Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1) Papuan Kamoro art set for exhibition in Jakarta


1) Papuan Kamoro art set for exhibition in Jakarta
Jakarta | Wed, November 16, 2016 | 09:50 am
With a population of just 18,000 living along the Southern coast of Papua, the Kamoro people are one of the few Papuan tribes who still practice their little known, meticulous tradition of wood carving. 
Unlike their neighbors the Asmat tribe, Kamoro art is perhaps lesser-known, yet actually rich with a peaceful style and form.
As quoted by the Foundation for Kamoro Carvers, “the intricacies in their carvings show a much deeper relationship with the cosmos, their current world and the past”. 
Today, Kamoro’s artistry is increasingly valued with the revival of their wooden carvings.
Although no ancient Kamoro art exists today for carvers to look at or study, a deluge of newer forms have been created by its people in the present: Eastern and Western styles of shields, forms of ancestral figures, sago bowls, paddles with an open shield on the other end, and many others. Often, carvers are known to cut a hidden joke into their wooden carvings, reflecting the Kamoro’s sense of humor. 
Even though a Kamoro museum has not been established, an annual exhibition and art sale organized by the Foundation for Kamoro Carvers is held in Jakarta to display this Papuan tribe’s unusual talent, as well as to provide carvers and female plaiters with financial support.
This year, the sale will be held on Nov. 19-20 at the American Club in South Jakarta.
Admission is free. The event will also welcome a group of seven carvers who will sing, dance, drum and carve. The carved pieces start at Rp 250,000 (US$19). (mra/kes)



THE Leader of Free West Papua Movement in Solomon Islands has called on political parties to leave West Papua issue alone.
Speaking to this paper, Mr Samson Faisi said it is disappointing to see a National Leader use West Papua as a reason to topple Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.
He pointed out that there are many important reasons the political parties put to represent their point but not West Papua.
Mr Faisi said Political Parties should find arguments on failed party policies the current government fail to deliver as their base of argument.
He strongly condemn Sir Nathaniel Waena’s statement in the paper yesterday to support the call for the Prime Minister to step down.
“Leave West Papua out of the political issue, West Papua issue deals with human safety and freedom as a human being we should think again.
“It is disappointing to see national leaders acting childish,” Mr Faisi said.
He said he is also an active member of a Political Party and that such statement not only shame but also cause embracement on the country.
Mr Faisi said the West Papua issues is dealing with safety and freedom of humanity and that leaders should see the real issue rather than talking nonsense.
He said seven countries in the Pacific are behind the fight to free West Papua and it is a shame for Solomon Islands to pick on West Papua as scapegoat in the current Political uphill.
Meanwhile Mr Faisi salutes Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for his support toward West Papua.

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