Friday, September 6, 2019

1) Densus 88 investigates possible ISIS link in Papua riots

2) House backs restrictions on foreigners in Papua
3) Withdraw troops from Papua to avoid confrontation: analyst
4) Jakarta blames Papua unrest on independence movement
5) Papua activist Surya Anta kept in isolation, bombarded by nationalist music
1) Densus 88 investigates possible ISIS link in Papua riots

7 hours ago
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Police's Counterterrorism Squad, Densus 88, is probing a likely involvement of the Islamic state (ISIS) group in a string of riots in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua. "We continue to investigate (the possibility of) the ISIS being involved in the riots," Chief of the Public Relations Bureau of the National Police Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo stated at the National Police Headquarters in Jakarta on Friday.

The police are working all-out to unearth the masterminds behind the riots, he stated.

"Obviously, we are focusing on revealing the masterminds behind the riots and adopting preventive measures," he noted.

A string of violent rallies broke out in several parts of Papua and West Papua as an upshot of the alleged racist slurs against Papuan students in Surabaya, East Java, on August 16.

In the West Papua provincial capital of Manokwari, a rally against the alleged racist slurs took a violent turn on August 19, with some protesters setting ablaze a local parliamentary building and tires in several parts of the city.

A violent demonstration again erupted in the Papua provincial capital of Jayapura on August 29. The brutal demonstrators went on a rampage, vandalizing and setting ablaze several government buildings.

The police have alleged that Papuan separatist figure Benny Wenda had masterminded the riots. He is believed to have disseminated hoaxes and attempted to provoke on social media the leaders of states in the Pacific region.

However, the police cannot take legal measures against Wenda, as he is no longer an Indonesian citizen.

The police have named 57 suspects in anarchist violence in Papua and 21 suspects in riots in West Papua.
Reporter: Anita Permata Dewi/Suharto
Editor: Rahmad Nasution

2) House backs restrictions on foreigners in Papua

7 hours ago
Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) has backed the policy of restricting foreigners in Papua adopted by the government following an anti-racism rally that caused a riot on August 29. "It is probably reasonable for now if the government limits the access of foreigners to Papua for their safety," Deputy Speaker of DPR RI Fadli Zon stated here on Friday.

That is not the sole reason for the policy to be implemented, Zon said.

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He believed that the earlier visa-free policy in Papua was imprudently implemented and could undergo some reassessments. "What is the purpose of the policy? If it is only for tourism we should keep supporting it."

However, if foreigners are coming to Papua for purposes other than tourism they should be screened carefully.

"There are probably some parties who want to conduct some unpleasant stuff, such as broadcasting fake news," Zon remarked.

Even then, Coordinating Minister for Political Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto confirmed that the government had only restricted and not banned foreigners in Papua.

"Later, once the situation in Papua becomes conducive, which means when peace returns, we will let all foreigners come in. They can tour Raja Ampat as usual, allowing Indonesia to earn foreign exchange. There have never been any restrictions before but we are sorry that we have to do it for now," Wiranto added. 

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Reporter: ZuhdiarLaeis / Suwanti
Editor: Rahmad Nasution


3) Withdraw troops from Papua to avoid confrontation: analyst
7 hours ago

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian government should consider withdrawing its troops from Papua and West Papua provinces to avoid confrontation between the military and civilians, Suripto, an analyst who has served as an intelligence official, said here on Friday. "A massive army deployment would not clear the problem as it would raise sentiments and suspicions of the new form of repression (among Papuan people)," Suripto explained.

To avoid these suspicions, Suripto suggested to the government that it learn from the experience of East Timor's separation from Indonesia in 1999.

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The sight of thousands of troops in Papua and West Papua for the past week might give the impression that there could be a military invasion there, according to the intelligence expert.

A military approach was unsuited to solve the identity conflict that had occurred in Papua and West Papua, he believed. "We should utilize the soft approach by respecting their identities. We should get closer to them (Papuan people)," he added.

A non-military approach would be more effective in easing the tension as people's rights to express their identities and opinions must be protected and respected by the government, according to Suripto.

"The least we can do, if we still want Papua and West Papua to be a part of Indonesia, is to respect their basic rights and identities," he noted.

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Reporter: Fathur Rochman/Genta Tenri Maw
Editor: Rahmad Nasution


4) Jakarta blames Papua unrest on independence movement
RNZ pacific 5:37 pm on 6 September 2019 

Facing international pressure over major unrest in Papua region, Indonesia's government has pointed blame at West Papuan independence groups.
The United Liberation Movement for West Papua and its leader, Benny Wenda, have been singled out for orchestrating the unrest of recent weeks in Indonesian-ruled Papuan provinces.
The turmoil was sparked by Papuan protests which began as anti-racism rallies last month and quickly developed into demonstrations demanding independence.
The largest public mobilisations in decades in Papua have prompted the deployment of 6000 extra security personnel to the region, while dozens of activists have been arrested, and at least ten people have been killed in the ensuing violence.
The national police chief Tito Karnavian told media in Jakarta that the unrest had been driven by pro-independence groups and Mr Wenda in particular.
He said the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) and the National Committee for West Papua were both responsible for the unrest, and vowed they would be caught. Police said diplomatic channels would be used to hold Mr Wenda to account…………..

5) Papua activist Surya Anta kept in isolation, bombarded by nationalist music – September 5, 2019
Reza Gunadha and Yosea Arga Pramudita – Civil Society Coalition for Democracy spokesperson Suarbudaya Rahadian has revealed that Paulus Surya Anta Ginting or Surya Anta has been placed in an isolation cell.
Anta, the spokesperson for the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua (FRI-WP) is being held at the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) headquarters in Kelapa Dua, Depok, on charges of treason for his involvement in the raising of the Morning Star flag during an anti-racism action.
Not only that, the cell where Anta is being held is constantly being bombarded by nationalist songs from a loud speaker including the songs Garuda Pancasila and Independence Day.
“Surya is being held in an isolation cell which does not have any windows. Nationalist songs such as Independence Day and Garuda Pancasila are being played all day long in the cell”, said Rahadian in a press release on Thursday September 5.
Earlier, Metro Jaya regional police public relations head Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono denied that Anta had been placed in an isolation cell saying that police have no such cells.
“It’s not true that the suspect Surya Anta has been placed in an isolation room because Polri[the Indonesian police] do not have any isolation cells”, said Yuwono.
Yuwono said that they have not treated him any differently than the other six suspects that are being detained, adding that Anta has been given permission to pray while he’s been in detention at the Brimob headquarters.
As has been reported, as many as six people have been declared suspects in relation to the flying of the Morning Star flag in front of the State Palace on Wednesday August 28.
The six people being detained at the Brimob headquarters are Dano Tabuni, Charles Cossay, Ambrosius Mulait, Isay Wenda, Surya Anta Ginting and Wenebita Wasiangge.
All of the suspects have been charged under Articles 106 and 110 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) on treason.
[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Lagu Garuda Pancasila Terus Diputar di Sel Surya Anta Fri West Papua”.]

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