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Nearly 120 Arrested Day, Steven Itlay yet Trial

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Nearly 120 Arrested Day, Steven Itlay yet Trial
Author Arnold Belau -July 26, 2016

Steven Itlay and Yus Wenda in Mimika district police custody. (Photo: Doc KNPB Timika region)

JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com- Steven Itlay, chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Timika region were arrested and detained since April 6, 2016 Timika by the local police had not tried until now.

Steven was arrested along with Yus Wenda on the same day. Steven accused of rebellion and sedition punishable by article 160 of the Criminal Code.

Gustaf Kawer, attorney Steven and Yus Wenda to suarapapua.com said Wenda Yus cases were tried. And on July 27 will be hearing demands. But for Stven, the case has not been tried.

"For Steven Itlay was incomplete. So until sekrang process is still in the police and untried. Previous police already bestowed the file to the prosecutor. But Attorney restore the file because it is less complete. While Wenda Yus were tried his case. Tomorrow (July 27, 2016) scheduled to hear the prosecution, "said Kawer to suarapapua.com in Jayapura, Tuesday (07/26/2016).

According Kawer, in the case of Steven Itlay, police should immediately search for evidence and complete the file. In order poroses trial be held. Because of the period of detention in police custody Stven been almost 120 days.

"Yeah, it was incomplete so it has been returned to the police to be equipped. I think if the allegations of treason and sedition are not strong proof is supposed to police meneribitkan Steven SP3 to stop the case. Up to this day, nearly 120 days. And it could be free by law if passed 120 days, "he said.

Kawer also said, now there are two more aktivit KNPB Timika region who have been arrested and detained since July 12, 2016 which is Yanto Awerkion and Sem Ukago.

"Now they are being held in Mako Brimob Timika treason ayng charged with article 160 of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Code article 160 incitement," he said.

KNPB activists of the Timika region, Soon Wenda, when contacted suarapapua.com say the same thing. For the case of Steven untried. But for Yus Wenda case has been heard.

"If for Steven untried. Until now still being detained at the police. As for Yus were tried and tomorrow will be hearing the demands, "he said.

According to Wenda, two KNPB activists detained since July 12, 2016, it doubted the health of two activists in police custody.

"They do not eat well. Drinking water alone is not considered properly. Yet they have prisoners of health and others should be guaranteed by the state. So we very much doubt their health in custody, "he said.

Meanwhile, not long ago, the Papua Police Public Relations Head, Patrige warin to the media in Jayapura, said the case had reached the stage of the transfer of files.

"Steven is still being held in Mimika district police. Steven's case is already in phase one. The files have been handed over to the prosecutor. The beam delivery phase one already done. However, the prosecutor requested that complements some of the files again. so that it is currently being equipped, "said Renwari in Jayapura.

Announcers: Arnold Belau

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