Thursday, October 1, 2015

1) Human Rights Activist Urges Troop Pullout from Papua

2) There is No Justification for Senseless Murders Like in Timika
3) Legislator Says Wamena Prosecutor Made Right Decision in Tolikara Case
4) Autopsy Only to Delay Paniai Case Resolution
5) Mobile Brigade Personnel Allegedly Involved in Illegal Car Sale Syndicate
1) Human Rights Activist Urges Troop Pullout from Papua
Semarang, Jubi – A Papuan human rights activist, Yones Douw, urged the central government to withdraw troops from Papua.
He said he was very disappointed with a series of attacks against civilians in Papua, such as the shooting in Timika last August, the shooting in Paniai in December 2014 and the shooting of two vocational school students in Timika on Monday night , 28 September 2015 at around 19:00 pm.
“The actions of security forces were very inhumane. It caused one person, named Kaleb Zera Bagau (18) died and Efrando Sabarofek (17) badly injured and now in the hospital. The character of law enforcement officials, especially the police and Task Forces (TNI) lately showed their misbehavior. I as observers and human rights activists in Papua condemned the perpetrators, ” said Yones when contacting Jubi, on Tuesday (09/29/2015).
“We, Papuans continue to be killed and we are like animal in the eyes of Indonesia. I demand President Jokowi to pull out the military from Papua because there is no benefit at all for Papua,” he said.
Member of Papua Legislative Council, Laurenzus Kadepa to Jubi said, It seems like military and police officials in Papua are racing to kill Papuans.
” Military and police are in a race to kill Papuan people like a hunted animal. Last time two military members shot two Kamoro people in Koperapoka, Timika. And then the police shot two vocational school students in Timika. The shooting of two students was happening at Gorong – Gorong market in Timika, Papua, ” said Kadepa. (Arnold Belau/ Tina)
2) There is No Justification for Senseless Murders Like in Timika

Jayapura, Jubi – The Australia West Papua Association (AWPA) condemns the shooting of two high school students in Timika on Monday the 28 September by the Indonesian security forces. The incident occurred around 19.30hrs on Monday (28/9/2015)
Caleb Bagau aged 18 died while his friend Efrando Sabarofek aged 17 was wounded in the chest and legs. He is receiving treatment at the General Hospital in Mimika, Papua. The family, local community and religious leaders have condemned the shootings.
At approximately 19.00hrs while the students were sitting in a market culvert with their school friends, dozens of police officers armed with weapons and cars surrounded the area.
Because they were afraid the two students ran however the police shot in their direction killing Caleb Bagau and wounding Elfrando who was shot in the chest and leg.
One report said the reason the police arrived was that it was because the students were reported for making a noise. Another report indicated they were pursued by the police because their fathers are reported to be members of the OPM.
Joe Collins of AWPA said “The shooting of the two students by the security forces shows yet again that the Indonesian security forces can act with impunity in West Papua. AWPA believes that the Indonesian President should ensure that not only is this incident investigated but that all cases of human rights violations committed by the security forces in West Papua are investigated and those found guilty of human rights abuses prosecuted”.
Minority Rights Group International (MRG) urged Indonesia’s Government to conduct an investigation for this shooting.
MRG, as quoted by said perpetrators must be held accountable.
“There is no justification for these senseless murders and the Indonesian government must urgently establish an independent inquiry to hold perpetrators to account,” said Claire Thomas, Deputy Director at MRG. “Extrajudicial killings in West Papua have reached unacceptable proportions, with the indigenous population living in daily fear of security forces and for their lives.”
MRG added, “This week’s shooting resurrects concerns about extrajudicial killings and impunity in the conflict-torn region, despite a pledge by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to address human rights concerns in West Papua.”
“It is not enough for President Joko Widodo to make bold promises about promoting human rights in Papua unless it is followed up with concrete action,” said Thomas. “This must include addressing the underlying causes of violence and insecurity in West Papua, including endemic impunity for state-sponsored violence and the disregard for minority and indigenous rights.”
The police chief, Inspector General (Pol) Paul Waterpauw apologised and admitted the incident but tried to claim the shooting was in self-defense. But the Families of the students rejected the apology from the Chief of Police Papua, Inspector General (Pol) Paul Waterpauw. (Victor Mambor)

3) Legislator Says Wamena Prosecutor Made Right Decision in Tolikara Case
Jayapura, Jubi – The decision by Wamena chief prosecutor to release on bail two Tolikara incident suspects, JW and AK, was the right one, said Orwan Tolli Wone, Papua legislator from the Tolikara electoral district.
He said although the legal process still continues, it is a wise and right decision to reduce tensions.
“Tolikara people are highly expecting this. We thank to all parties, especially the Papua Police and Prosecutor Office, who have released on bail the two suspects. Although the legal process still continues, at least it could recover the situation,” he said on Monday (28/9/2015).
However, he hope charges against the two suspects could be dropped since there is an agreement between two sides to settle this case peacefully.
“I am hoping this case could be discontinued, moreover if later it was proven not guilty. I suspect there is certain parties attempting to disturb security in Tolikara by letting it happened. It wasn’t the intention of people or local government as well as church authority in Tolikara. But it’s certain parties’ desire. It seems full of political interest, and they scarify people,” he said.
He asked Tolikara people to stay calm and not being provoked. He said the interfaith relation in Tolikara must not change like in previous years. “I am also grateful that the current Cenderawasih Regional Military Commander knows what’s Papuan need. Even he said no need to deploy extra security forces in Tolikara. He knows the situation in Tolikara is secured. There’s no problem there. And myself, I do not want any troop deployment either,” he said.
Earlier, Wamena prosecutor chief has released on bail two suspects of Tolikara incident to change their status of police’s detention to city’s detention. “We approved the request on bail because there is guarantee from many parties. But the legal process is still on going. It’s only to change their status. This suspension would be applied till 7 October, after that it need to be extended,” Wamena Prosecutor Chief Nurcahyo said on last week. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
4) Autopsy Only to Delay Paniai Case Resolution
Jayapura, Jubi – A request by the Indonesian Human Right Commission for the approval from the victims’ family of Paniai Blood Case (08/12/2104) for autopsy over four dead students allegedly shot by military force personnel has raised a confusion among many parties.
Local Customary Council is still questioning the clearance of its Decree (SK).
Paniai Customary Council Chief John NR. Gobai told Jubi in Jayapura on Monday (28/09/2015) that he questions whether the Ad Hoc team of Komnas HAM has involved the community in their task. “Komnas HAM RI asked us to speak with the victims’ family for autopsy. But I am confused whether they have involved the community? Secondly, we need a clearance on the Decree because this is a big issue,” Gobai said.
According to him, it is fine if the commission want to do autopsy based on the State’s request, though the evidences are already there. Now, how to persuade the family to approve the autopsy. “Because open the grave is violating the customary law. The customary law comes first and the government comes later in Paniai. What we asked for is the independent must be enforced, and we refused the autopsy at the first place. For us the data and evidences are sufficient. For instance, there are bullets, projectiles, and witnesses of the survivals, doctor’s statement, and video as well. So what’s else?” Gobai said.
He further said the case settlement becomes vague because three team members, namely Budi Hernawan, Rika Korain and Yan Warinussi, have not seen the copy of decree from Komnas HAM RI until now. “So, the team’s name should be clear first, whether they would be called as Ad Hock team or so on. It’s important to predict the direction of case settlement, whether it refers to the Regulation No.26/2000 or other regulation. “It’s not independence because people are not involved. So how do people to believe it? Please be honest. Is it hurt for being honest?” he said.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of Papua Student Independent Forum, Teko Kogoya told reporter in Abepura on Monday (14/09/2015) that the Ad Hoc team of Komnas HAM RI do not execute their task as mandated in the plenary meeting of Komnas HAM RI. “We stated the Ad Hoc team was not executing their former task because the State has not provided fund for human right enforcement in this country. Komnas HAM RI is the biggest and highest State’s institution of human right advocacy and settlement of human right violation cases. But, if they said they have no financial resource, it’s totally a mistake,” said Kogoya.
Moreover, according to him, after the establishment of Ad Hoc team, the Indonesian government was able to provide 20 billion rupiahs to help other countries, namely Fiji, Solomon Islands and PNG. “It means the government intentionally muted the Paniai Blood Case and other human right violation cases in Papua. Well, both Komnas HAM RI and Indonesian Government should able to distinguish between criminal and human right violation cases,” said Kogoya. (Abeth You/rom)
5) Mobile Brigade Personnel Allegedly Involved in Illegal Car Sale Syndicate
Jayapura, Jubi – A Mobile Brigade police personnel in Papua was allegedly involved in a group stealing rented cars.
A rent car owner, Maria Duwitau, said she becomes a victim of this alleged syndicate. It started when a businessman agreed to rent her car for ten days, but until the specified time he didn’t return it. So, she reported this case to the police.
“Despite to report this case to the police, I also try to find out my car. After some times, I got information that WK was arrested in Abepura Police Station. So I came to meet and ask him about my car. He said he gave it to a Mobile Brigade personnel identified as EF who sold my car to I, a police officer in Keerom for 50 million rupiahs,” Maria Duwitau said on Monday (29/9/2015).
According to Duwitau who’s a member of Papua Legislative Council, after getting information from WK, she did a searching and found her car at I’s house in poor condition that its front bumper is damaged as if it got a crash.
“The point is they took my car for 29 days and sold to a police officer. Now WK has been detained by the police and I was confirmed that he is now in Papua Police’s detention. However, both police officers who sold and bought my car have not yet arrested. But I have not reported it to the Papua Police because I could not meet with the Papua Police Chief until now. I don’t want making a report to police’s provost because I don’t believe it. I want to report it directly to the Papua Police Chief,” she said.
She further said it’s not just her becoming the victim. There are 30 rent cars reportedly sold by the officer. She also thought the officer who bought her car should also be questioned. “The culprit sells the cars among security force members. If the officer I was found not guilty, so it should be questioned. Whatever is the reason, he is the police officer, he should know that the car has no complete documents. Why did he buy it? This syndicate must be uncovered,” she said.
She further said both Papua Police Chief and Regional Military Commander must take action on their naughty members. She said if they want running a business, they should resign as police or military personnel.
Another member of Papua Legislative Council, Thomas Sondegau, similarly said this syndicate should be dismantled for not disturbing people. Police and Military leaders in Papua have to crack down their personnel who act against the rules and disgrace the institution’s name. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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