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1) MSG chair highlight West Papua issue at UNGA

2) Markus Haluk: Youth is Determinants of Papua Merdeka
3) Information spread by BIN about Warinussy is utterly ridiculous


1) MSG chair highlight West Papua issue at UNGA
11:36 pm GMT+12, 01/10/2015, United States

The chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare has raised the issue of West Papua at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
Sogavare's statement is the second statement from the Pacific that has raised concerns of human rights violations in West Papua, with emphasis for the UN to intervene.
Tongan Prime Minister this week also highlighted humanrights abuses facing people of West Papua.
The Solomon Islands Prime Minister informed  UNGA on the developments at the MSG and the Pacific Islands Forum, including the plea to Indonesia to accept unrestricted access to a possible mission of a fact finding mission to West Papua.
He called on the United Nations to not shy away from the root causes of the problem in West Papua.
Sogavare called for an end to the human rights abuses in West Papua, and call “for the full and swift implementation of the 1960 declaration on the granting of Independence to colonized countries and peoples.”
He spoke of how in the end, the United Nations must address the root cause of the conflict.

A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratc.
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2) Markus Haluk: Youth is Determinants of Papua Merdeka
Jayapura, Jubi - Work Team United Liberation Movement For West Papua (ULMWP) of the Interior, Markus Haluk asserted, the future of the nation of Papua is determined by the younger generation. Because young people are the future of Papua land belongs to Papua. Therefore, every youth of Papua, both of which still a student, or a student who has completed his education are important factors in realizing a very reliable in the struggle for freedom of the Free Papua.

"Youth are the backbone of this nation of Papua. Youth is the hope of the nation of Papua. You are the future of this nation of Papua. So important position and role of youth, because parents can only dream of, and the youth can continue the struggle and change the fate of the people of Papua, "said Markus Haluk in the sidelines of public debate and the Conference of Branch Council AMPTPI Jayapura, Saturday (3/10 / 2015).
He said the fighters of the Free Papua earlier, both domestically and abroad have entered the age of the twilight, so the baton must be embraced by the younger generation. "The position and role of youth is very vital in this fight, so the future of the nation is in your hands (youth). On the shoulders you're the hopes and ideals of this nation depend. Thus, the youth demanded an active role and appear in the frontline in the struggle for self-determination for the people of Papua, "urged former Secretary General (Sekjan) AMPTPI Center.
Mark is also the founder of the Association of Students of the Central Mountain Papua Indonesia se is told that he and the leaders of the Free Papua fighters in Honiara in June 2015 at the moment ULMWP is done by old people.
"After the gentlemen had nothing in the world, who continue? Well, this is what we must instill in each of us. You young people is what will determine this nation of Papua holy struggle. Because ULMWP name is now heard by the UN. So must there gereasi that sustains replace the old people, "he said.
Secretary General (Sekjan) AMPTPI Center, Yanuarius Lagoan said, in order to regenerate the land of Papua, the institute has set eight resolutions. Points to eight, it urged the Governor of Papua and West Papua to cover all points of sale of alcoholic liquor and commercial prostitution in Papua.
"Alcohol and places of prostitution in Papua is actually killing our young gerenasi Papua. We are a substitute for our ancestors, but the regional government is slowly continue claimed the lives of us accompanied with shootings, beatings, massacres, rape and so on, "said Lagoan. (Abeth You)
3) Information spread by BIN about Warinussy is utterly ridiculous
Received from Yan Christian Warinussy on
22 September 2015

  Today when I arrived home late in the afternoon, I discovered a registration list produced by BIN, the State Intelligence Agency of
the Republic of Indonesia written on blue-coloured paper with the heading ‘Religious/Traditional Leaders'. It consisted of eight columns
with personal information about me and my family.   I have no idea where these BIN people got this informationfrom
which, I have to say, is completely wrong. For example, the document had the wrong information for the day of my birth. The information
about my wife, the place and date of her birth was also wrong. .Moreover the names of my children were wrong,

  It was stated that I had been calling for a referendum to be held in the Land of Papua  ???? where ??? when ???? how????  In another column 
it was stated that i had a close relationship with separatists at home and abroad. I have no idea what was meant by
the word 'relationship'.
 Another of my ‘weaknesses' according to BIN is that  I frequently defend separatists. So I have to ask myself why is this a weakness?.
So what is my duty as a lawyer in accordance with Law 18/2003? Does this mean that I am not allowed to defend activists here in the Land of Papua?
 It was also completely wrong to say that i am receiving  wages from the local government. When is that supposed to have happened?

  I have no idea where they got all this information from. They also wrote that I had on some previous occasion helped tourists to go on a
pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I simply do not understand what on earth this is all about. I have never been on such a pilgrimage.  This is quite
clear because I am not a Church leader.
This is all utter nonsense
Yan Christian Warinussy.
[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo with my sincere apologies to Yan
Christian Warinussy for not earlier circulating a translation of this

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