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1) 7 more KNPB activists arrested.

1) 7 more KNPB activists arrested.

4) Freeport First, Newmont to Follow: Govt


1) 7 more KNPB activists arrested.

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Again, 7 KNPB Activists Arrested military in Timika 

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Timika, KNPBNews - Having previously KNPB Police arrested six activists in Jayapura, this time the Indonesian National Army (TNI) caught 7 Timika Region KNPB activist who was distributing leaflets boycott presidential election in Kampung Iripau, Mapuru Jaya, Timika. 

After capture, the military handed over to the police. When they are captured by residents at the scene, they were tortured and beaten. Until now their whereabouts are unknown. 

7th this Timika Region KNPB activists arrested today, Friday (4/7) around the clock, 10:00 am. The flyer was for the people to boycott the contents menyeruhkan PILRPES peacefully, ie no need to polling place to vote for any Presidential candidate. 

Those arrested are; 1. Ruben Kayun, 2. Deky Akum, 3. Kaitanus Siminak, 4. Apollos Simare, 5. Yanuarius Enakat, 6. Gerson Banam, 7. Anthon Damkokor. 

KNPB and PRD parties Mimika menyeruhkan order to advocate this case. All the world's defenders and Solidarity immediately contact directly to the Chief of Police Resort Mimika: NO.HP. 081225080050 and Head. Operation N0.HP. 08,129,484,657.



Jayapura, 3/7 (Jubi) – Papua Police Chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian said three weapons seized  at the Sorong Seaport on Monday (30/6) had been intended for an rebels in Paniai, Papua.
“One of the suspects with initial SK admitted to have connection to the armed group in Paniai. SK was a gold miner at Topo area, Nabire where he got to know with the group. He said to the group that he could procure weapons from Tobelo, therefore he got Rp 120 millions to buy the weapons,” Tito said.
“SK whose origin from Supiori went to Tobelo and contacted his mates MW and DRK. So one suspect is Papua origin while two suspects are coming from Tobello,” the Chief said in the press conference on Thursday (3/7).
“Last Tuesday we sent them to Jayapura. Currently we are investigating whether the firearms was belong to the police that grasped by them or it was purchased in the South Philippines based on the last information,” he said.
He further said within the last two months, the police have succeeded detaining four cases of gun smuggling. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)



Sentani, 3/7 (Jubi) – Local residents who tore the Indonesian flag in Nimboran Sub-district had no connection with the celebration of OPM’s anniversary and took the action to get attention, Jayapura Police Chief said.
“They had three request. First, they asked about the meaning of Pancasila and the Constitution 45, second they did not allow people from Sabang to Merauke rising the Indonesian flag, and the last one, they did not allow people rising the morning star flag in Grimenawa. They called themselves as the Independent Nimboran Group,” the Adjunct Commissionaire Police Sondra Siagian said to reporter in Sentani on Thursday (3/7).
The group consists of twelve residents of Nimboran Sub-district led by a local resident with initial JW. He was considered physiologically unstable and always had the same request that is asking about the meaning of Pancasila and the Constitution 45.
“Related to this incident, the police have questioned 7 persons while 5 persons are being sought because they have destroyed the state symbol with the charging maximum five years. However, the police are still investigating the one who ripped the flag,” said the Chief.
Earlier, on Tuesday (1/7) at around 9.30 Papua time, it was reported about 12 Nimbokrang residents led by JW moved from the old hut toward to Nimboran Sub-district office to celebrate the OPM’s anniversary. But once they reached the office, they dropped the flag and ripped it. After doing it, they left the scene and went to the forest. (Jubi/Alberth/rom)


4) Freeport First, Newmont to Follow: Govt

A worker loads a dump truck at a Freeport Indonesia training center in Timika, West Papua. (JG Photo/Jurnasyanto Sukarno)
Jakarta. The director general for coal and mineral resources R. Sukhyar has said he is confident that an agreement can be made with disgruntled US mining conglomerate Newmont, despite the company filing an international arbitration against the government on Tuesday.
Newmont filed the arbitration to seek relief from export restrictions on unprocessed mineral ore imposed in January.
The official said that if an agreement could be found with Freeport Indonesia, — which operates the world’s biggest gold mine, in Papua — then Newmont would follow suit.
Freeport’s operation in Indonesia is significantly larger than Newmont’s. Freeport produced 900 million pounds of copper in 2013, almost five times more than Newmont’s 161 million pounds of copper in the same period.
Newmont Nusa Tenggara and its majority shareholder, Dutch-registered Nusa Tenggara Partnership (NTPBV) filed an international arbitration against the government earlier this week in response to the export restrictions introduced in January.
Freeport Indonesia, meanwhile, as reported by Reuters, is still in talks with the government and has no plan to file an international arbitration.
The government had restricted export of unrefined minerals by imposing punitive export duty and introducing other stringent measures. The move was a long-anticipated corollary of the 2009 Mining Law that seeks to add value to the country’s mineral resources.
Mahendra Siregar, the head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), said Indonesia was a large nation and should not be afraid of foreign investors like Newmont.
“What we’re aiming for [in terms of export restrictions] is to develop our economy and sustain our growth,” he said.
Mahendra said the government is committed to its international agreements and would seek to protect foreign investors in the country.
“However, what we have done is mandated by the law,” he added.
Susilo Siswoutomo, the deputy minister for energy and mineral resources, claimed that the government’s policy had been misinterpreted.
“It is not about the export ban. Miners can still export their [unrefined] minerals but they have to follow regulations and meet our terms,” he said.
Susilo, Mahendra and Sukhyar met with chief economics minister Chairul Tanjung on Thursday to discuss Newmont’s arbitration case.
Susilo said he had also reported to Chairul that the government had reached a conclusion on renegotiation talks with 40 holders of mining “contracts of works” (CoW) and “coal contract of works” (CCoW) — 15 more than last year.
The government had initiated contract renegotiations with CoW and CCoW holders in order to adjust the provisions in line with the 2009 Mining Law.
There are six points in the contract renegotiation, namely a value-added obligation, contractual period, size of operation, local content obligation, government revenue and divestment.
Additional reporting from Reuters
Six West Papua activists beaten and arrested 
Six West Papua activists beaten and arrested KNPB members detained for distributing leaflets calling for election boycott Indonesia July 4, 2014 The National Committee for West Papua (KNPB) has reported that a six of their activists were arrested, beaten and taken to the Jayapura Police Station on Thursday afternoon. The six activists are Ono Balingga, Hakul Kobak, Yandri Heselo, Gesman Tabuni, Ronal Wenda. The name of the sixth activist is not known at this stage. 

They were arrested simply because they were distributing leaflets calling on the West Papuan people to boycott the presidential election, which is to be held on July 9. 
Local media has reported that in Timika the Police were also searching for people who distributed leaflets urging voters to boycott the July 9 presidential election and demanding a referendum. 

“A group led by Teni Kwalik is behind it because he made a statement calling for the boycott of the presidential election,” Mimika Police Deputy Chief Commissioner Wirasto Adi Nugroho said on Tuesday in Timika, and “we have advised the local people to report to the police when they have any information, so we can arrest the perpetrators”. 

He went on to say that police had erased the graffiti and destroyed the leaflets to avoid public unrest. Nugroho said the situation of Mimika Regency is relatively still favorable. Joe Collins of AWPA (Sydney) said, “the security forces appear to be targeting any civil society groups who are calling for a boycott of the presidential election and are deploying over 300 police and soldiers for security during the election”. 

The Puncak Jaya Police chief, adjunct commissioner major (Pol) Marselis Sarimin, said “Yes, they have been called up to secure the presidential election from any disruption by certain groups that exist in Puncak Jaya region and other regions.” The Papua police chief, General Inspector, Tito Karnavian is also reported to have said that the security forces have shifted a number of troops to the areas that are considered vulnerable to security disturbances.    Full Story: Six KNPB activists arrested and beaten Source:

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