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1) KNPB eight years, successfully brought the issue to the UN Papua

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1) KNPB eight years, successfully brought the issue to the UN Papua
2) Anniversary 8 KNPB: We think ahead, be brave, keep united

1) KNPB eight years, successfully brought the issue to the UN Papua

Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1,

Photos together after worship anniversary celebration - 8 KNPB Baliem secretariat KNPB Baiem - Jubi / Wesai

Wamena, Jubi - At the age of 8 years, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) has brought the issue of Papua to the international forum and the United Nations. Therefore KNPB insists anyone who has been underestimated KNPB no need to create "additional movement" and the provocative issue.

This is confirmed KNPB spokesman Baliem, Herry Kosay after the anniversary celebration of the 8th Region KNPB Lapago, Saturday (11/19/2016) at the secretariat KNPB Wamena Baliem held in the form of worship of thanksgiving.

He said, after the anniversary celebration KNPB discussion about the direction of the struggle and the support continues to grow both at home and abroad.

"This indicates a serious struggle KNPB done," said Herrera.

KNPB added, discuss it together 23 KNPB sector, parliamentarians and supporters who attended the anniversary celebration KNPB. They also discussed the threat and additional movement done by the parties to drop KNPB.

"We are also discussions about the registration MSG Papua in December," he said.

Herry also mentioned preparations commemorate the independence of West Papua on 1 December 2016. KNPB as the media will mediate the Papuan people staged a demonstration commemorating that date.

"But we did the action of prayer in all points. We will not Raise Morning Star flag. A prayerful action. So if there is to be Rev flag issue was the issue of stale commonly played our opponents, "he said.

Joseph Itlay, KNPB member Baliem admit KNPB ready to mediate the Papuan people to head the International mechanism of referendum

"At this point we want to get there. We are ready to mediate between the people of Papua to self-determination, "said Itlay. (*)


2) Anniversary 8 KNPB: We think ahead, be brave, keep united
Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 09:48

Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1,

Jayapura, Jubi - Invitation to maintain peaceful resistance and promote unity among people of Papua dominates political messages in the commemoration of the birthday of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) 8th year, Saturday (19/11) in the Garden Expo, which takes place Waena from noon till night.

Dozens of men was busy moving the hot rocks to Barapen, while a group of middle-aged woman was busy washing dozens of chickens and vegetables mayurnya.

"Three pigs were prepared from the plan seven tails. Last night the pigs were brought from Sentani, a restrained there because the police prevent us down to the Expo. But after a dialogue about an hour, just to go down and get here, "said Saugas Goo, the committee KNPB anniversary celebration of the 8th it to Jubi, Saturday (11/19/2016) Barapen preparation sidelines.

"I think pregnant," says Marike Mambrasar (46) who seemed very eager took care of everything in the area Barapen. "I think in my soul pregnant and God bless us Papuans and migrants as well, which for me was a neighbor," he said opening the discussion related to his thoughts on the anniversary of the organization are most often confronted with the police officers.

"We started from our parents tried to get down to grandchildren and cece. So we now feel and see no progress. Kan used to be too threatened in fear, but for me why should we fear, is mediocre, Life is diverse, there is death, pain, calamity we face alone. But now sa sense of pregnant, much progress we feel, "says Marike while inexhaustible smile.

"Taste pregnant 'is a phrase Marike expressed pleasure because of progress the organization and activities in the afternoon. "We think the advanced, more the opposite, more daring," he said.

Kobabe Wanimbo, Chief Diplomacy KNPB Center, also expressed his appreciation for the organization's progress amidst the various threats and obstacles.

"Since 8 years up until now the people's awareness is increasing. What are friends for 8 years doing is not in vain. Now they know the people's initiative itself that dominates our activities. KNPB pride own support structures and more. Looking ahead, several new districts that did not exist KNPB will be there, "he said.

So far the structure KNPB spread in Jayapura, Sentani, Timika, Wamena, Nabire, Yakuhimo, Yalimo, Manokwari, Biak, Paniai, Sorong, Fak Fak, Kaimana, Merauke, Boven Digul, Asmat, Lanny Jaya, Central Mamberamo, Tolikara, Nduga, Pegubin, Puncak Jaya, Dogiyai, Maybrat, and Serui.

KNPB and security forces

Marike was a member of KNPB Port Numbay that has pretty much dealing with the security forces, either to negotiate for the continuity of peaceful actions KNPB and taken to the police station. “I have a name, it has been widely noted," he said with a laugh.

"Now we do activities, take it with prayer, so that our neighbors that apparatus can also be heard. Some say they are the enemy, is yes but, in the eyes of God is not the enemy. They are neighbors, and their security guard, guard us, "says Marike while stressing he would continue to step up and forward.

Similarly Kobabe that claim was no longer count how many times arrested. "Over the past 8 years has been arrested many times hit. But I think it's just maturing us against colonial Indonesia. So we sense more and rise from fear and fight, "said Kobabe.

He continued, if the first trauma dominates the public feeling, but now because of resistance, courage to be increased. "In the past the trauma of violence against our country, now that the resistance so looked lost fear. Countries that want to catch us always, we are proud of it, "he said.

KNPB which didominiasi by these young people, established 19 November 2008 amid an exodus of students / i Papua from Java, Bali and Sulawesi and join various student activists / i other in Papua.

According to media KNPB News June-August edition of 2016 issued by these organizations, their first public activity was the launch of the "Papua Emergency Zone" at the grave of Theys H Eluay. Since then they have become the organization that is subject to arrest. Dozens of its members have been killed by live ammunition, as well as kidnapping and torture.

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"I think the threat will always be there, in any country that there must be a threat to the fight, the consequences. But have no fear, because the younger generation is being constantly learning new and rising reject oppression, "said Kobabe have taken part in the formation of KNPB since 8 years ago.

"My message to the young generation that is growing now is how to encourage the process that we have started and ended. Those who will hold this nation forward, "said Kobabe.

On the occasion of the afternoon, KNPB also celebrate the release of their members, Jufri Wandikbo, detained since 2012 and a few days ago was released from prison Abepura. Jufri name included in the list of Papuan behinds Bar (Papuans behind bars) which lists and campaigning for political prisoners in Papua.

More united and more aware

Attending the ceremony were Chairman of the KNPB, Victor Yeimo and his officials and Filep Karma and several representatives of organizations that are members of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

The event was opened by the late afternoon prayer, little messages from the head of the organization, and closed with KNPB Cup championship trophies II and music entertainment nuanced resistance.

According to Filep Karma in his message, KNPB not exactly illegal, because historically similar organization had already formed named Papua National Committee (KNPB) which was established in 1961.

"It was formed by the fathers of our nation that is progressive, they do not want Dutch procrastinating Papuan independence, so they appear and make a Papua National Committee. Attendance since 2008 is renewed "he said on that occasion.

According to him, if there are those who say KNPB to be dissolved, it does not make sense.

"I've read there are those who say KNPB security must be dissolved, and so on. I started laughing, you're a new person coming ... NCI (and KNPB) it belongs to the people of Papua had already existed and was born in Papua. "

Papua Police Chief, Paul Waterpaw, has always asserted the organization is considered to be against the government, so that the edict Papua police chief July 1, 2016 specifically mentions this organization among several other organizations as the target of the ban.

Adriana Elizabeth, of the Center for Political Research LIPI, in response to the Jubi many situations related social and political movements Papua looked different. He offers a dialogical approach to the organization as KNPB.

"The resistance movement Papuans are demanding a referendum for independence grew stronger and effective, and the more advanced dynamics last three know this," he said in mid-October at the seminar launching Papua Road Map Summary Volume II.

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According to Adriana, this new generation utilizing the democratic agenda at peace, they understand democracy and the right to freedom of opinion, the protests proved not done 'anarchist'.

It also appears in the statement of the Chairman of the KNPB, Victor Yeimo, emphasizing that it is the generation that listened KNPB history.

"KNPB is the generation that listened to history. We are quite confident and believe in the liberation struggle of the people of Papua that we would be independent. But trust and believe it is not enough. Papuan independence when the people of Papua are aware, unified and opponents commit acts of peaceful politics at home and abroad, "said Yeimo.

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For Yeimo, grounding struggle KNPB always revealed clearly that the right of self-determination through a referendum. "The foundation of our struggle is supported, sanctioned by international law and the UN, and it takes commitment struggle. The result of the struggle in the streets, the sacrifice of comrades arrested create sympathy and support from abroad. Now seven Pacific countries, next year 20 of the various countries. It was a victory of the people of Papua, “he said.

Similarly Karma also invites young people to get involved in the struggle. "Do not just sit thinking alone. Action. Join in the fight. There are people of Papua who demands he had usurped land for palm oil, join the fight there, "he said.

Filep Karma also emphasized that a peaceful struggle against the system done, not hatred towards individuals. "We are against the system, we struggled with the peaceful and not give up. Many who support us. Including friends in Indonesia, especially when he knows our history. They say, we support you continue to fight, "he said.

The event was held solemn anniversary celebration. With the theme " 'Towards Membership MSG hundreds of attendees seemed enthusiastic in his expectations towards this December when the verdict was determined ULMWP membership at MSG Leaders Summit in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

According Yeimo, the Summit will be held December 16 to 20, and when the full membership at MSG ULMWP realized then become the greatest Christmas gift for all the people of Papua.

The celebration lasted until about 8 pm. The security forces had asked the organizers ended the event at 6 pm. But after negotiations, the show can be continued and ended safely.

"KNPB the anniversary of the 8th utter highest apologize to the people of Papua that the activities of struggle, perhaps we hurt, do things that are not appropriate in front of the people of Papua on behalf of the West Papua National Committee. Haturkan for that I apologize profusely, "said Yeimo in closing his speech. (*)

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