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Media release-Intimidation of KNPB and student activists increases. 65 more activists arrested on the 13 June

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Media release- 14 June 2016

Intimidation of KNPB and student activists increases. 65 more activists arrested on the 13 June

The AWPA condemns the arrests of 65 KNPB and student activists in Sentani and 4 in Nabire on the 13 June. 

Joe Collins of AWPA said, “the security forces are doing everything possible to stifle any raising of awareness of the issue of West Papua by cracking down on peaceful rallies and in this case arresting people for simply handing out leaflets about the upcoming rally planned for the 15 June".

Local media ( has reported the arrests.  Previously 31 KNPB activists were arrested in Jayapura on Friday the 10 June.
Although the activists have been released a number were injured by being hit with canes.

In relation to the 31 activists arrest on the 10 June the Director of Manokwari’s LP3BH (Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid) reported to local media Jubi that  “The deeds of the Jayapura police chief clearly violates the principles of respect for human rights set out in the Criminal Procedure Code and Law No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which has been ratified by the Government of Indonesia”, (google translate Jubi 13 June).

Joe Collins of AWPA said, it is hoped that the governments in the region (the MSG leaders are meeting in Fiji) are noting the mass arrests in West Papua and will raise concerns with Jakarta about the abuses in West Papua and that they will urge Jakarta to allow rallies like the one planned for the 15 June to go ahead peacefully. 
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Police Arrest 65 Activists KNPB and Students in Sentani and Four KNPB Activists Detained in Nabire
Author Arnold Belau - June 13, 2016

Deterrence KNPB activists and students in Sentani time for flyers on the street before it was taken to the police station Doyo, Sentani, 06/13/2016. (Photo: Doc KNPB Sentani region)

JAYAPURA, National Spokesperson West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Center, bazookas Logo reported, police officers from the Jayapura Police have arrested 65 activists and students KNPB Sentani region on June 13, 2016 around 13.15 CET lunch at Sentani while distributing leaflets Papuans peaceful demonstration to be held on 15 June. While four KNPB activists in Nabire have not repatriated until today.

"They (KNPB activists and students) were released in the afternoon after being held several hours at the police. They were arrested while giving out leaflets in Sentani, said bazookas to of Jayapura, Monday (06/13/2016).

The police action related to the increasingly repressive, KNPB asked the police to stop the violent attitude of silence the democratic space and stop the efforts being made to criminalize peaceful resistance movements struggle without ceasing built by the people of Papua.

"Police stop already with the old-fashioned measures being implemented in Papua. If this is true Neagra demokasi countries realize that democracy exists. Not even raped by the actions of the ancient. This age of technology and Papua are being monitored world, "said bazookas.

Meanwhile, Allen Halitopo, chairman of KNPB Sentani confirmed confirmed the arrests of activists and students at the KNPB Sentani. Allen said all the arrested had been freed. There is only one student who is currently experiencing health problems. He was arrested at the airport Sentani.

"It's a very nasty Neagra evidence against the Papuans. Police stopped doing things that were unthinkable desired by everyone. We're trying to take care of Wiliam Kaibu Because he had not realized until this moment. He had not realized due to him what to do with the police until now we do not know. He was arrested by the police and interrogated in KP3U Sentani Airport, "said Halitopo.

Kronologisya, at 13:15 CEST policemen from the Police Doyo, Jayapura district came with a five motorcycle patrol, three Kijang Avanza, a Military Police patrol deer, two trucks full of weapons Dalmas with equipment to disperse and capture KNBP 64 activists and students who are out flyers on the way to the people of Papua, the arrest occurred at Jalan Raya Sentani, in front of Hotel Ratna.

Police forcibly encourage students and chairman of KNPB Sentani area dragged on the asphalt. They were forced to get into trucks to be brought to the police station Dalmas Doyo. Wakapolres Jayapura, Commissioner Arnold Tata threatened and issued a four-letter words and threatened to jail the KNPB activists and students during an argument.

"You will not be free, you have no right to speak even flyers you for it stirs up the people," said Wakapolres Jayapura, said Alen Halitopo quoted Wakapolres.

Allen said, he had asked for the reason police arrested activists and mahasisawa KNPB it but premises slapped two brutal apparatus KNPB members on behalf of Edo Bahabol and Naila Kossay. As a result, they can be injured in the clash of heads.

"They (the police) hit us with a cane. After ditanggkap was on his way to the police station Doyo stopped at the entrance of the Hospital Yowari, Doyo, threatened me with reasons that are not fundamental. In fact, they threatened me. They say, Allen if you clean hard we will jail you, "said Allen.

After being detained and interrogated for several hours at the police station Doyo, the kativis KNPB Sentani region and students sent home.

"We discharged afternoon around 4pm. There are several activists KNPB no bumps in the body and bruises on the head from being hit with a cane by the police. Wiliam Kaibu had not realized until this moment, "he said.

Besides officials in Jayapura Police have also confiscated Motor, Helm, HP brand Nokia, Glasses, Billboards betuliskan "WELCOME TO THE WORSHIP OF MUSLIMS PUASAH", two brands Canon camera belonging Uncen students.

In addition, the spokesman KNPB Nabire Region, Des Goo from Nabire reported, four activists KNPB Nabire region have also been detained at Nabire police station when an action notification letter to the police at the police station in Nabire, Papua.

"At around 9 am CDT, to deliver the letter notification to the police station. But until now they have not come home. We've been to the police station and they were in police custody Nabire. The reason they arrest are not clear, "said Goo.

Tekait detention of four activists KNPB These Nabire, Goo said, the arrest of four activists were not going to make a step KNPB Territory Nabire to get off on June 15 at low tide.

"We will stay down jaln June 15. Please police arrested and lower into custody. We will make the prison as our castles. We'll go down to the strength of the people of West Papua nation in Nabire. We ask Kaporles Nabire to clear the Nabire police station jail, "he said.

Activists KNPB and student activists arrested in Sentani are Yali Wenda, Cartoon Lokobal, Kalep Siringon, Menus Erelak, Yetius Wenda, Obet Sobolim, DIUS Tepmul, Melly Tepmul, Liwang Uropmabin, Detinus Enumbi, Sheatiel Suhuniap, Vitus Nelaud, Talinap Yali, Wene Abua, Meki Tabuni, Elinatan Basini, Mambalek Yeke, Isok Mer, Ina Walo, Risal Simbu, Nito Bahabol, Fredi Walianggen, Lipen Taplo, Herson Silak, Odi Balingga, Kenis Nabyal, Arius Tepmul, Julius Walle, Noris Uopmabin, Derina Kossay, Timi Upmabin, Emi Frances Tepmul, Kince Komba, Benoit Mirin, Aston Kona, Abel Pusop, Lenius Taplo, Peni Hisage, Jesse Wilil, Gethsemane jagar Yahuli, Ras Balingga, Omi Balingga, Beniyoni Tepmul, Dinus Tepmul, Manias Siep, Yetina Loho, Elison Logo, Enis Jikwa, Alex Hisage, Penius Wisal, Yantenus Jikwa, Orai Bahabol, Simon Murip, FinCEN Dogopya, Teni Tenggket, Soi Josep Ulunggi, Israel Wenda, Pitu Marian, Oseh Bahabol, Melki Halitopo, Eka Bembok, Kenis Nabyal, Arius Tepmul and Noris Uopmabin. Wiliam Kaibu known at Sentani Airport arrested and interrogated in KP3U Sentani.

While detained at the police station was the chairman of KNPB Nabire Nabire region Gobai Anton, Secretary KNPB Yakop Ugipa, Mote Akulian PRD Chairman and members of KNPB Melkizedik Yeimo.

Earlier, police from Jayapura City Police have also arrested and detained 31 activists KNPB Port Numbay area and then released. (Read: 31 KNPB Activists Freed, KNPB: Police Should Not Allow Exempt But Resistant They)

Announcers: Arnold Belau

Photo from KNPB Numbay Facebook page

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