Saturday, July 9, 2016

1) HIV/AIDS Transmission from Mother to Child High in Papua

2) Jayapura to Build Teachers’ Housing in Depapre
3) Aware Customary Community Asks PT PPM to Pay Compensation

4) Hemodialysis Room Must Be Completed This Year


1) HIV/AIDS Transmission from Mother to Child High in Papua

27 June 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Cases of HIV/AIDS transmission cases from mother to child are the second largest after heterosexual transmission in Papua, the Papua Health Office said in its quarterly report per 31 March 2016.
Cases of heterosexual transmission reached 24,543 while the transmission from mother to child reached 460 cases (141 HIV and 319 AIDS). The third higher case is the unidentified transmission, namely 124 cases (60 HIV and 64 AIDS).
The Head of Papua Health Office, drg. Aloysias Giay said the Ministry of Health urged the provincial office to restrain the number. “We have been asked to restrain the number that nationally reach 25,215 of the existing cases, but it grows faster,” he said by phone on Monday (27/6/2016).

He worried about the increment of identified cases, but from the point of health service, they have made an achievement because the more cases are identified, it helped to identify its cares and preventions.
“We could be considered being success in identifying the number of cases, therefore we can provide assistance to the patients and provide the understanding to those who have nor yet transmitted,” he said.
He said the provincial office keep continuing to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS patients. One of the actions taken is by establishing the health task unit for the villages. “We have sent the team to the villages. They are now in the villages to provide assistance for the local community,” he said.
Papua human right activist Paneas Lokbere said the number of patients is increasingly raised but the government’s act in preventing the transmission of this disease has not given impact every year. “Sometimes ago the government was busy with the media campaign but now it’s rarely broadcasted, also the billboards on the street,” he said. (Benny Mawel).
2) Jayapura to Build Teachers’ Housing in Depapre
25 June 2016
Sentani, Jubi – The Jayapura Regional Government is planning to build housing for teachers working in Depapre and its surrounding area in response the residents’ complaint about education services within the areas.
“Houses for teachers actually have been built near to the school but they weren’t occupied due to lack of a clean water facility. It is also a constraint for teachers to get along and enjoy their tasks,” the Regent Matius Awoitau explained in Depapre Sub-District on Saturday (25/6/2016).
He also questioned the residents’ reliability to support the assigned teachers in their region. “What is the support from the local residents here? To provide the clean water, is that hard?” he said.
For that reason, the regent would build a flat for the teachers in that area soon. Separately, Sub-district Chief Ganefor la Budo said the sub-district office would optimize their efforts in facilitating this issue with the residents. “Regional Government is now trying to provide better education system in this region. But there are those who still not understand. As the chief, we will conduct mediation and coordination with the local residents to give their support for human resources development through education,” he said. (Engelbert Wally).
3) Aware Customary Community Asks PT PPM to Pay Compensation
25 June 2016

Sorong, Jubi – Iwaro Customary Community asked PT Permata Putra Mandiri to pay compensation for oil palm plantation area in Jamerea, Puragi Village, Metemani Sub-district, Sorong Selatan, Papua Barat.
The Chairman of Iwaro Student Association Simon Soren told Jubi in Sorong on Friday (24/6/2016) that the company scammed the residents of seven clans who the owners of 3,500 hectares of forest area. The company has taken their land and turned it to an oil palm plantation. PT. Permata Putra Mandiri has been operated since 2011, according to Simon, has never handed the document of land release to the seven clans in Puragi. They only paid Rp 5 per meter for the land.
“While the Environmental Impact Analysis issued under Otto Ihalau’s administrative said it was Rp 1,000 per meter. It is a scamming involved the former government’s officials and company’s persons,” he said.
According to him, Puragi People should get more than Rp 35 billion. “If it counted for Rp 1,000 per meter that multiplied with 3,500 hectares,” he said.
PT PPM through its spokesperson Boas Manas refused to give any comment before the verdict by Court. “We can not answer the question,” said Manas.
The lawyer represented Yakomina Gue, Laury da Costa said PT PPM through its witnesses in the court said the assistance given to the Puragi people was taken from the company’s CRS. It means it is the company’s responsibility to the people and the neighborhood surrounding the company’s operating location. “So it has no connection with the customary land area which has not yet settled by the company,” said da Costa. (Niko MB).

4) Hemodialysis Room Must Be Completed This Year

27 June 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Management of the Jayapura Public Hospital plans to finish building a room for hemodialysis and heart patients at the end of 2016.
Hospital director Josef Rinta said on Monday (26/6/2016) in Jayapura that the ward was set up to reduce waiting time and fulfil the public’s needs. “Currently the room could load six machines, while after renovation it could load 12 machines. So (people) no need to wait for so long,” he said.
Meanwhile, to improve manpower at the hospital, the management would send a team to enrol for endoscopy training in other provinces.
“This is part of our program with the fully support from the governor. Through this assistance, the hospital could become a national referral and representative hospital,” he said.
He added the human resources capacity building was done to no longer send the staffs to be trained at the outside of Papua. “With the support from Dr. Sarjito Public Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of Gadjah Mada University, we gradually can handle the human resource issues,” he said.
Earlier, Papua Provincial Secretary Hery Dosinaen emphasized that in order to realize Jayapura Public Hospital as the national referral hospital in next year, the Central Government has allocated Rp 350 billion to build the six-floor integrated clinic. “The plan to build the six-floor integrated clinic has been approved by the Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs. The fund would transfer directly to the hospital authority,” he said.
Additionally, said Dosinaen, the Papua Government would allocate the extra funds for the renovation of Jayapura Public Hospital in the Regional Budget revision.
“However, we realize that our weakness in on budget revision. We would prioritize it and it also would be added in the original budget 2017,” make prioritization and it would be added in the original budget 2017 as well,” he said. (Abeth You)

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