Saturday, July 30, 2016

(1). Statement to the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) and (2). Statement to the Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) in Lautoka City/Fiji.

FYI From Rex Rumakiek.
(1). Statement to the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) and (2). Statement to the Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) in Lautoka City/Fiji. Statement to the Leaders Meeting in Honiara was delivered by Octo Mote verbally.



Mr. Chairman and through you to the members of MSG, please accept my deep gratitude for granting ULMWP the opportunity to speak. I acknowledge your wise counsel for guiding and facilitating this meeting to success.  

I acknowledge the Chairman of MSG, Rt. Hon. Manase Sogovare. Our people honor your commitment and leadership in trying to find a peaceful, honorable and lasting solution to our issue.

I acknowledge the Host, Ratu Inoke, Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. 

I acknowledge past and present Chiefs and leaders of your beautiful Islands of Fiji.  It was through your guidance and wise leadership that your people recovered so quickly from recent natural disaster.

I acknowledge distinguished leaders and representatives from member countries. West Papuan people are indebted to your serious effort to bring an end this 54 years’ old conflict that caused so much suffering and trauma to our people.

Excellency’s Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Firstly, my apology for the Secretary General Mr. Octo Mote and Spokesperson Mr. Benny Wenda who could not attend due to technical reasons. Both gentlemen represented us in the last Summit in Honiara. Myself and Mr. Amatus Dow here are representing not only ULMWP but also the people of West Papua. I am reading our statement with full realization that our people back at home and Melanesia are watching with hope while those in jail are still waiting for justice (added verbally).

We are not a nation state as yet but like FLNKS we too wanted to become full member of this sub reginal institution. This is because we strongly believe in the Melanesia value of inclusiveness as a family.  Secondly, because the Kanaky and West Papuan issues were the very reasons for the creation of this sub-regional institution. Our specific reasons are given as direct response to the appropriate criteria as set out in the application form.

(1). The first question in the application deals with identification of who we are and our geographical location in Melanesia. Our country that we love to call West Papua is the Western half of the island of New Guinea. For clarity for this exercise I shall call it Indonesian New Guinea. The other half of the island is the independent State of Papua New Guinea.  This is the surest identification of who we are as a people and our place in Melanesia.

(2). The second criteria, is dealing with responsibility. As I stated earlier, we are a nation in the full meaning of the word, but not a state as yet. We fully understand the responsibilities of being a member. But, as an organization our capacity to deliver is constraint by the lack of state infrastructure. This however, should not be hindrance for our participation in the affairs of the Melanesian family. The understanding of our role and responsibilities in the Society are fully illustrated in UNDP report of 1994. The report stated that real security of a nation state involved all aspect of life in the society which include, social, economic, political, spiritual even environment. Therefore, security is the responsibility of the whole society instead of just one agency of the government (Security forces).

(3).  The third criteria, is dealing with Commitment which is the translation of our Integrity to commit our actions fully for the wellbeing of the Melanesian community. Excellences, the depth of our commitment for Melanesia has always been consistent and has stood the test of time.

(4). The 4th criteria, is dealing with ability to implement or abide by decisions of MSG. We can participate fully in the implementation of and guard decisions of MSG because our future depends on them.

(5). The idea of seeking approval by the administering power of our application cannot be entertained because the nature of our long standing resistance to the regime will surely cause rejection because it will be against their interest.

Sisters and brothers of MSG, the ULMWP looks forward to a constructive engagement on the many issues that we face together as a people in our pursuit for a future that we can determine for ourselves. We welcome the opportunity to deal with the issue of common interest in meaningful manner and through constructive dialogue.

For us in West Papua, we look towards you our sisters and brothers in Melanesia for your solidarity and support. We thank you for calling for international attention to the human rights of our people in our land. We remain hopeful that such atrocities will end. We pray for the perpetrators and victims.

I take this opportunity to thank you most kindly for your time and wish you all the success in the deliberation of the leaders tomorrow as well as in Honiara in July. We are resolute in our pursuit to sit as equals around the Melanesia table and as members of the MSG.
Vinaka vaka levu, tankiu tumas, merci beaucoup, terimakasih banian

Delegates at the Melanesian Spearhead Group Foreign Ministers Meeting in Fiji, 16 June 2016. The new MSG director-general Amena Yauvoli is in centre position. Photo: Melanesian Spearhead Group secretariat

 From left: Indonesian rep., Kanaky rep, Solomon Islands rep, MSG Secretariat rep, Fijian rep, PNG rep, West Papuan rep.


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