Friday, July 1, 2016

1) 45th Anniversary of the Proclamation of West Papua, the Morning Star fluttering in Yogyakarta

1) 45th Anniversary of the Proclamation of West Papua, the Morning Star fluttering in Yogyakarta

2) PIANGO applauds speech on West Papua

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1) 45th Anniversary of the Proclamation of West Papua, the Morning Star fluttering in Yogyakarta

             Papuan students in Yogyakarta photos along with the fluttering of the Morning Star (Photo: Ist / SP)

YOGYAKARTA, - Every July 1st is celebrated by people of Papua as the proclamation of independence of West Papua. The proclamation was read at Headquarters Victoria, Village Waris, Jayapura, in 1971 ago.

Today, Friday (01/07/2016), students in Yogyakarta Papua coordinated by Papua Student Alliance (AMP) municipal committee held a commemoration event reading the text of the proclamation in the form of raising ceremony in the courtyard of the Morning Star hostel Kamasan I Papua.

Papua voice had the opportunity to witness the commemoration of 45 years of reading the proclamation of independence West Papua.

"To the Morning Star, respectful Grak!" So exclaimed Michael, who became the master of ceremonies. Wearing traditional clothing, Koteka, her voice firm. Suddenly dozens of participants of the ceremony upraised right hand salute to the Morning Star solemnly.

Then, musical instruments national anthem "O my land of Papua" was lo. The eyes of dozens of students standing in a respectful attitude in the field dorm Papua Yogyakarta Kamasan I also look glazed.

Then, the text of the proclamation of independence in Papua were read. After closed with a moment of silence, the ceremony participants gathered under the Morning Star bamboo poles to jointly hear the reading of the joint statement, read out by the chairman of the committee AMP Yogyakarta, Abi Douw.

"Today, Friday (07/01/2016), even 45 years Brigadier General Zeth Jafet Rumkorem read the text of the proclamation of the state of West Papua from Headquarters Victoria," says Abi.

In a statement, Abi asserted, granting freedom to the people of Papua to self-determination is the most democratic solution to the Papuan people today.

"Violation of human rights, poverty, exploitation and exploration and development of various forms of inequality in colonial powers are the consequences arising out of the annexation of West Papua by the Republic of Indonesia," said Abi.

In a joint statement, AMP reiterated three demands. First: give freedom and self-determination as a democratic solution for the people of Papua.

Second: close all coorporation.snow multinational companies, such as Freeport, BP, LNG, Medco, Corindo and mega projects MIFEE.

Third: pull all military (TNI / Polri) mapun organic non-organic from the Land of Papua.

After the statement, followed by a memorial activities free speech. Each participant one by one expressed assertion that Papua should be independent in order to save the nation of Papua in Papua homeland.

One Papuan student, Joseph Kosay, in his speech stressed that freedom is the right of every nation, and based on international law, the Papuan people have a right to self-determination, determine their political status, pursue economic and social development in accordance with the development of culture and civilization.

"Papua," shouted Kosay, then greeted participants of the ceremony with shouts of "Merdeka".

Sound watchlist Papua, after the political speeches, participants continued with singing and dancing activities. They also put his signature on a white cloth as a form of support and their determination to support and will actively participate in efforts toward an independent Papua.

Announcers: Bastian Tebai


2) PIANGO applauds speech on West Papua

4:22 pm today
A grouping of the region's NGOs says a top United Nations official must be commended for highlighting the plight of West Papuans.
Last week the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, Maina Kiai, brought up West Papua at the at a Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva.
The director of the Pacific Islands Association of NGOs, Emele Duituturaga, says Mr Kiai's speech highlighted the reality of West Papuans' struggles with demographic and socio-economic changes under Indonesian rule.
She says Mr Kiai was not afraid to illustrate ongoing discrimination, and his act should be applauded.
Ms Duituturanga says more people are speaking up against Indonesia's rule of West Papua, and its peoples quest for self-determination.
PIANGO says the development has fueled its resolve to see Pacific leaders implement a proposal to call for UN intervention in West Papua.

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