Tuesday, September 24, 2019

1) Indonesian military confirms 17 deaths in Wamena's rioting

2) Police expose Benny Wenda's involvement in Wamena's lethal riot
3) Calm Returns to Papua, but Riot Death Toll Rises to 26
4) Police: 3 Papuan Students Shot Dead for Killing TNI Member
5) Papuan DPRD Members and Moeldoko Discuss Current Pressing Issues

1) Indonesian military confirms 17 deaths in Wamena's rioting
49 minutes ago

Wamena, Papua (ANTARA) - A violent rally staged by native Papuan students in Wamena, Jayawijaya District’s capital city, Papua, Monday, claimed the lives of no less than 16 non-native Papuans and one native Papuan resident, a military officer stated.

"One of the dead victims was brought home by his family, while 16 bodies are yet kept at a local public hospital mortuary," Commander of the 1702/Jayawijaya District Military Command Lt Col Candra Dianto stated.

A total of 66 other residents suffered injuries during the rioting following assault by the rioters brandishing machetes and arrows. The wounded were then rushed to the local public hospital for receiving medical treatment, he had informed journalists in Wamena on Monday (Sept 23).

On Tuesday, military and police personnel will trace and evacuate other residents that may have still been trapped in their houses and kiosks that the brutal rioters had set ablaze when they ran amok.

Dianto also pointed to a gun battle between the Indonesian security personnel and a group of armed separatists around the Pasar Baru area on Monday afternoon.

The armed rebels might have used three guns and rifles. Presently, 1,300 military and police personnel are stationed in Jayawijaya District.

As part of the efforts to restore law and order, the security personnel will conduct patrolling at night, he remarked, adding that some 100 additional troops were deployed in Wamena.

Speaking in connection with this Wamena rioting, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Rudolf A. Rodja believes that the violence might have been fueled by the spread of hoaxes through social media platforms that had triggered public ire among Wamena’s residents.

"We are on the lookout for those creating and spreading fake news," he noted.

The riot that erupted in Wamena resulted in civilian deaths as well as damage to several properties, including the people's houses and Jayawijaya district office, as well as several motorcycles being torched.

According to several local media reports, the Wamena riot was instigated by hoaxes pertaining to a teacher's racist slur against native Papuan students.

The Indonesian police have exposed the involvement of Benny Wenda, a member of the West Papua movement separatist group, in the premeditated spread of fake news to instigate an act of solidarity among native Papuans. Related news: Police expose Benny Wenda's involvement in Wamena's lethal riot
Related news: Indonesian police examine link between violence in Wamena and Jayapura

Reporter: Marius FY, Rahmad Nasution
Editor: Suharto

2) Police expose Benny Wenda's involvement in Wamena's lethal riot
1 hour ago
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian police unearthed the involvement of Benny Wenda, a West Papua movement separatist group member, in Monday's violent protest and riot in Jayapura and Wamena, Papua, which had killed a soldier and 17 civilians.

National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo said the riot that had erupted in Wamena, the capital city of Jayawijaya District, on Monday, was incited by a premeditated dissemination of fake news to instigate an act of solidarity among native Papuans.

To this end, Wenda's role, right from creation to the proliferation of fake news containing fake racist slurs against the native Papuans, was clear, Prasetyo had stated in Jakarta on Monday (Sept 24).

"As a figure of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Benny Wenda's role behind this design cannot be overlooked," he revealed, adding that the police had conducted a thorough examination of the KNPB members over their role in using students to provoke community members.

ANTARA noted that on July 17, 2019, the Oxford City Council had bestowed the so-called Oxford Freedom of the City Award on Wenda, who had been involved in spurring violent acts that had resulted in the deaths of civilians and Indonesian security personnel in Papua.

This political move has outraged the Indonesian government, as it was presented to the wrong person.

The Indonesian Embassy in London contended that the award was bestowed on an individual, who is a proponent of the use of violence to realize his political goals.

The Indonesian Embassy in London questioned the basis on which the award was given to those called "peaceful campaigners for democracy" in the face of glaring evidence linking those concerned with various acts of armed violence in Papua.

The award will, in fact, give legitimacy to the concerned individual and his group to intensify their acts of violence against civilians and government officials, who maintain the sustainability of economic, social, and cultural development in Papua, according to the embassy.

Hence, awarding people, with criminal records through armed separatist movements, demonstrates the dismal understanding of the Council and the actual progress in development in the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

This action by the Oxford City Council has yet again hurt the sentiments of Indonesians. Related news: Indonesian police examine link between violence in Wamena and Jayapura
Related news: President orders authority to tackle Papua unrest: Moeldoko

Reporter: Dyan DA, Rahmad Nasution
Editor: Suharto

3) Calm Returns to Papua, but Riot Death Toll Rises to 26
SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 
Jakarta. Calm has returned to Jayapura and Wamena in Papua on Tuesday even though the death toll from yesterday's riots had risen to 26, with more than 90 people injured, officials said.
National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo said 733 students are still being detained at the Papua Police headquarters in Jayapura.
Most of the students had returned to Papua from other parts of Indonesia last month to escape racial and ethnic discrimination.  
"They are being detained to be interrogated. If they haven't committed any crimes, they will be released," Dedi said.
In an incident near the Waena Expo Cultural Park in Jayapura, one soldier and three students were killed, while 27 others, including seven policemen, suffered from injuries. 
Papua Police spokesman Chief Comr. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal said 22 people have also died and 72 others were injured during riots in Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya district, on Monday.
The riots broke out following a student protest triggered by rumors that a teacher from the local Yaspin Senior High School had made a racist statement against Papuans.
Large crowds burned public and government facilities as well as private properties during the riot.
Papua Police said at least 80 cars, 30 motorcycles, 150 shops and houses and five government buildings were damaged.
The government buildings that were damaged included the district head office, the state utility company office and the state attorney office.
"Four more bodies were found today [Tuesday] and another person has died at the Wamena state hospital," the police spokesman said in a statement.
Residents are now taking shelter in four locations in Wamena – the police headquarters, the military headquarters, the Regional House of Representatives building and the Oikumerek Asso building, according to the spokesman.
Police said they suspected the riot in Wamena was orchestrated by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB).
"We suspect the riot in Wamena was orchestrated by the KNPB, who provoked mobs to create anarchy. They infiltrated the crowd of students wearing uniforms," National Police spokesman Dedi told reporters in Jakarta on Tuesday.
Police said the pro-Papua independence organization wanted to attract the world's attention to their cause during the United Nations Assembly Meeting in New York on Sept. 23-27.
National Police chief Tito Karnavian has been saying for some time that pro-independence groups have been trying to attract international attention and support for a referendum to allow Papua to secede from Indonesia.


4) Police: 3 Papuan Students Shot Dead for Killing TNI Member

Petir Garda Bhwana

TEMPO.COJakarta - The Indonesian National Police (Polri) announced the initial investigation on the death of three Papuan university students during Monday’s fiery protest, which was caused by rubber bullets.
“The initial presumption is due to rubber bullets,” said Polri public information Head, Brig. General Dedi Prasetyo on Tuesday. However, police will conduct a full autopsy to confirm this.
This incident happened after hundreds of Papuan exodus students gathered at the University of Cenderawasih to establish a make-shift post accommodating Papuan students intending to return to Papua. Police claimed that their plan was curbed by the university’s rector and students as it would disrupt college activities.
Campus management then requested police assistance to help disperse the group by directly contacting the Papuan Police Chief who immediately mobilized a team to negotiate with the students, which successfully persuaded the students to leave campus facility and return to Taman Budaya Ekspo Waena in Jayapura riding on a military and police truck.
Dedi claimed everything went smoothly until the truck nearly reached its destination when the students suddenly attacked the Military and police members who accompanied them in the journey. This attack by the students killed a soldier after being struck by a machete to his head.
Seeing the escalating situation, other police and military members immediately fought back by firing several shots which killed three students and injured 20.
“Their actions were legal under Perkap 1/2009 and Perkap 7/2009 in neutralizing students that are extremely anarchic,” said Brig. General Dedi.

5) Papuan DPRD Members and Moeldoko Discuss Current Pressing Issues

Translator: Ricky Mohammad Nugraha   Editor: Petir Garda Bhwana 24 September 2019 13:35 WIB 
TEMPO.COJakarta - Dozens of Papua and West Papua Legislative Council (DPRD) members met with presidential chief of staff Moeldoko in discussing the current situation and aspirations from the people of Papua.  
Maybrat DPRD member Ferdinando Solossa requested the central government to hold meetings with figures of separatist groups.
“We ask the central government to host a meeting with Papuan figures, especially those that are considered to have opposing ideals such as the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) and the West Papuan National Committee (KNPB),” said Ferdinando on Tuesday, September 24.

He called for such a meeting, if held, must be attended by an independent third party that is neutral and objective which is duly needed to solve issues regarding Papua down to its roots.
However, the meeting was cut short after Moeldoko was suddenly summoned by President Jokowi. Before leaving the Papuan representatives, Moeldoko said that Papua’s stability is Indonesia’s stability too and that a region’s development will not be completed without political, legal, and security stability.
The meeting between Moeldoko and the Papuan and West Papua DPRD representatives continued after Moeldoko returned but this time behind closed doors.

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