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1) TPN / OPM Claims Makodam IV in Paniai District 9 Presidential Election Fails

1) TPN / OPM Claims Makodam IV in Paniai District 9 Presidential Election Fails 
2) Remember the suppressed, wear black and red

3) KNPB reports on voting in West Papua

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1) TPN / OPM Claims Makodam IV in Paniai District 9 Presidential Election Fails 
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TPN / OPM Makodam IV Defenders of Justice in Paniai. Photo: Ist. 

Paniai, STEP MAGAZINE - Commander of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) / Free Papua Movement (OPM), Makodam IV Defenders of Justice in Paniai, Papua, claiming voting in the district of Paniai District 9 failed to be implemented. 

TPN-PB/OPM commander in Paniai, Leo Magai Yogi claims that failure is the result of socialization boycott the presidential election has voiced it. 

"I've been around the TPN-PB movement into 9 districts across Paniai District. Pencoblosannya So do not do in the district, but only in Enarotali (capital of Paniai district: red) only. Means that indigenous communities in Paniai not to vote," said Leo through cell phone to Thursday (07.10.14) morning. 

"So, if someone said that in Paniai presidential election process goes smoothly, then it's a game of political elites and certain elements. Choose not sound society," he said. 

We demand, said Leo, not promises Autonomy, UP4B and others, but give Papuan land of peace through a referendum. 

"Referendum solution for us.'s Been so many years of living together. Inappropriate companion dogs living with cats," he said. 

General Election Commission confirmed Paniai several times on his cell phone is not connected. (10/TBR/MS)
Fiji Times
2) Remember the suppressed, wear black and red
Dawn Gibson
Thursday, July 10, 2014
FOLLOWING global movements calling for the freedom of West Papua, the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) together with the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) have created the "We Bleed Black and Red" campaign.
The campaign asks members of the public to wear something black and red each Wednesday in remembrance of those suffering from suppression, among other injustices, in West Papua.
At present, both organisations are selling black and red ribbon badges and wristbands for $2 each to support the cause.
"The youth members of staff of the Pacific Conference of Churches and the Pacific Network on Globalisation launched the pro-democracy 'We Bleed Black and Red' campaign in support of their West Papuan sisters and brothers," a statement on the PANG website read.
"Black and red ribbon badges were also distributed to represent the West Papuan flag of independence, the Morning Star."
The black colour symbolises life, while the red represents the blood that has been shed for over half a century.
According to the statement,the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma are also supporters of the cause, together with a number of other organisations.
Those interested in purchasing a badge or a wristband are encouraged to visit the PCC office or the PANG office in Suva.

3) KNPB reports on voting in West Papua

3 google translations of postings on KNPB web page.
Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. Original bahasa link above articles. 

According to the KNPB approximately 80% supportered the call to boycott and mainly migrants to West Papua where the ones that voted. Some local residents also gave their invitation to vote papers to the KNPB to burn. Photos included in reports.

In Jayapura KNPB Burn Thousands Paper Sound 
July 10, 2014 By: reporter Category: News 

Jayapura, KNPBnews - A total of 4,952 letters of invitation Voters (C5) and 500 ballots punched from Sentani, Jayapura Waena and burned by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) yesterday (9/7). Elections in the District and the city of Jayapura only disukseskan by kebanyak migrants (migrants). 

Monitoring media KNPBnews, KNPB Numbay region and Sentani region joined together at Central Secretariat KNPB. There, they spread the referendum and burn the ballots of people not to vote at polling stations (TPS). 

Look, people knowingly collect ballots and submit to KNPB to burn. In fact, as many as 200 ballots were distributed to the people on behalf of presidential candidate Prabowo-Hatta given to KNPB to be burned. 

From the observation Crew KNPBnews media, almost all polling stations in Abepura, Waena, Entrop, Jayapura and Sentani sepih. Not many people of West Papua who participated in the voting. Just look migrants from outside Papua vote again brought members of the military and police custody. 

1 KNPB chairman, Agus Kossay on the occasion said that the people of West Papua and the Presidential Election menyeruhkan reject a referendum for self-determination on the ground West Papua. 

See pictures burning of sound here.

80% Not piercing, Boycott Presidential Election in West Papua Success 
July 10, 2014 By: reporter Category: News 

Jayapura, KNPBnews - Presidential elections on the territory of West Papua visible sepih of participation of the people of West Papua. It is predicted that about 80% of the vote of the people of West Papua not vote again alias boycott elections that took place in almost all areas in Papua. 

According to the monitoring of online media crew, the people of West Papua, the Papuan people, do not vote again in almost any place Balloting Sound (TPS) on the land of Papua. Only 20% were seen voting. 

"We did have reports of people directly or from our members on the observation that on average 20% participation of indigenous Papuans in every polling station and the other mostly immigrants," said Bozoka Logo, KNPB spokesman yesterday. 

West Papuan People actually follow the call and the call of the leaders of the struggle. Calls through a flyer for this to boycott presidential election received up to the corners of Papua. 

Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua, Tabuni Buchtar previously predicted 80% of the people of West Papua to boycott. "Instructions have been carried out by KNPB I and PRD and the results are in accordance with our predictions yesterday", said Buchtar Tabuni from his hiding place. 

According bazookas Logo, Papuan people have the right to teach democracy to the whole world through election boycott, because it is a political choice can not be given arbitrarily, especially to the rulers who were colonized. 

Meanwhile, the leader of the Free Papua Movement and also the International Coordinator for West Papua Diplomat, Mr. Benny Wenda far has previously been menyeruhkan people of West Papua for election boycott over Papua. 

In addition to Benny Wenda, a previous leader in the struggle which is now languishing behind bars Yeimo Abepura like Victor (Chairman KNPB), Forkorus Yaboisembut (Chairman of the Papuan Customary Council), Fileb Karma (Political Prisoners of Conscience) has also urged the people to boycott the presidential election in a way peace. 

To the media yesterday, Chairman of the KNPB, Victor Yeimo convey the following message: 

Thanks to the people of West Papua, we proved that today 80% of the people of West Papua are not consciously participate in the Presidential Election Colonial Republic of Indonesia. We have managed to create a "democratic party" colonial became silent from our participation. We have membuktkan that we are not a nation that is submissive and obedient to the ruler continued to oppress us. 

For those who are compelled and forced to choose, or those who participate succession and choose, we memakluminya as part of the rights of each individual, but also the victims of colonialism hegemony. To them, we extend to remain aware that our political rights in Indonesia will never mean for the safety of the people of Papua along the right of self-determination has not been met.


People Lani Jaya regency Opt Presidential Election July 9, 2014 
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Lany Jaya, KNPBNews-Monitoring KNPB in Lanny Jaya, KNPBNews reported to the media, that the Election of the President dated July 9, 2014, in the District Lani Jaya done by the military, police, mobile police and members of the PPD (Regional Election Committee). "It is not true that in the media by unscrupulous officials and military / police, the Indonesian presidential election in Lani Jaya district selected by the public means public deception. 

Media knpbnews had memwancarai people who will not vote at the Presidential Election of Representatives on July 9, 2014. Sgalah one person whose name is mentioned in the media is reluctant to say that, "we do not want to Papuan people running for President but the Indonesian government to impose by force, we do not want to come because we are not a nation of Indonesia Malay race, but our nation Melanesians of Papua Indonesia is obvious so do not be enforced ". 

He also added "Our nation Papuan Melanesians, currently awaiting referendum that will take place on the land of Papua. We want independence penidasan free of colonial Indonesia, we want to determine their own fate, like other nations in the world "he said in tears on her cheeks; 

The situation in Lani Jaya district filled with military force, not proportional to the number of residents in Lani Jaya, all the people in the district taku Lani Jaya and not free to move.

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