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1) Papua: release of Franciscans and Augustinians arrested during a peaceful protest

1) Papua: release of Franciscans and Augustinians arrested during a peaceful protest

2) Report about Police Shooting in Gorong-GHorong, Timika

3) West Papua: High school student assassinated by Indonesian police 


» 10/12/2015
1) Papua: release of Franciscans and Augustinians arrested during a peaceful protest
by Mathias Hariyadi
About ten religious were detained by police in front of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church. They were demanding justice for a young student murder victim. Their action “was designed to give a voice to our heart and conscience,” a clergyman said. “The Franciscans came to Papua in 1936 out of love for the people, not the state." A few hours after their arrest, they were released.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The authorities released a group of Franciscan and Augustinian monks detained last Friday (9 Oct) at a peaceful protest in Abepura, Papua. The religious had been taken into custody at 2.40 pm in front of town’s Good Shepherd Catholic Church.
Scores of religious as well as human rights advocates were demonstrating to demand justice for a student from Painai, whose murder on 8 December 2014 remains unsolved. When police intervened, they took away a dozen people.
Abeth You, a Catholic journalist who was covering the protest, said that police seized his camera when he was taking pictures of Fr Dorman Skukubun OFM’s arrest.
In addition to Fr Skukubun, police took into custody Fr Sorefus Pangguem OSA as well as other Franciscan novices, namely Frs Benyamin Tanang, Gaspar Bahala and Didimus.
The protest took place because the demands made to the government by the Justice and Peace Commission and human rights lawyers had fallen on deaf ears.
A few hours after the arrest, all the religious were released. Fr Yulianus Pawika OFM told journalists that protesters came from many walks of life, and had no "political intentions”. Instead, their action “was designed to give a voice to our heart and conscience. The Franciscans came to Papua in 1936,” he added, “out of love for the people, not the state."
Indonesia proclaimed its independence from the Netherlands on 17 August 1945. Papua was the only province to remain under Dutch control. In 1969, Indonesia annexed it following a referendum.
Although acknowledged by the United Nations, the referendum remains controversial among Papuans with many convinced that the voting process was rigged by the Indonesians. Local separatist movements do not recognise the result.

2) Report about Police Shooting in Gorong-GHorong, Timika

Chronological Report by Pastor Honoratus and Patrus Wetipo

Bloody Incidents in Timika

Two Shooting Incidents

1. The First Incident

  On Monday, 28 September 2015 at 7pm, there was a shooting incident against two students  and a friend by the Police in Mimika-Baru,
Mimika at the Gorong-Gorong Market in Timika. This occurred at the Muara Complex, Biak.

  Three people were shot: The first was Kalep Bagau, 18 years old, a student at SMK Harapan, Timika, Second Grade who was hit in the chest
and later died at the General Hospital, Timika The second was Efrando Sabarofek, seventeen years old, who was studying at the SMK, Patra,
Timika, Second Grade. who was hit in his chest and leg and is now being treated at the General Hospital, Timika. The third was Bastian Korwa, 
seventeen years old, a graduate from the Middle School who was
hit by a rubber bullet.

2. Second Incident

  On the same day at 8pm. a vehicle owned by  the TNI.[Indonesian Army] was involved in a crash. When this occurred, a soldier got out
and immediately shot  Niko Bedes, twenty-one years ol, who was hit on the knee of his left leg on Jalan  Yos Sudarso, close to the post
office in Timika Papua. After being shot, he was forcibly moved to a prison cell of the Police Force, Mimika.

The following is a description by the victims:

 First Incident:

 Before the shootings that involved these three young people, something else had happened. According to several witnesses, an
unknown person started throwing missiles at the home of Harol Yoku, as a result of which, several windows were broken.

Chronology according to the Victims:

  It started at 6pm when Kaleb Bagau, Elfrando I.S. Sabarofek and Bastian Korwa were sitting chatting under the Tian Tower,
Gorong-Gorong, Timika.  About an hour later, a mobile patrol belonging to the Mimika Police
with police officers in the vehicle drove passed. When they noticed the three friends sitting there, they reversed their vehicle and
stopped in front of them. The police shouted: ‘Get from there, you lot, otherwise we will shoot you.' The three friends said: ‘We are only 
having a chat, we are not doing anything.' The police then drove away.

  The three friends then decided to go to Complex Biak. While they were walking there, they saw the mobile patrol vehicle  which was now
parked in front of a house where there had been a problem which they knew nothing about.

  They did nothing more  but even so, the police returned and opened fire from about 6 -7 metres away. 'The police started shooting as us,
We were amazed.'  Without knowing anything about any previous problem, they strarted
shooting us.'

  The first one to be hit was Efrando, who was hit in the chest. At first he didn’t feel anything, but because the situation had become
very tense, they decided to run away. But even so, they were shot and wounded.   Hoping to find somewhere safe, they stopped in front of the
nearest house to ask for help. When they were able to get into the front garden, they all fell down.  When the police started shooting again, Kalep was hit again and
fell down. This time, the police were using rubber bullets.. Bastian was hit in the chest as a result of which he fell unconscious. Kaleb and 
Efrando were  taken to a hospital nearby by people there who had witnessed the incident

  Later at about 8.30pm that evening, Bastian noticed a Provos vehicle, a Dalmas vehicle and a Black Avansa vehicle and number of
motor-cars that were all parked near where the incident has occurred.  According to the latest information we have received,  one of the
victims hdied, another one was seriously wounded and is now being treated in hospital. The third man was slightly wounded.
Identity of the victims:
Kaleb Bagau, 17 years old,  who died.

Efrando I.S. Sabarofekho is also 17 years old, is still in hospital
where he is being treated for his wounds while the third victim was helped by people nearby.

The Perpetrator:

A member of the Mimika Baru police force.
We think that they are:
Brip N. and Bribka IP
The photographs of the victims are attached to this document.
This is the end of the first document received
[The second part of the document will be translated and distributed soon. Carmel Budiardjo]

This is the second part of the  document received from Pastor Honoratus Pigau.

This information iwas received from the Victims.

   On 28 September at 8.00pm, Nico Bedes (21 years old) was given a lift on a motor-bike by a friend  to go  to Pasar Lama to buy some
pinang [betel nuts]. On their way home in Kebun Sirih Lama, they drove along Yos Sudarso Road. On the way, they stopped for a moment outside
the Post Office which is on Yos Sudarso Road, Nico realised that he had forgotten to put in his (false) teeth, because they had left  home
in such a hurry..

   As a result, he had almost been left behind. He became rather confused. As they later drove home, they tried hard to avoid a number
of vehicles, some of which were parked at Mobile Avansa Putih. while others were moving along the road rather slowly. As a result they
bumped into one of the Mobile Avansas and as a result, they both fell to the ground.

  The Avansa Mobile that was travelling along the road was moving rather slowly. As a result, they bumped into the Avansa.Two men who
were both soldiers got down from the Avansa. The friend who was driving the motor-bike fled. As two members of the armed forces
approached Nico who was quite shaken by what had happened so he was unable to say anything. The soldiers opened fire and hit him on his left thigh.

   Half an hour later, a Mobile Patrol arrived on the scene  The Mobile Avansa that they had bumped into belonged to a member of the
Indonesian Army. A  soldier pulled Nico up, pushed him into his Mobile Patrol and took him to the police command centre They then pushed him
into a police cell so he was now a prisoner of the police.   He later said that he was not questioned. He was kept apart from
the other people who were being held in the police cells. Throughout the night, he was shouting for help  because of a wound he had
sustained on his left thigh which was bleeding heavily.  But his efforts to seek help were ignored.

   By 9pm, the bleeding had become so heavy that he asked a picket who was on duty for help, but the picket took no notice of this call
for help.   On the following day, 29 September as 8am, they  told him to go home but no one did anything about his wound.

  That morning, when he was ordered to leave the police station, they had still done nothing about his wound although it was still bleeding
heavily .Because of the wound, he was unable to stand up. This was when another policeman helped him to stand up and said he would take
him home. But before they reached his home, the policeman gave him Rp. 20,000 and told him to make his way home himself on an ojek.

   When he arrived home, his wife was very concerned about the heavily bleeding wound and took him to the Timika Hospital to have it
properly treated.
Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, 1995

3) West Papua: High school student assassinated by Indonesian police 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Indonesian police shot two senior high school students in Gorong Gorong, Timika, West Papua on September 28, the Institute for Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights (IPAHR) said the next day.
The IPAHR said 17-year-old Kaleb Bogau was shot in the chest and died on the scene. Efrando Sabarofek, also 17, was shot in the chest and leg and is in a critical condition in the Timika hospital.
The family of Bogau is treating the case as a political assassination. He was the son of National Committee for West Papua (KNPB) activist Reverend Obed Bogau.
Obed Bogau was reported to have received an apology via text message from the regional chief of police Paulus Waterpau. It was reported that Bogau refused the apology, saying Indonesia had killed too many Papuans and was treating them like animals. 
He asked the police to properly investigate this case, as well as the recent killing of Kamoro students by the military at a traditional ceremony in the Catholic Church in Timika last month.
The KNPB is a non-violent movement seeking independence from Indonesia. It is made up of mostly youth and students who are active in all major centres across Papua. Indonesian military intelligence has identified the KNPB as the prime target for counterinsurgency operations.
Within the past year, there have been at least five cases of civilian shootings in Papua by soldiers or police force. Eight people have died as a result.
The IPAHR's Paula Makabory said: “This Indonesian police assassination is directed against Papuan youth and the KNPB in an attempt to quell political protest by a new generation of Papuans.
“This political assassination of a West Papuan youth should draw international condemnation.
“The Pacific Island Forum this month has talked about sending a human rights fact finding mission to West Papua. The Indonesian foreign minister had said it was wrong for the Pacific Island Forum to speak about the internal affairs of Indonesia. 
“The Australian and New Zealand government appear to have sided with Indonesia to attempt to sideline attempts for international access and attention to the human rights situation.
“It is clearly time that our brothers and sisters in the Pacific and wider international community condemn Indonesia for its callous and vicious State control over the West Papuan people.” 

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