction of ethnic, race and religion. But how all levels of society could live in peace on this land. The security force must be assertive towards few people or groups who express the voice of independence. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
5) Parliament Conduct FGD on Violence Against Women and Children
6 June 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council held a focus group discussion on the issue of violence against women and children with related stakeholders including the community leaders at Jayapura Municipality, Women Empowerment and Child Protection Agency, Papua Police representative and other related offices at a hotel in Jayapura City, Saturday (4/6/2016).
“We think this is an important moment and the result of meeting as well as inputs collected during this FGD would become references of the relevant commission as well as related offices in Papua Provincial Government. In the future, we could include it in the regulation once it need to be revised,” said Tinal during the break.
According to him, inputs and feedbacks collected through the FGD could also become an evaluation, in particular regarding to mother and child protection or something needs to be improved or revised concerning to mother and child protection.

“This is to reduce the number of violence cases against mothers or women and children. Women are fundamental foundation in the society, meanwhile children are next generation that must obtain protection and well protected whether through Regional Regulation or another,” he said.
Through the FGD, he said the parliament found that the violence against women and children in Papua is still very high; it’s not only occurred in the urban areas but in the remote areas as well.
“Therefore it needs protection, to protect a family from violence and to create a happy family,” he said.
At the same place, the Heat of Papua Provincial Women Empowerment and Child Protection Agency Anike Rawar said until no the number of violence against women and children in Papua is relatively high. But the agency has not get the accurate data yet.
“I am not certain about the exact number, but the cases are increased. In order to minimize the number, we could not go without the community’s supports,” he said.
According to her, the agency will keep the coordination with both municipal and regional governments and socialize the program related to the issue of violence against women and children. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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