Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1) West Papua moving away from advocacy to nation-building

2) West Papua hopeful for full membership

3) Strong Fiji backing for West Papua - Ro Teimumu


1) West Papua moving away from advocacy to nation-building

Visiting General Secretary of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua, Octovinius Mote has told Solomon Islands Prime Minister in Honiara that his movement is moving away from advocacy to nation-building.
Mr Mote said for West Papuans to gain international support for their push for self-rule, they must be seen as nation builders.

He said they must take part in building the economy, capacity building in nurse and doctor training and must prepare for adverse effects of climate change.

He said as a big island, West Papua must prepare to help people from smaller island states whose homes may be destroyed by rising sea levels as a direct result of climate change.

Mr Mote said the offer of help will be promoted in the smaller island states in the Caribbean and the Pacific of the ACP Group, of which MSG members countries are part of.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare described West Papua’s move as a very interesting twist.

Mr Sogavare said the twist is a positive move because it could convince Jakarta that West Papuans are serious about looking after themselves and developing their vast natural resources.

He said as a firm believer in MSG solidarity, West Papua cannot go wrong if it harmonises its politics and economics.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Prime Minister said the MSG Leaders’ Summit will consider the application for full membership by the United Liberation Movement of West Papua to take to new heights their disagreement with Indonesia for its continuous human-rights abuses in West Papua.

Mr Sogavare said the international concern about human-rights abuses in West Papua is also shared by Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji as well as NGOs and is getting the momentum.

OMPC Press Secretariat


2) West Papua hopeful for full membership

Indonesian province of West Papua is hopeful to see their full membership plea in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), advance during this 4th Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) summit hosted in Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Speaking to the media yesterday spokesperson for the United Liberation Movement for West Paupua (ULMWP) Benny Wenda said they are optimistic to see the struggle of their people advance to the next level, within the MSG.

He said their ongoing campaign and struggle for support from the Melanesian countries and the pacific will help them advance their membership status in the MSG, which is fundamental to their wish to become an independent state.

ULMWP acquired their observer status in MSG last year during the MSG meeting held in Honiara, thus they are hopeful to see their status in this sub-regional organisation advanced to full membership.

Wenda stressed their struggle is not for them but for the future generation of West Papua, who will be free from brutality and bloodshed continued to be suffered on the hands of the Indonesian military.




3) Strong Fiji backing for West Papua - Ro Teimumu

11:38 am today
Fiji's Opposition Leader said giving the United Liberation Movement of West Papua membership to the Melanesian Spearhead Group was the most responsible action any Melanesian Leader can do.
Ro Teimumu Kepa said Indonesia sought membership of the regional bloc only to protect its own interest and has shown great disrespect for the concerns of Melanesians who feel that a genocide is underway in West Papua.
Ro Teimumu has declared her full support for the Movement which has applied for full membership at the MSG meeting in Honiara.
She said Indonesia had no desire to engage in dialogue about human rights issues and they have shown this many times in their re-framing of attacks on 'freedom fighters' and their suppression self-determination activities.
Ro Teimumu said she joins thousands of Fijians who feel strongly about the country changing its position and calls for freedom and for an independent West Papua.
She says by granting full membership, the leaders of Melanesia will directly respond to the desire of people who want an end to the violence ULMWP member's face.
The MSG leadership is this week meeting in Honiara in Solomon Islands.

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  1. It's a slow and arduous push to self sufficiency, but I'm sure that eventually Papua will be able to get there. They'll have to dig deep into storage for the grit and determination to make their self-rule work!