Sunday, November 27, 2016

Inspiration for December 1st Action

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Dear friends and allies,

We expect many of you will be observing the December 1st day of West Papuan independence. Why not inspire others to join you? You can help explain the complexity of the West Papuan conundrum through story and visual art. Suggest they visit (the new free release of "Crying Freedom: Heroic tales from the unstoppable nation of West Papua").

We're also running as much online advertising as we can leading up to the crucial Melanesian Spearhead Group decision in December.

But your help remains the most effective marketing tool we have to broadcast the West Papuan message of Crying Freedom. It's what West Papuans have been dying for over the past 54 years. Please do what you can, and do it now. Use your website, email list, Facebook page, Twitter, or any other means to help us broadcast the urgent message of Crying Freedom.

For best effect, you can also include an image of the eBook cover at

And here's a suggested Tweet:

Free eBook illustrates 50 years of heroic peaceful resistance in #WestPapua #LetWestPapuaVote #PapuaMerdeka

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