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1) Papua students hold mock Referendum in Yogyakarta

1) Papua students hold mock Referendum in Yogyakarta 
2)  KNPB: Voters Berkoteka Evidence in Jayapura is Exploitation and Manipulation 
3) Voter Participation in Presidential Election Jayapura Drastic Decline 
4) West Papua copper exports may resume5) Complicit in the act of killing: Denmark accused of supporting Indonesian death squad

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1) It Papua Student Referendum Results Yogyakarta on July 9 
  Author: Topilus B. Tebai | Wednesday, July 9, 2014 23:59 Read: 346 Comments: 0 

 The results of the referendum in the dorm recapitulation Papua Kamasan I Yogyakarta. Photo: Doc. MS. 

Yogyakarta, STEP MAGAZINE - As reported earlier that the Papua Student Alliance Committee Yogyakarta will hold several activities, including a referendum on July 9, 2014, it was really happening. 
Today, Wednesday (09/07) hundreds of Papuan students in Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta city committee AMP command to hold a referendum on the day of the general election presidential and vice-president of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua dorm Kamasan I Yogyakarta. observation, there are two choices in this election Papua student style, choosing the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia or West Papua (Papuan independence choose). 
AMP chairman of the committee of the city of Yogyakarta explains, this election is made to show the world what was in the hearts of the people of Papua truth. 
The selection starts with presenting witnesses of premises, witnesses of Papua, and of the United Nations. 
"We appreciate every option, students. Mo. choose Indonesia ka, ka mo Papua choose, it's up. Want Abstentions well. Indonesian We do not like that intimidate, terrorize, suppress Act of 1969 participants to opt in to the Republic of Indonesia," said Jefrry, AMP chairman Yogyakarta city committee in remarks at the start of the referendum. 
Hundreds of students were choosing. Based recapitulation at the end of the election, there were 201 people Papuan students who participated in this election. A total of 200 people chose Papuan self-determination independent alias. Only one person who chose Indonesia. "It's actually an idea of ​​how the actual hearts of Papuans when the referendum was made without coercion and intimidation. Where almost all Papuans Papuans want independence," said Lena, AMP members of Yogyakarta, at the end of the recapitulation. (Topilus B. Tebai / MS)

A google translate of article in Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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2) KNPB: Voters Berkoteka Evidence in Jayapura is Exploitation and Manipulation 
Author: Admin MS | Wednesday, July 9, 2014 22:16 Viewed: 267 Comments: 0 

Hundreds of residents when it comes to the polling station to vote in the city of Jayapura. Photo: 

Jayapura, STEP MAGAZINE - West Papua National Committee (KNPB) asserts, hundreds of people who came to the polling stations (TPS) by wearing traditional clothes (penis gourds, moge, bows and arrows) in the city of Jayapura is pure engineering. 

"This is evidence of exploitation and manipulation of the voice of the people of West Papua. Measures the force and the participation of people of West Papua bribed by military / police is a rape of the identity and dignity of the people of Papua," said Chairman KNPB, Victor Yeimo in the information received, this evening, Wednesday (07.09.14). 

But also, he said, is a sign that the people of Papua have successfully conducted presidential boycott stance. 

"The people of Papua have declared a boycott, and therefore there is a facilitation group of Papuans to come up with a custom clothing to the polls. Then, said the high participation of national media coverage," he wrote. 

In fact, he said, "Almost all local people of West Papua silent and 80% did not vote again, only those migrants migrants piercing, so there is no other way than the military and police had to bribe a handful of Papuans in order to cast a national media coverage." 

Victor insists, "This is our yardstick that people were ready to self-determination". (GE / Admin / MS)

3) Voter Participation in Presidential Election Jayapura Drastic Decline 
  Author: Abraham Abeth You | Wednesday, July 9, 2014 21:03 Viewed: 337 Comments: 2 

Mayor Jayapura, Benhur Tommy Mano. Photo: 

Jayapura, STEP MAGAZINE - the City of Jayapura, Papua, said voter turnout in the 2014 presidential election Pileg greatly decreased compared with last April 9, 2014. 

  Mayor Jayapura, Benhur Tommy Mano said, one of them due to lack of socialization General Election Commission (KPU) in presidential elections. Then a lot of people also do not get an invitation. 

"Actually, if people do not get an invitation, can show ID. Was all back to the consciousness of each citizen to use their political rights," said Benhur Tommy Mano, by telephone to, Wednesday (07/09/2014). 

According to the Mayor, in several meetings with the local Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Committee, it always reminded not to get people in Jayapura who did not accept the invitation. During the meeting, the election authorities have always maintained that preparations are already mature and there will be no obstacles. 

He said, the voters list (DPT) in Jayapura about 380 thousand inhabitants. However, more than half did not get a letter of invitation. 

Voting Officer at TPS 18 Village Yabansai, Heram District, Eko Budiman said the company does not know for sure many local residents who did not get an invitation. 

"For local residents who did not get an invitation, could do the voting at 12.00 CET., But to 13.00 CET, many residents never arrived," he said. 

While Chairman Bawaslu Papua, Pastor. Robert Horik contacted said, most Papuans do not get invited voting. One is the delay of the organizers for the invitation to divide C6 or voters. 

From direct observation Bawaslu Papua province at one polling station in Tanjung Elmo, Sentani, Jayapura regency until 10:00 CET, many people who have not done voting. In the TPS mounted two loudspeakers to urge residents coblos ballot. 

"It is also because of delays in the delivery of C6 organizers to voters. Delays also because there is a budget-level organizers undiluted causing Jayapura their demo to the Election Commission," said Robert. 

Meanwhile, some of the people interviewed, say, do not want to give voting rights to the President and Vice President who will sacrifice the people of Papua. 

"Ah, to what coblos Indonesian people.'d Better stay at home alone," said Reuben, resident Polimak, Jayapura. 

Residents were reluctant to give his name said, still sleepy because dawn watching the World Cup semi-final match between Brazil vs Germany, making him fall asleep. 

"Watch the ball until the head is still heavy so advanced sleep first, it briefly night there is also a prestigious match between Netherlands vs. Argentina," said the Argentine team's fans. (Abraham Abeth You / MS)


4) West Papua copper exports may resume

Updated at 7:09 am today

The mining company Freeport, which owns the massive Grasberg mine in West Papua, says it has agreed on a draft memorandum with the Indonesia government to resume copper exports.
Government officials say Freeport has agreed to divest 30 percent of its Indonesia unit, pay a 4 percent royalty for copper sales and 3.75 percent for copper, as well as building a smelter in Indonesia.
However, Freeport says it has yet to sign the agreement and there is still no timeframe for when exports will resume.
Legal experts have also warned that such agreements are not legally binding and the agreement could still fail when a new government takes office in October, after yesterday's election.
Freeport has been in talks with Jakarta to resolve a six-month dispute over strict new export rules that has halted copper concentrate exports.

5) Complicit in the act of killing: Denmark accused of supporting Indonesian death squad
July 9, 2014 13:24  by Andreas Jakobsen

Police academy receives Danish funding despite claims that one of its units violates human rights in West Papua

Denmark has since 2004 supported an Indonesian police academy (JCLEC) where the country's controversial elite unit Detachment 88 is being trained to fight terrorism.
But several human rights organisations claim the unit acts as a death squad in Indonesia's troubled West Papua region, and that it tortures and kills civilians and members of separatist movements. 
"Not only are you responsible under these circumstances, in which you support the police, but you are taking part in a crime. If your attitude is so naïve, you can't help anyone," Basil Fernando, a legal advisor at the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong, told Deadline. 
You have no control
Nick Chesterfield, a journalist at West Papua Media, claimed Denmark had absolutely no control of where its funds were going.
Between 2004 and 2013, Denmark has granted the police academy a total of 13 million kroner, and the Foreign Ministry plans to extend its support until 2017. Australia is among the other countries that support the police forces. 
Denmark stands firm
Mikael Ekman, Denmark's ambassador in Indonesia, rejects the activists' allegations.
"We made it clear that human rights and the rights of women and children is a priority from a Danish aspect, and that must be acknowledged and valued at JCLEC and the Indonesian police," he said.
Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard commented that Denmark supports JCLEC to strengthen the police’s knowledge of international rules and conventions and how to translate it into practice.


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